What Is The Longest Shot To Win The Kentucky Derby?

What Is The Longest Shot To Win The Kentucky Derby
Donerail (91-1), 1913.

How many times has a longshot won the Kentucky Derby?

May 7, 2022 Press Association; AP LOUISVILLE, Ky. – An 80-1 long shot came racing up the rail to win the Kentucky Derby on Saturday at Churchill Downs, providing a dose of outrageousness for everyone who was hoping for a return to routine in the race for the Kentucky Derby.

  1. Rich Strike stole the stage with the second-biggest upset in the 148-year history of the Kentucky Derby, when the odds-on favorite Epicenter and Zandon were locked in a battle at the head of the pack.
  2. The chestnut colt won the race by a margin of three-quarters of a length over Epicenter.
  3. Zandon completed the race another three-quarters of a length behind, which placed him in third place.

“”When he reached the wire, I was so shocked that I almost fell down in the paddock,” the winning trainer, Eric Reed, recalled. “I was on the verge of passing out.’ Rich Strike forked over 163.60 dollars. Only Donerail in 1913 had a reward that was larger than $184.90.

Trainer Kenny McPeek, whose horses finished eighth and ninth, said, “What a weird Derby.” His horses had placed eighth and ninth. Rich Strike wasn’t even entered into the Derby until Friday, when Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas pulled Ethereal Road to make way for Rich Strike, a horse who only had two victories to his name at that point in his career.

Rich Strike finished second in the 2018 Kentucky Derby. The owner of Rich Strike, Rick Dawson, says that they found out about it “approximately 30 seconds before the deadline on Friday.” “It put us in the race, and in all honesty, we always thought that if we simply got in, we had a shot at winning.” Rich Strike ran 1¼ miles in 2:02.61.

After enjoying a tasty bite of his somewhat more expensive rival, he masticated jokingly on the pony that was leading him to the winner’s circle. Trainer Steve Asmussen, who finished in last place with a record of 0-for-24 in the Derby, remarked after the race, “I can’t believe it after Epicenter’s performance.” “The horse that had just come in beat me,” the rider said.

During the early stages of the race, jockey Sonny Leon and owner Rich Strike trailed only two other horses. In the end, Leon was able to steer his ride through the other horses and up to the inside fence. In the stretch, Rich Strike made a slick move past Messier, and then immediately went back to the fence with the intention of taking off Epicenter and Zandon.

Leon remarked that while he was in the final 70 yards of the race, he told himself, “I think I won this race.” Reed, who is from the United States, and Leon, who is from Venezuela, were both competing in their maiden Derby. Reed suffered a devastating loss almost five years ago when a barn fire at his training center in Lexington, Kentucky, claimed the lives of over two dozen of his horses.

He had a fleeting thought that the fire may be a sign that it was time for him to quit the game. Reed recounted, “People I hadn’t seen, people I haven’t talked to in years, and some of my closest friends were there in the morning to pick me up.” “It opened my eyes to the fact that there is a lot of good in the world, and after that, I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to let it wipe me out.” Leon competes frequently on some of the smaller circuits in the country, which are characterized by low prices for horse meat and tiny amounts of prize money.

However, he was able to hold his own against more experienced riders such as Joel Rosario, who was riding Epicenter, and Mike Smith, who was riding Messier. The rail ride that Leon took was similar of the stealth manoeuvre that jockey Calvin Borel performed atop Mine That Bird in 2009. Mine That Bird produced what was considered to be the third-biggest upset in the Derby at the time, paying $103.20 to win.

Reed had no problem with the bettors disregarding his horse, whose triumph undoubtedly served as motivation for young men all across the world. Reed stated that with the horse’s “small trainer, tiny rider, and small stable” odds, “he should have been 80-1.” “And therefore it should come as no surprise that lightning may strike anywhere in this industry.” Rich Strike was acquired by Dawson, who competes as RED TR-Racing LLC, for the price of $30,000 in the fall of 2017, when the colt’s previous owner had entered him in a low-level claiming race.

  • Rich Strike had previously been owned by another person.
  • It’s possible that the owner of Calumet Farm, Brad Kelley, is starting to second-guess that choice today.
  • Calumet Farm has the record for most Kentucky Derby victories with eight, although they haven’t won one since 1968, when Forward Pass won the race despite being disqualified.

