What County Is Woodfield Mall In?

What County Is Woodfield Mall In
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What county is the Woodfield Mall in?

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What is the largest shopping mall in Illinois?

At the crossroads of Golf Road and Interstate 290 in Schaumburg, Illinois, in the United States, you’ll find the retail center known as Woodfield Mall. Schaumburg is a suburb on Chicago’s far northwest side. Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook is the second largest retail mall in the state of Illinois behind Woodfield Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in the state of Illinois.

Is Woodfield Mall one of the biggest?

Woodfield Mall is not a retail mall; rather, it is an event, a happening, and an experience that lasts the entirety of the day. It is the sixth biggest shopping mall in the United States and the largest mall in the state of Illinois. It can be found near the junction of Golf Road and Interstate 290 in Schaumburg, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago located in the far northwest.

In point of fact, it was the largest shopping mall in the country when it first opened its doors in the year 1971. It boasts almost 300 shops and dining establishments, which contribute to its yearly foot traffic of over 27 million people. It is anchored by five stores: JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, and Nordstrom, as well as the largest Sears shop in the country, which is 416,000 square feet.

Woodfield Mall is a significant destination for tourists throughout the state of Illinois due to its 2,172,434 square feet of shop space that is split across three floors. In the year 2000, tourists who visited Chicago chose Woodfield Mall as their best destination in the suburbs.

What’s the biggest mall in America?

An overview: The King of Prussia Mall is the largest retail area in the United States and the largest shopping mall on the East Coast. It is home to seven major department stores in addition to more than 450 other businesses, boutiques, and eateries. The shopping center has around 20 million customers each year visit its 2.9 million square feet of store space.

What is the second largest mall in the world?

The biggest malls in the world

Rank Mall Shops
1 Iran Mall 708+
2 IOI City Mall 650+
3 South China Mall 750+
4 SM Mall of Asia 3,500+

What’s the largest mall in Texas?

The Galleria is the largest shopping center in the state of Texas. The Galleria’s core space was designed to resemble Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is considered to be the oldest shopping mall in all of Italy. The Louis Vuitton shop located in the Galleria recently underwent an expansion as well as a redesign. The Memorial City Mall has been ranked as the No.

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What’s the biggest mall in New York?

A list of the largest indoor shopping malls

# Mall name Retail space Square feet (ft²)
1 Destiny USA 2,400,000 square feet (220,000 m 2 )
2 Roosevelt Field 2,366,692 square feet (219,872.9 m 2 )
3 Palisades Center 2,200,000 square feet (200,000 m 2 )
4 Green Acres Mall 2,081,000 square feet (193,300 m 2 )

Where is Woodfield Mall in Chicago?

At the crossroads of Golf Road and Interstate 290 in Schaumburg, Illinois, in the United States, you’ll find the retail center known as Woodfield Mall. Schaumburg is a suburb on Chicago’s far northwest side. Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook is the second largest retail mall in the state of Illinois behind Woodfield Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in the state of Illinois.

What happened to the Woodfield Mall Cinemas?

History: The construction of Woodfield Mall began in July 1969, and the mall opened on September 9, 1971, with 59 stores. By 1973, the mall had grown to 189 stores and 1.9 million retail square feet, along with a large water tower that stood 135 feet tall and supplied the mall and the nearby village with water.

When it first opened, it was the shopping center that held the title of “biggest in the United States.” To this day, it ranks as the twelfth-largest shopping center in the United States. With 234 shops and eateries, it is now the shopping center with the most space in the greater Chicago metropolitan region.

In Schaumburg, Illinois, you’ll find three shopping centers: Woodfield, Woodfield Village Green, and The Streets of Woodfield. Woodfield is one of those malls. Woodfield is well recognized as one of the most important tourist destinations in the state of Illinois.

In the year 2000, tourists who visited Chicago chose Woodfield Mall as their best destination in the suburbs. Woodfield Mall was named after General Robert E. Wood, who served as the chairman of the board for Sears, and Marshall Field, who established the Marshall Field & Company. It made its debut on September 9, 1971, on a piece of prairie land that was 191 acres (0.77 km 2) in size and had once been home to farms, cows, and a small bar.

At the launch, guests were treated to performances by singer Carol Lawrence, actor Vincent Price, and two marching bands. It made the claim that it was the largest retail mall in the world when it first opened its doors. By the end of September 1971, an additional 28 stores and restaurants had opened, bringing the total number of specialized merchants in operation during that first year of business to 138.

  1. The mall’s gross leasable area (GLA) has increased from its original retail space size of 180,000 square feet (190,000 square feet) to its current size of 2,154,014 square feet (200,114 m 2 ).
  2. Because of this, it is the fifth largest shopping mall in the United States and the ninth largest retail center in the country.
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The shopping center is home to a total of 234 different stores.1973 saw the construction of a brand new wing for Lord & Taylor, as well as the opening of fifty other new stores. Both Sbarro and A&W first opened their doors in the year 1984. On July 30, 1971, the five-plex opened its doors to customers.

