What Happened At Barton Creek Mall?

What Happened At Barton Creek Mall
“Smash and Grab” at the Barton Creek Mall On Saturday night, the Barton Creek Mall was ordered to be evacuated after reports of gunfire were heard. According to the Austin Police Department, however, it was really burglars who were responsible for shattering the glass at the diamond store.

  • Nearby, David Torres and his friends and family were in the middle of viewing a movie when they were abruptly forced to leave.
  • Torres explained what happened by saying, “We were watching Spider-Man, and we were pretty enthusiastic about it.
  • About 40 minutes into the movie, the screen paused, and an employee walked in and said there had been a gunshot, and we needed to leave immediately away.” The Helzberg diamond jewelry store that was located in the shopping center was reportedly robbed by three individuals, as stated by the Austin Police Department.

Initial calls to 911 claimed bullets fired, however authorities think the sound they heard was actually caused by the suspects breaking glass cases inside the business. “After sweeping the mall, no victims have been identified, and no other evidence of a gun have been found in the mall,” stated Officer Michael Bullock of the Austin Police Department.

No additional evidence of a gun were found in the mall.” Eyres reported that they were under lockdown for around forty minutes until the police gave the signal that it was safe to go. MORE HEADLINES: The Austin Police Department has declared the site at Barton Creek Square to be safe after clearing it.

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What happened in Boston Creek Austin mall?

The Austin Police Department claims that on Saturday night, during a robbery at a jewelry store located inside the Barton Creek Mall, customers mistook the sound of smashed jewelry cases for the sound of gunfire, which resulted in the mall having to be evacuated and multiple agencies responding to the scene.

Was there a shooting at Barton Creek mall?

Even though no one was hurt and no bullets were fired, the event nonetheless caused confusion among customers and alarm in the community as it was first characterized to as a “active attack” by certain responding authorities. I believe that there was very definitely some muddled messaging that was disseminated.

Why is Barton Creek dry?

Campbell’s Hole and Twin Falls are two of the most well-known swimming holes located on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Both of these locations are now parched, which may most likely be attributed to a lack of precipitation in central Texas.

Is Barton Creek mall closed?

Because of COVID-19, Simon Property is shutting all of their shopping malls, including Barton Creek Square and Lakeline.

What happened in Barton Creek Austin TX?

The suspects in the armed robbery that took place in the Barton Creek Mall are still at large – As a result of the event, people at the shopping mall experienced a state of terror over the weekend. They mistaken the sound of glass shattering for the sound of gunfire.

THE TEXAS CAPITAL CITY OF AUSTIN – The Austin Police Department stated that there were three suspects involved in the heist of the Helzberg diamond jewelry store that took place in the Barton Creek Square Mall. The event took place in the evening on Saturday. Kelli Eyres, who was inside the mall at the time of the event, described how their dinner had just been served when all of a sudden they noticed people running.

“Our food had just been delivered,” She was celebrating a birthday inside the mall when she heard a commotion involving a large number of individuals. “Simply put, we were looking to see what options we had. As we witnessed more individuals fleeing, we couldn’t help but assume that something terrible was about to happen.” During the time that Eyres and her friends took refuge inside the Cheesecake Factory, she said that very few people were aware of what was taking place outside.

What is Barton Creek Square in Austin?

Barton Creek Square

Map of Barton Creek Square Mall
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Austin, Texas, United States
Coordinates 30°15′27″N 97°48′24″W  /  30.2576°N 97.8068°W Coordinates : 30°15′27″N 97°48′24″W  /  30.2576°N 97.8068°W
Opening date August 19, 1981
Developer Simon Property Group
Management Simon Property Group
Owner Simon Property Group
No. of stores and services 155
No. of anchor tenants 6 (5 open, 1 vacant)
Total retail floor area 1,429,503 sq ft (132,805.2 m 2 )
No. of floors 2
Website simon,com /mall /barton-creek-square

A covered retail center known as Barton Creek Square can be found in the southwest part of Austin, Texas, in the United States of America, close to the intersection of Texas State Highway Loop 1 and Texas State Highway Loop 360. The shopping center takes its name from the city of Barton Creek in Texas. There are two sites of Dillard’s, as well as JCPenney, Macy’s, and Nordstrom as anchor shops.

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Is it safe to swim in Barton Creek?

Cylindrospermopsin is the name of a toxin that has been found in Barton Creek at Sculpture Falls, which is located close to MoPac and Loop 360. The quantities that have been found are cause for worry. Following the receipt of a complaint of a human disease on September 9, the samples were collected, and the findings were obtained on September 22.

  • Certain species of cyanobacteria and blue-green algae are responsible for the production of this toxin.
  • The amounts that were found were higher above the thresholds recommended by the EPA for recreational usage.
  • It is not safe for humans or their pets to drink the water or swim in it.
  • In the vicinity of Sculpture Falls, the City of Austin is currently installing signage at several entry sites to the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

This episode is distinct from others involving hazardous algae that have occurred in the Austin region in the past for a number of reasons. It is a distinct poison that has its own unique impacts on one’s health. The poisons were discovered in samples of the water rather than the algae themselves, which raises the possibility of human exposure due to recreational use of the area.