Rich Strike won his first stakes race and took home $1.86 million in prize money. The final place achieved by Simplification was fourth, and Mo Donegal was fifth. On the first Saturday of May, for the first time in three years, Churchill Downs was operating at its full capacity, and one of the attendees was none other than former President Donald Trump.

However, the end consequence was additional chaos for the most important horse race in the United States. In 2019, the race was won by Maximum Security, but they were disqualified after 22 minutes for interfering, and the runner-up, Country House, was awarded the garland of red roses. In the year 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the race was moved to the month of September, which resulted in the circuit falling into an eerie calm.

The horse who won the Kentucky Derby the year before, Medina Spirit, was disqualified after nine months for failing a postrace drug test. As a result, Medina Spirit’s trainer, Bob Baffert, who had won the Derby six times, was banned from Churchill Downs for two years.

  1. The Kentucky Derby was held at its traditional slot on the schedule in 2021, with attendance capped at around 52,000 people.
  2. Once more, the bourbon was pouring freely.
  3. On Saturday, cigar smoke curled in the air on an overcast day that was unusually cold, and fans strutted in their floral-print skirts, seersucker suits, and enormous hats.
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Then came Rich Strike crashing along the rail, and all hell broke out once he did that. A few of days previously, Reed had texted Dawson a picture that he had taken of the colt dozing off in his straw-covered stall with his handlers reclining on top of him and dozing off together.

How many times has the longest shot won the Derby?

Records – The fastest known time:

  • Mile and a Quarter: Secretariat finishes in 1:59.4 minutes (1973)
  • Spokane has a mile and a half time of 2:34.5 minutes (1889)

The Threshold of Success: Old Rosebud (1914), Johnstown (1939), Whirlaway (1941), and Assault (1942) are the eight lengths (1946) Record for most victories by a jockey:

  • 5 – Eddie Arcaro (1938, 1941, 1945, 1948, 1952)
  • 5 – Bill Hartack (1957, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1969)
  • 4 – Bill Shoemaker (1955, 1959, 1965, 1986)
  • 3 – Isaac Murphy (1884, 1890, 1891)
  • 3 – Earl Sande (1923, 1925, 1930)
  • 3 – Calvin Borel (2007, 2009, 2010)
  • 3 – John Velazquez (2011, 2017, 2020)

Record for most victories by a trainer:

  • 6 – Bob Baffert (1997, 1998, 2002, 2015, 2018, 2020)
  • 6 – Ben A. Jones (1938, 1941, 1944, 1948, 1949, 1952)

The most victories won by an owner: 8 – Calumet Farm (1941, 1944, 1948, 1949, 1952, 1957, 1958, 1968) Longest odds to win the Kentucky Derby:

  • Donerail wins by 91 to 1 (1913)
  • Rich Strike has odds of 80 to 1 (2022)


  • In 2010, Calvin Borel became the first jockey in history to win three out of four straight Kentucky Derbys, setting a new record for the sport.
  • Justify won the Kentucky Derby in 2018, making him the first horse to do it since Apollo in 1882. Apollo was the last horse to accomplish this feat.

Has an 80-1 horse ever won the Derby?

Rich Strike, who won the Kentucky Derby, has decided not to compete in the Preakness Stakes. On Thursday, ten days before the race, owner Rich Dawson made the astounding statement to the media. It is the fourth year in a row that there will not be a horse that wins all three races at the Triple Crown.

Dawson stated that he and Rich Strike’s trainer Eric Reed came to the conclusion that the best course of action for the horse would be to give him five weeks of rest. After more than a century, the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby was Rich Strike, who was given odds of 80-1. It is now anticipated that Rich Strike will be ready to compete in the Belmont Stakes on June 11 of this year.

Dawson suggested that it would be beneficial for the horse to have additional recuperation and to forego its scheduled race at Pimlico in two weeks. Dawson stated in a statement, “It’s very, very tempting to adjust our route and race in the Preakness at Pimlico, which would be a huge honor for everyone of our group.” “It’s very, very tempting to alter our course and run in the Preakness at Pimlico.” “However, after a great deal of debate and deliberation, we have decided to stick with our original plan because we believe it is in Ritchie’s best interest.” Due to the presence of Derby runner-up Epicenter and Kentucky Oaks winner Secret Oath in the list of competitors for the Preakness, it was not anticipated that Rich Strike would be the favorite to win the Preakness.

