What Celebrities Were At The Kentucky Derby?

What Celebrities Were At The Kentucky Derby

  • The late Jack Harlow. A local rapper from Louisville known as Jack Harlow walks the red carpet at Churchill Downs.
  • Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez, the one and only, is in attendance at Churchill Downs.
  • Joseph Fatone. Joey The norm at Derby The red carpet is rolled out for Joey Fatone!
  • A Brand New Edition A number of the musicians who make up the R&B group New Edition.
  • It’s Jason Aldean.
  • It was J.D. Shelburne.
  • This is Chase Rice.
  • The name Dean Norris.

Additional things

Who is the most famous Kentucky Derby horse?

After Donerail’s victory in 1913, Rich Strike concluded a nail-biting Kentucky Derby race as the second-biggest longshot at odds of 80-1. Rich Strike was named the winner of the event. Rich Strike was the first to finish the race after coming from farther back in the last turn to take the lead.

What was the largest crowd at the Kentucky Derby?

What Celebrities Were At The Kentucky Derby LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A crowd of little over 147,000 people came at Churchill Downs on Saturday to watch Rich Strike become the second-biggest long shot to ever win the Kentucky Derby. Rich Strike crossed the finish line first, making him the second-biggest long shot to ever win the Kentucky Derby.

  1. The firm had anticipated 170,000 attendees back in March, but the actual number was far lower.
  2. However, this was a significant improvement compared to the year 2021, when 51,838 people participated in the marathon despite the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.
  3. Review of the Derby: 2022 winner is Rich Strike in surprising upset.

The events of the day proceeded as follows: Attendance at the Kentucky Derby reached its all-time high of 170,513 fans in 2015, and then steadily decreased over the subsequent four years, reaching a low of 150,729 spectators in 2019. According to a press statement published on Sunday, wagering reached a record high of $273.8 million across all Kentucky Derby Day programs.

  1. This figure represents a 9% increase over the previous record of $250.9 million, which was set in 2019.
  2. Please double check your tickets! The following is a list of the winnings and the final odds associated with Rich Strike’s victory in the 2022 Kentucky Derby.
  3. Bets placed just on the Kentucky Derby amounted to a record-breaking $179 million, an increase of 8% over the previous high of $166.5 million set in 2019.
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The Chief Executive Officer of Churchill Downs, Inc., Bill Carstanjen, was quoted as saying in a press release that “We are truly thankful to all of the fans of the Kentucky Derby across the world who once again made this an outstanding and unforgettable event.” Jason Frakes, a reporter, contributed to this article.

How many people attended 2022 Derby?

At the Kentucky Derby in 2022, there were a total of 147,000 spectators.

Who called riders up?

The Paddock Judge will traditionally yell out “Riders Up!” in order to instruct the jockeys to saddle their horses in preparation for the race that is about to begin.

Who placed in the Kentucky Derby today?

Derby 148 Leaderboard

1 Rich Strike 21
2 Epicenter 164
3 Zandon 114
4 Simplification 74
5 Mo Donegal 112