  1. In addition, the toxic substance was discovered in a stream setting, at a popular swimming spot, rather than in a lake or reservoir environment.
  2. It’s possible that harmful algae are present in other streams and lakes in Central Texas as well.
  3. Natural bodies of water could also be home to a variety of tiny species, including bacteria and parasites.

We strongly recommend that humans and their pets stay away from warm, stagnant water. Avoid coming into contact with any water that is murky or smells bad. After entering any body of natural water, it is critical to thoroughly wash off with clean water.

After a very severe rainstorm, when the bacteria levels are likely to be greater, swimming should be avoided for a few days. In addition to this, there is the possibility of being physically harmed by factors like as irregular depths, debris, slick surfaces, and powerful currents. Cylindrospermopsin may be harmful to both the liver and the kidneys.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the following are some of the acute consequences of exposure to this toxin on human and animal health: Headache and Fever Diarrhea that is bloody and vomiting If you feel that you may have been exposed, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Is Barton Springs 2022 safe to swim in?

An algal sample was collected on Monday, July 11, 2022, from ‘Barking Springs,’ which is located in the section of Barton Creek that is directly downstream from Barton Springs Pool. On that day, the City of Austin tested the sample for the presence of Dihydroanatoxin-a, a powerful neurotoxin.

Can I swim in Barton Creek?

What Happened At Barton Creek Mall What Happened At Barton Creek Mall When the water levels are just perfect, the Barton Creek Greenbelt provides access to almost 7 miles of beautiful paths that may be used for hiking, mountain biking, and swimming. We were interested about all of the greatest places to go swimming in the Greenbelt right now because there are so many public access points to the Greenbelt.

To assist you in getting outside and making the most of the Greenbelt, I conducted some research and created a list of the numerous spots there are to visit. – The following locations provide public access to the Barton Creek Greenbelt: Access 1601 with the Spyglass Due to its close proximity to Tacodeli, Spyglass Dr.

Spyglass has been one of our most often used entry points for a number of years. Before going swimming or hiking, we will frequently pick up some tacos to take with us. Additionally, finding a parking spot on the street is often not difficult at this region.

  • Once you reach the bottom of the hill where the trail entry is located, turn left and follow the signs to find your way to the Flats and the swimming site known as Campbell’s Hole.
  • To view a map, please click here.
  • AKA: “The Flats” 2010 Homedale Drive, Access to the Barton Hills and Homedale Area You may also get to Campbell’s Hole through an entrance that is located near Barton Hills Elementary School.

The only parking available is on the street, which is located in a residential area. After you’ve entered the trailhead, keep going north until you reach Campbell’s Hole. To view a map, please click here. In the vicinity of Campbell’s Hole area Gus Fruh Access is located at 2642 Barton Hills Dr.

  1. In Austin.
  2. You may enter Gus Fruh by the Spyglass entrance and continue traveling in the same direction, but you could also take a more direct path and park in this residential area instead.
  3. The following are some driving instructions, courtesy of TexasOutside.com: Take the Riverside exit off of Interstate 35, then continue heading west.
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Travel another 1.5 miles to Barton Creek Rd, then make a left turn (west). After driving approximately one mile past the junction with Lamar, make a left turn onto Robert E. Lee Rd., and then make the first right onto Barton Hills Dr. Proceed along Barton Hills for precisely 2 miles after that.

  • The entrance may be found on the right side of the street in the heart of a residential area close to where Barton Hills Drive and Horseshoe Bend Cove join.
  • To view a map, please click here.
  • Photograph taken by Ramona Finos of Gus Fruh Access to Gaines Creek and Twin Falls.3900 W.
  • Frontage Rd This entry is fairly well-known, although it might be difficult to describe how it works.

You will need to get onto Mopac through the on-ramp that looks like it’s for southbound traffic on Loop 360/Capital of Texas Highway. However, keep going straight on Frontage Road rather than turning onto Mopac. You’ll find the entrance to the Greenbelt here, along with a row of parked automobiles on the right side of the road.

Take into consideration the fact that the path to Twin Falls may need some time spent hiking if you are going to be traveling with younger children. And if you wish to continue exploring even farther than Twin Falls, you will eventually find your way to the lovely Sculpture Falls. There is additional parking available on the Mopac access road immediately south of 360, which provides access to Twin Falls.

To view a map, please click here.1710 Camp Craft Road is the location of the Twin Falls Trail End and Sculpture Falls Access. The end of the paths, the well-known Hill of Life, and the swimming spot at Sculpture Falls may all be found in this location. What Happened At Barton Creek Mall What Happened At Barton Creek Mall What Happened At Barton Creek Mall Be careful to keep an eye on the children and keep them nearby. Some of the routes have precipitous descents, and it goes without saying that children should always be supervised when they are in the water. (It should come as no surprise that there are no lifeguards at the Greenbelt.) Be aware that there might be dogs that are not on leashes wandering loose in these locations if you have a youngster who is afraid of dogs.