If he had won the Derby, he would have been the first horse to do it since I’ll Have Another in 2012, who won the first two races of the Triple Crown. He would not have been the post time favorite for the Preakness. Due to the unexpected retirement of Rich Strike, the official winner of the Derby will not be present in this year’s Preakness Stakes for the second time in the last four years.

Both Country House and Maximum Security, who had previously won the race but were disqualified, decided not to compete in 2019. In addition, the horse Mandaloun, who won the Derby in 2021 long after Medina Spirit was disqualified for failing a drug test, did not participate in the Preakness.

  • One of the most shocking results in the history of sports came about as a result of Rich Strike’s remarkable comeback at the end of the race at Churchill Downs.
  • Reed, the owners, and jockey Sonny Leon had never been victorious in the race before.
  • Rich Strike has indicated that he would run in the Belmont Stakes, therefore the Preakness Stakes seems to be a wide open race with horses returning from the Derby.

These horses might include Zandon and Simplification, who finished in fourth place. It is anticipated that Trainer Chad Brown will also participate in Early Voting.

What horse won the Kentucky Derby with the worst odds?

39th Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby
Grade I stakes race
Donerail after winning the 1913 Kentucky Derby
Location Churchill Downs
Date May 10, 1913
Winning horse Donerail
Jockey Roscoe Goose
Trainer Thomas P. Hayes
Owner Thomas P. Hayes
Surface Dirt
← 1912 1914 →

39 years ago, on May 2, 1913, the Kentucky Derby took place. This was the 39th time the race had been held. On May 10, 1913, the competition took place. The winning time of 2.04.80 seconds established a new record for the Derby. The winning horse, Donerail, had odds of 91-1, making him the horse with the longest odds in the history of the Kentucky Derby.

Has a 30 1 horse ever won the Kentucky Derby?

The top 10 horses in terms of their odds of winning the Kentucky Derby are as follows: The 21st century has seen the arrival of four of the horses that have the longest odds to win the Kentucky Derby. The following is a list of the top 10 horses whose chances of winning the Kentucky Derby are the lowest: Donerail (1913): 91-1 Rich Strike (2022): 80-1 65-1 for the Country House in 2019 Pages 50–1 in Mine That Bird (2009) Giacomo (2005): 50-1 Gallahadion (1940): 35-1 Apollo (1882): 32-1 The Charismatic (1999) Numbers: 31-1 The Proud Clarion from 1967: 30-1 Exterminator (1918): 29-1 Horses that were considered long shots but ended up winning (from 2018): Which horse won the Kentucky Derby despite having the highest odds? The top 10 are as follows: Jake Adams, the associate sports editor, may be found on Twitter under the handle @jakeadams520.

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What is the world’s longest shot?

The record for the longest shot ever made in basketball was a stunning 113 feet.

Who was the first longest shot in the Kentucky Derby?

After making headlines for three years in a row, beginning in 1913 and continuing through 1915, the Kentucky Derby was ultimately recognized as the most important sports event to take place in the United States. The following is what took place. To begin, in 1913, Donerail, the underdog in the 38th edition of the Kentucky Derby event, defeated the competition despite having 91-1 odds against him.

Donerail’s triumph remains the longest shot victory with the highest payout, which was $184.90 on just a $2 win wager. Second, Old Rosebud won the Kentucky Derby in 1914 with the quickest time ever recorded in the race’s first 40 years of existence. His winning time was slightly over two minutes and three seconds.

Old Rosebud finished the race in first place, eight lengths ahead of the runner-up, creating a new record for the largest gap between the first and second place finishers in a race. This record would not be broken for another sixteen years after Old Rosebud set it.14 years ago, in the Old Rosebud Historical Archive Third, the first female Thoroughbred to win the Kentucky Derby was a filly named Regret.

How long is the longest sniper shot ever?

What Is The Longest Shot To Win The Kentucky Derby During an operation organized by the Afghan government to apprehend alleged Taliban members operating in southern Kandahar, a sniper squad from Canada scans the countryside. (John D. McHugh/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images) ) Oh, Canada! Where else except in Canada would you have snipers, hockey, and maple syrup? One member of the Canadian Armed Forces has held the record for the longest verified kill in the annals of military history since May of 2017.

