When Is Free Fishing Day In Kentucky?

When Is Free Fishing Day In Kentucky
When Is Free Fishing Day In Kentucky Free fishing days are held throughout the state of Kentucky on the first weekend of June each year (June 4-5, 2022). On days designated as free fishing, neither locals nor non-residents are required to have a fishing license in order to fish in any of Kentucky’s bodies of water.

This includes the Kentucky trout permit. There is no change to any of the other fishing rules. Free fishing days are held around the country during National Fishing Week to raise awareness about fishing. According to John Gutzeit, the aquatic education coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, “Free Fishing Weekend” is a fantastic tool for teaching children how to fish.

“Free Fishing Weekend” takes place every spring and fall. “This is also a fantastic moment for those lapsed fishermen who have strayed away from fishing and want to get back into fishing and get back into the fold,” the author says. During the Free Fishing Weekend, anglers can fish across the state of Kentucky without needing a fishing license or needing a trout permit.

During this time period, the size and creel limitations will still be in effect. *There is no requirement for a fishing license or a trout permit *Residents and nonresidents alike *Public and private waterways across the state (landowner permission is still necessary on private property) *Daily catch, fish size, and other regulations are still in effect * Regulations Regarding Fishing: https://go.usa.gov/xmsG5 Need assistance getting started? Go to the website of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at fw.ky.gov and use the search box to look for “Learn to Fish.” You may learn how to tie knots and prepare fish for the table by watching the films that are included in this section.

Have no idea where to cast your line? On the department’s website, under the heading “Fishing,” you’ll find a link to the yearly fishing prediction, which has a ton of helpful advice and suggestions for new spots to explore. There is also a link on the fishing website that will take you to the lakes for Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs).

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Can you fish without a license in Tennessee?

Obtaining a fishing license in Tennessee is mandatory for anybody above the age of 13 and for anyone fishing in the state. There is a wide selection of fishing permits offered to residents and non-residents alike, including a junior license for inhabitants between the ages of 13 and 15 years old.

What fishing license do I need for Kentucky Lake?

PAY LAKES (KRS 150.660) A person who wishes to fish in a pay lake that has been licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is required to have either a Kentucky fishing license or a free permit that has been granted by the lake operator. Anglers need to have a fishing license that is valid in the state of Kentucky if the lake is not licensed by the operator.

How many Poles can you fish with in Kentucky?

An fisherman may make use of as many fishing poles (or fishing rods) as they see fit at any given moment without being penalized in any way.

What is the limit on bluegill in Kentucky?

(a) The daily creel limit for bluegill and sunfish is ten fish (10). (c) The daily creel limit for catfish is four (4). (d) The daily creel limit for crappie is fifteen (15), and (66) Rough River Lake is off limits. (a) Crappie size restriction, nine (9) inches.