How To Probate A Will In Kentucky?

How To Probate A Will In Kentucky
The first thing you need to do is find the actual copy of the dead person’s will. The second step is to submit a petition to the District Court judge using form AOC-805. This petition requests that the judge admit the will to probate and appoint an executor who will be responsible for administering and settling the deceased person’s assets.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate in Kentucky?

Which Estates Are Required to Go Through the Probate Process in Kentucky? In Kentucky, probate is often required for estates that have probate assets valued at more than $15,000. So, what kinds of assets fall under the purview of the probate process? In general, the probate process applies to any assets that are held solely in the name of a person.

Even having a will does not guarantee that an estate will be required to go through the probate process in order to be handled. The quantity of a person’s assets as well as the legal structure under which they are held influence whether or not probate is necessary. Realize that a will serves various purposes, including the following: You are allowed to appoint a guardian to care for your children if you have a will, you can describe funeral arrangements, and you can set up trusts for handicapped people to receive assets if you have a will.

What is the probate process in Kentucky?

However, even if you might have a will, there is no guarantee that possessing a will would be sufficient to keep your estate out of the probate system. What is important is the size of your estate, or how much it is worth, as well as the titling of each individual asset.

  1. What kinds of assets did the person who passed away own?
  2. Where can we find them exactly?
  3. What are the names on the titles of these assets? Are they owned only by one person or by many people jointly?
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How long do I have to file probate in Kentucky?

How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Probate Process in Kentucky? The length of time it takes to go through the probate process might change based on the size of the estate and the intricacy of the situation. In accordance with the provisions of Kentucky Revised Statute 395.190, the probate must be kept open for a period of at least six months.

Where do I file probate in Kentucky?

The Office of the Circuit Court Clerk in your county can supply you with the legal forms that are necessary to file a case that falls under the jurisdiction of the probate court.

What happens if a will is not filed?

Penalties for Failing to File a Will If you fail to file a will within the allotted amount of time specified by the state, you might face severe penalties. An executor, sometimes known as a personal representative, is obligated to act in the best interests of an estate’s inheritors.

  1. Even though failing to submit a will with the court is not in and of itself a criminal offense, a person who does so runs the risk of being sued in the majority of states by a third party who suffers financial loss as a result of the failure to file.
  2. For instance, the legislation in the state of Washington states that whomever “willfully neglected to register a will with the court” is accountable to any affected person for the losses that resulted from the violation of the law and must pay such damages in full.
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A criminal crime may be committed if the omission to file a will is accompanied with the intent to hide the existence of the will for the purpose of obtaining a financial advantage. For instance, your father made the decision to leave his whole fortune to one of his favorite charities, but he did not leave anything to you.