  1. The shot of 3,450 meters, which is equivalent to 3,870 yards, broke the record set in 2009 by British sniper Craig Harrison by a distance of about 1,000 meters.
  2. In 2004, Sgt.
  3. Bryan Kremer took down an Iraqi insurgent from a distance of 2,300 meters, setting a new record for the longest verified sniper shot by a United States soldier.

The unidentified gun expert from Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 took around ten seconds to fire the shot at a speed of 792 miles per hour. The bullet traveled over two miles before arriving at its intended destination. According to the Toronto Globe and Mail, the record-breaking kill was later independently validated by a video camera as well as other data.

According to a statement made by a military insider to the publication, “the shot in issue really prevented a Daesh onslaught on Iraqi security troops.” “Rather than dropping a bomb that might potentially kill bystanders in the neighborhood, it is a very precise application of force, and because it was so far away, the bad guys didn’t have any clue what was occurring,” said the official.

The unidentified soldier used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle, which is the same rifle used by United States Navy SEALs. The McMillan TAC-50 is frequently cited as the most accurate rifle in the world and has an effective range of 1,850 meters. Even after taking into consideration the wind, the angle, the light, and even the curvature of the Earth, the Canadian was able to squeeze out over twice that.

Who is the best Derby horse ever?

The moniker “Secretariat” is probably the most well-known of all of the horses that have competed in the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat won the race in 1973, which was the 99th time it has been contested. Due to the fact that this horse went on to win the Triple Crown and still maintains the record for the fastest time to finish the Derby course (1:59:40), the name Secretariat is still well known today.

Has a female horse ever won the Kentucky Derby?

There have only ever been three fillies to take home the Kentucky Derby trophy: Winning Colors (1988), Genuine Risk (1980), and Regret (1915). Each competitor competed against male opponents in the races leading up to the Kentucky Derby. Only two fillies, Winning Colors and Genuine Risk, have been entered in all three legs of the Triple Crown competition.

Has a GREY horse ever won the Kentucky Derby?

What Is The Longest Shot To Win The Kentucky Derby White Abarrio – Being one of just three gray horses in the Kentucky Derby field on Saturday, White Abarrio will be able to clearly distinguish himself from the other 19 horses in the race (the others are long shots Barber Road and Charge It). White Abarrio, a horse that was born in Florida and won the Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park in early April, is now headed to Churchill Downs with a lot of expectations on his shoulders: On the points qualification table for the Road to the Kentucky Derby, White Abarrio finished in third place.

  1. However, a gray horse has not won the Kentucky Derby since Giacomo in 2005, who was a long shot and had odds of 50-1.
  2. There have been a total of eight winners that were gray horses: Giacomo (1954), Determine (1954), Decidedly (1962), Spectacular Bid (1979), Gato Del Sol (1982), Winning Colors (1988), and Silver Charm (1997).

Monarchos (2001) was the most recent winner (2005). How likely is it that White Abarrio will become the first horse of any color to win the Kentucky Derby after such a lengthy absence? During the previous week’s video conversation with members of the media, Saffie Joseph Jr., the athlete’s trainer, stated that “He is plenty fit.” “He stands on his own as a legitimate horse in his own right.

  • I would say that there are probably seven or eight horses that have a legitimate chance (of winning), and there are probably another two horses that have an outside chance.
  • The Derby is a very competitive race, and I would say that there are probably seven or eight horses that have a legitimate chance (of winning).” This is the second year in a row that Joseph competes in the Kentucky Derby with a horse.
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The other participant was a gray horse named Ny Traffic, who came in eighth place in the event for the year 2020. The number 15, which corresponds to the white Abarrio, was drawn. This article was first published at 7:26 in the morning on May 5, 2022. Cameron Drummond is a sports writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader.

  • His primary areas of coverage include horse racing, soccer, and several sports played in Central Kentucky, as well as Kentucky men’s basketball recruitment and the UK men’s basketball team.
  • Drummond is an American who was born in Texas, where he also received his early education, and went on to earn his degree from Indiana University.

Formerly employed as a community news reporter in Austin, Texas, he had an exceptional command of the Spanish language.

How many races has Rich Strike won?