How late is Barton Creek Open?

10am-9pm ; Sun.

What time does Barton Springs Close?

Sunday –
5:00 am – 8:00 am* Swim at your own Risk 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Guarded Swim

Swimming is permitted, but at your own risk only.

How many acres is Barton Creek mall?

What Happened At Barton Creek Mall First appeared on September 1, 2015, at 10:46 AM Central Daylight Time Malls as we know them are becoming a thing of the past in several places across the United States. About one-fifth of the shopping malls that are still operating have vacancy rates that are high enough to be considered “worrying” by industry professionals.

That’s the route that Austin’s very own Highland Mall took: It only recently ceased operations and is now occupied by a campus of a community college. But what about the second major indoor shopping mall in the city? A store that was formerly occupied by the women’s clothing store Cachè may now be found boarded up and vacant at the Barton Creek Mall.

Next month, a jewelry store will move in to take over the space, but it is not the only vacant storefront in the shopping center that has been boarded up. A few more stores have been left without customers as well. There have been indications that new businesses will fill their locations; but, what would take place if one or two of the mall’s large anchor stores were to close their doors? The Barton Creek Square Mall is owned by Simon Properties, which declined to participate in a recorded interview for the purpose of this article but did answer questions in writing.

Credit Miguel Gutierrez Jr./KUT News / The vacancy rate of Austin’s Barton Creek Square Mall is lower than the vacancy rate in many other indoor malls around the country; yet, major shops such as Sears and JC Penney have seen consistent annual losses. The company’s 110 malls, 14 mills, and 68 stores are highlighted in a promotional movie intended for investors.

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Together, these locations offer more than 3,000 different brands and bring in sales of $60 billion. According to what is said in the film, Simon is the most successful publicly listed real estate firm in the whole globe. The rent that the firm collects from its tenants is the primary source of revenue for the business.

Therefore, the earnings of Simon Properties and the general well-being of the Barton Creek mall are two entirely separate things. Chuck Tatelbaum, an attorney located in Florida who specializes in business bankruptcies, claims that two of Barton Creek’s anchor locations are experiencing financial difficulties.

Tatelbaum claims that both Sears and JC Penney have not been performing exceptionally well recently. “Sears is in difficulty,” he adds. Some industry analysts believe that a bankruptcy filing by Sears would not be unexpected. Earnings for the first quarter of 2018 were reported by Sears in June.

  1. During that time span, the corporation incurred losses of more than $300 million.
  2. Nevertheless, that failure was presented as a triumph.
  3. The previous year, during the same quarter, the corporation had losses that were almost $100 million higher.
  4. According to Tatelbaum, “If Sears were to close at Barton Creek, it would create a significant vacancy, which causes the landlord a problem, which causes the rest of the tenants a problem, since there is less traffic.” If Sears were to close at Barton Creek, there would be less foot traffic.

The areas that are available at Sears and JC Penney are enormous, and it will require some innovative thinking to fill them. To accomplish this goal, one strategy would be to pursue high-end anchors. Malls that have adopted this strategy are doing significantly better than shopping centers that focus on attracting customers from the middle class and lower income brackets.

Things could get better in the not-too-distant future if we do that, but what about in the long run? “The typical mall as we know it, as shopping, people don’t want to go to it,” says Tatelbaum. “People want to go to a different kind of mall.” “The first reason is that they can purchase online and have things delivered to their door for free without ever having to leave the house.

The second reason is that they are looking for an experience. The idea of coming to a shopping mall now encompasses other activities.” If at some point in the future the Barton Creek Mall were to be repurposed, it would be necessary, for a few different reasons, to take into consideration the surrounding natural environment.

One, throughout the 35 years that have passed since the construction of Barton Creek Mall, rules regarding building have been updated. In addition, the shopping center is located in one of the sections of Austin that is considered to be environmentally sensitive. According to Chuck Lesniak, the Environmental Officer for the City of Austin, the possibility of future development exists, and he predicts that there will not likely be any environmental constraints included into the new construction.

“These assets have the potential to develop,” adds Lesniak. “In most cases, they do not have any type of water quality protection, including treatment of storm water for the purpose of improving water quality. Therefore, they are having an effect on the ecosystem right now.” More than one and a half million square feet of the impermeable surface of Barton Creek Mall is comprised of concrete.

According to Lesniak, the environmental impact of virtually any sort of reconstruction would be reduced. Credit Miguel Gutierrez Jr./KUT News / The 120-acre shopping center was built on top of one of the most environmentally sensitive regions in Austin. Lesniak says, “We want to incentivize redeveloping those properties in a way that allows them to have more economic impact for the city, but also reduces the environmental impact of the existing development.” “We want to incentivize redeveloping those properties in a way that allows them to have more economic impact for the city” “We face this challenge and the need to strike a balance between competing priorities on a regular basis.

But the land at Barton Creek Mall is one that would most likely be suitable for such use.” The City of Austin and Simon Properties do not have any plans in place for the Barton Creek Square Mall at this time, therefore it is impossible to say what its future holds. What Happened At Barton Creek Mall