  • Woodfield Theatres 1 & 2 and Woodfield Theatres 3 & 4 were a set of free-standing twin theatres that were located on the mall’s periphery close to Golf Road.
  • Both the 1 & 2 and the 3 & 4 theaters were shut down and demolished in the 1990s, making way for more retail space.
  • The 1 & 2 theater was the first to open, and it premiered two G-rated pictures, one of which was a Disney feature.

Cineplex Odeon Corporation was the final company to manage the Woodfield Mall Cinemas 5-plex until it shut down in the year 2000. Following the establishment’s demise, the location was briefly occupied by a themed eatery known as Mars 2112, however it did not last for very long.

  • In 2006, the space that had formerly been a theater was transformed into an Improv Comedy Club, making it the state’s first of its kind.
  • On December 10, 1999, the Loews Theatres at the Streets of Woodfield, which is an open-air retail area located next to the Woodfield Mall, opened its doors to the public as a 20-screen multiplex.

The Streets of Woodfield was constructed between 1999 and 2000, taking the place of One Schaumburg Place, an earlier indoor mall that had first opened its doors in 1991. Carson’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods (which was once known as Galyan’s), and GameWorks were all located on the Streets of Woodfield.

  • The standalone Loews Theatres complex was later taken over by the AMC Theatres group and renamed the same year, 2016.
  • In 2018, Carson’s restaurant in The Streets of Woodfield came to an end.
  • In 2019, A&W ceased operations.
  • The opening of a parking garage that was adjacent to Marshall Field’s and had three stories took place in October of 1994.

Within the same year, a Panera Bread and a Hooters restaurant also opened up north of the mall. In 1991, in honor of Woodfield’s 20th anniversary, the shopping center expanded by the addition of 23 additional businesses, one of which being The Disney Store.

Three years later, in 1995, Woodfield expanded once again by adding a $110 million wing that featured 50 new specialized retailers. In October of the same year, the Rainforest Café was brought to the shopping center. In 1996, the shopping center expanded its retail offerings with the addition of a three-story Nordstrom and a bigger Lord & Taylor.

Nearly forty of these new stores for 1995 featured flagship ideas and designs, with around twenty-seven of them being the biggest locations in their respective chains. In June of 1997, the space between Sears and Marshall Field’s saw the debut of a Stir Crazy restaurant.

In the same year, Joe’s Crab Shack opened in the most northeastern corner of the shopping center; however, the restaurant was one of 41 sites in the chain that shut down in 2017. On November 18, 1998, IKEA erected a store that was three stories tall just across from Woodfield Mall. At the same time as all of this construction was taking place at Woodfield Mall, the community of Schaumburg that surrounded the mall also expanded.

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In 1970, there were just 19,000 people living in Schaumburg; by 1980, that number had skyrocketed to 55,000, and in 2000, the United States Census Bureau reported that the city had more than 75,000 residents. The Mayor of Schaumburg, Al Larson, made the observation that, “Woodfield became a pivotal site for growth over the entirety of the northwest suburbs once it was founded.

If Woodfield had not been developed, there would be no office buildings in Itasca and no corporate growth in Hoffman Estates.” In 1995, Woodfield Associates commissioned a completely new paint job for the water tower at the mall, which cost a total of $128,000. The façade of the building was painted, which cost Woodfield an extra $97,000.

The water tower had an entirely new coat of paint applied to its interiors as well as its exteriors. Before the new coat of paint could be put to the tower, every last drop of water had to be drained from it. After that, both the inside and outside of the tower were meticulously cleaned, and any rust spots that were present were dealt with in the appropriate manner.

After the cleaning and treatment were completed, the first step in painting the interior was done, and then the outside was painted after that. Woodfield decided to go with a base coat of light gray for the building’s façade, and they decorated the bowl of the tower with four continuous teal “W”s to represent the company’s name.

A total of around 350 gallons of paint were used for the painting project. The fountains, the waterfall, and the aquariums at the shopping center were taken out of service in the year 2004. The water tower was repainted for the second time in 2005, just ten years after it had been given a new appearance; however, it has not been repainted again since then.

  1. The current design features a blue illustration of Schaumburg’s skyscrapers placed just below the small, black writing that reads “Woodfield Mall.” The backdrop features huge white clouds, while the text itself features a depiction of Woodfield Mall.
  2. At the topmost pinnacle of the bowl, clear blue sky may be seen peeking out from behind the clouds.

The shopping center receives around 27 million customers each year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the greater Chicago metropolitan region. Retailers sometimes utilize Woodfield as a trial run for new stores; one notable instance was Abercrombie & Fitch’s 2004 inauguration of Ruehl No.925, which marked the store’s introduction to the rest of the country.