Who Plays The Colonel In The Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercials?

Who Plays The Colonel In The Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercials

Who is the colonel in the new KFC commercial?

This other recent version of the Colonel, which replaced Rob Lowe, is a disturbing CGI composite of the guy who created the character in the first place, Harland Sanders. To paraphrase some of the higher-ups at KFC: “Over the past two years, we’ve had some terrific celebrity Colonels, and each of them has put their own touch on our original Colonel Harland Sanders,” said George Felix, KFC U.S.

Who is in the KFC ‘dream’ commercial?

7. Rob Lowe, one of the best actors that have ever played Colonel Sanders – In April of 2017, the role of KFC’s Colonel Sanders was filled by Rob Lowe, the ninth celebrity to be cast in the role. The star of Parks and Recreation appeared in advertisements for KFC’s Zinger spicy chicken sandwich earlier this year.

Celebrities from all walks of life, including stand-up comedians, musicians, and actors, have enthusiastically participated in what has become a long-standing tradition at KFC: the company selects various actors to play the role of Colonel Sanders, who then dons a white suit and promotes the introduction of new menu items.

In exchange, KFC devotees receive delectable cuisine and nothing but smiles because to humorous ads that are constantly updated and reinvented.