When Will Genesee Valley Mall Reopen?

When Will Genesee Valley Mall Reopen
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What happened at the Genesee Valley Mall?

According to the police, a physical confrontation took place inside the mall and then escalated into gunshots as many people pulled out weapons from their pockets. According to the reports from the police in Flint Township, there were many bullets fired between the parties engaged in the incident. After the incident, according to the police, the mall went into a complete lockdown.

How many stores are in Genesee Valley Mall?

Macy’s, JCPenney, and Barnes & Noble are just a few of the stores that serve as the anchors for the roughly 1.3 million square feet of retail space that can be found at Genesee Valley Center. Francesca’s, Buckle, Play BIG, Rogers & Hollands Jewelers, Bar Louie, and Parvizi Menswear are examples of specialty stores that are exclusive to this particular market.

Why was Genesee Valley closed?

When Will Genesee Valley Mall Reopen Center of the Genesee Valley UPDATE: The Flint Journal reports that the Genesee Valley Center has reopened following repairs to the water main. UPDATE: The water leak at Genesee Valley Center has been fixed, and the mall may now reopen Friday FLINT TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN – The Genesee Valley Center has been shuttered in the middle of the holiday shopping season because the owners refused to make repairs to a damaged private water connection, and Genesee County turned off the center’s water supply as a result.

Officials at the shopping center declined to comment on the matter. Wednesday, December 1, but on Thursday, December 2, the company announced on its Facebook page that all of its locations will be closed on Thursday due to an issue with the water supply. After the water line break caused fluctuations in water pressure for surrounding homes and businesses along Miller Road from Linden Road to I-75 on Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock, the county Drain Commissioner’s Office turned off the water supply to the mall.

Miller Road runs from Linden Road to I-75. In an email that was sent out on Thursday to MLive-The Flint Journal, Deputy Drain Commissioner Kevin A. Sylvester said that authorities had been informed by mall management that they are in touch with a contractor to restore the broken water line.

  • As soon as we receive notification that the problem has been resolved, we are standing ready to restore water service,” Sylvester stated.
  • Thank you for your patience.” Gary Thomas, the general manager of the retail complex, was contacted for comment but declined to do so on Wednesday.
  • Namdar Realty Group, the company that owns the shopping center, forwarded concerns regarding the broken water line to Thomas.
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The announcement that was posted on Facebook by Genesee Valley does not include any information regarding when the shopping mall is likely to reopen. Genesee Valley was acquired by Namdar, a company with headquarters in New York, two years ago. The county issued a statement on Wednesday stating that maintenance employees are monitoring bacteria and chlorine residual levels while cleaning water pipes and hydrants surrounding the mall site and across Flint Township.

The statement was included in a news release issued by the county. According to the release, there has not been any instance of cross-contamination up until this time. “Even though the water has changed color, this does not indicate that it is dangerous to drink. In the event that residents notice murky or discolored water, they should let the water flow from their faucets for two to three minutes.

Throughout the evening and into the early morning hours, members of our team will go on with their testing and verification of the water’s purity.” Continue reading: In the event that a line breaks, the water supply to Genesee Valley Center might be cut off.

Is the Genesee Valley Mall close?

The current hours of operation are as follows: Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.; Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.