Rich Strike
Sire Keen Ice
Grandsire Curlin
Dam Gold Strike
Damsire Smart Strike
Sex Colt
Foaled April 25, 2019 (age 3)
Country United States
Color Chestnut
Breeder Calumet Farm
Owner Calumet Farm (until September 2021) RED TR-Racing (Richard Dawson) (from September 2021)
Trainer Joe Sharp (until September 2021) Eric Reed (from September 2021)
Record 10: 2-0-3
Earnings $2,062,500
Major wins
American Triple Crown wins: Kentucky Derby ( 2022 )
Last updated on 28 August 2022

Rich Strike, an American Thoroughbred racehorse, was foaled on April 25, 2019, and went on to win the Kentucky Derby in 2022, despite having odds of 80-1 against him. After Donerail, who beat odds of 91-1 to win the race in 1913, Rich Strike holds the record for the longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby.

Did Rich Strike bite the outrider?

Rich Strike, who was likely in a frenzied state as a result of being whipped and forced to race as fast as he could, and then confronting the disorienting commotion of the roaring crowd and bright camera flashes, is believed to have been the cause of the incident. Rich Strike began biting the outrider and his horse, which led to the incident.

Did Rich Strike jockey get suspended?

The rider who rode Rich Strike to victory in the Kentucky Derby upset is currently serving a four-day penalty handed out by racing stewards in Ohio. However, his agency claims that the punishment will not prohibit the jockey from riding the horse in its next race.

  • It was determined that Sonny Leon “deliberately and aggressively” steered One Glamorous Gal toward the rail in order to block other horses in the stretch during the third race that took place on April 27 at Thistledown Racecourse, which is located east of Cleveland.
  • As a result of this action, the stewards have suspended Sonny Leon for careless riding.

According to the verdict, Leon interfered with rider Alexander Chavez atop Ultra Rays. As a result of this interference, One Glamorous Gal was disqualified from third place and ended up in sixth position. This is Leon’s seventh ban since the autumn of last year, and it includes a 15-day sentence in West Virginia for presenting a fake and changed document.

During this time, Leon has not played competitively. Because Leon did not file an appeal, the initial eight-day ban he was given in Ohio was lowered to a four-day suspension; he started serving the sentence on Monday, and it will conclude on Thursday. It was initially reported by the Courier Journal in Louisville, which is located in Kentucky.

The punishment handed out by Ohio is applicable in all states, although agent Jeff Perrin stated on Wednesday to the Associated Press that it will not preclude the Venezuelan jockey from participating in selected races. In addition, Perrin mentioned that Leon will be returning on Friday with six mounts at Belterra Park in Cincinnati and extra weekend rides at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

  • These requests are among the numerous that have come in as a result of Leon’s remarkable triumph.
  • Leon’s suspension would not have prevented him from riding Rich Strike in the Preakness Stakes on May 21, but the owner of the horse announced on Thursday that Rich Strike would not participate in the second leg of the Triple Crown and instead take some time off to prepare for the Belmont Stakes in June.

Perrin likened the decision made by the stewards to a technical foul that would be called in the sport of basketball. “Our role is to get where we need to be, but we don’t make such judgments,” he added. “However, he cannot be separated from that horse under any circumstances.

  • You can never forget the individuals who helped you get to the Kentucky Derby or the things you did to get there, and neither can you forget the things you did to get there.” Leon bet on the long shot at odds of 80-1.
  • Rich Strike scored an upset victory in the Derby on Saturday, beating the 4-1 favorite Epicenter by three quarters of a length.

Rich Strike entered the race at the last minute after a scratch and started from the No.20 outside post position. The chestnut horse returned $163.60 for bettors as the second-biggest underdog ever to win the Kentucky Derby, falling just short of Donerail in 1913, who paid out $184.90.

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission revealed that the results of all of the tests taken during the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks were clean. A year earlier, Medina Spirit, who had previously won the Derby, tested positive for a drug that was not allowed on race day and was subsequently disqualified.

Epicenter, who finished second in the Derby, and Secret Oath, who triumphed in the Oaks, are both scheduled to compete in the Preakness, as announced by their respective trainers, Steve Asmussen and D. Wayne Lukas. Additional Coverage on Horse Racing: The 2022 Kentucky Derby was won by Rich Strike in a stunning upset.