How To Fight A Speeding Ticket In Kentucky?

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket In Kentucky
You have various alternatives if you have been issued a traffic citation (sometimes known as a speeding ticket). Make a court appearance to challenge the accusations, either with or without the assistance of an attorney. You are required to show up in court on the date that is printed on the citation if you want to enter a plea of not guilty.

  • Submit an application to Drive Safe Louisville.
  • Please visit this link for further information.
  • Fill out an application to attend the Kentucky State Traffic School.
  • Please visit this link for further information.
  • Pay the fine for the traffic ticket in advance (if eligible).
  • Every branch of the Driver’s License Department accepts payments for traffic tickets, with the exception of the Downtown Branch.

(The Downtown Driver’s License Branch will provide you directions to the Hall of Justice so that you can submit a payment to the District Court directly.) To be able to make a payment, you are need to have the citation in your possession. Your initial court date is approaching, and payments need to be paid at least three (3) working days in advance of that day.

Payments can be made either by calling the District Criminal/Traffic Division at (502) 595-4428 or by dialing the toll-free number (866) 396-1751. You also have the option of making a payment in person at the District Criminal/Traffic Division, which is located in the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice at 600 W.

Jefferson St., and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. ePay is the website where one may make payments online. Use the worksheet that was provided to you by the police along with your speeding citation in order to paid for your ticket.

How much is a 20 over speeding ticket in Kentucky?

Speeding Offenses

Fine Court Costs
Speeding 20 mph Over Limit $40. KRS 189.394(1) $143
Speeding 21 mph Over Limit $43. KRS 189.394(1) $143
Speeding 22 mph Over Limit $46. KRS 189.394(1) $143
Speeding 23 mph Over Limit $49. KRS 189.394(1) $143

How many points is a speeding ticket in KY?

The Kentucky Point System allows for the identification of individuals who may have a pattern of driving recklessly. Under the Point System, a motorist begins with no points, but they can earn points for committing a variety of traffic violations. Within a period of two years, a driver’s right to operate a motor vehicle can be revoked if they have accumulated a total of 12 points (or 7 points if they are under the age of 18), regardless of age.

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Prior to the consideration of any potential suspension, individuals are have the option to consult with a hearing officer. After two (2) years have passed from the date of conviction, any points that were given out in accordance with the Kentucky Point System are null and void. On the other hand, the entry noting the conviction continues to be a part of the driver’s record for a period of five (5) years after the date on which the conviction was entered.

The Transportation Cabinet will hold a hearing regarding a driver’s privileges to operate a motor vehicle if the driver has accumulated twelve (12) points or more against them or seven (7) points if they are under the age of eighteen (18). Both of these thresholds apply to drivers who are older than eighteen (18) years old.

In the event that you do not show up for the hearing, you will have your driver’s license suspended for a period of six (6) months for the first such accumulation of twelve (12) points, one (1) year for the second such accumulation of twelve (12) points, and two (2) years for any subsequent accumulation of twelve (12) points within the two (2) year period.

These suspension periods increase in length for each additional accumulation of twelve (12) points. Following an administrative hearing, the department may decide to recommend to the Transportation Cabinet that the motorist be required to attend a driver improvement clinic (State Traffic School) and be placed on “probation” rather than having their license suspended.

After a driver has been placed on “probation” by the department, that driver will not be eligible for further consideration for probation until two years have passed since the conclusion of any previous probation period that was granted, regardless of whether or not the probation period was actually served.

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The following violations will result in the courts notifying the Division of Driver Licensing of the corresponding offense: ​​​​

Can I just pay my ticket and not go to court Kentucky?

The following are examples of non-moving violations: – Parking in a disabled place without permission is illegal. Interfering with or parking in violation of the law in front of a fire hydrant Parking in front of a meter whose time has run out Parking in a no-parking zone Fines and other punishments for traffic violations in Kentucky can vary widely depending on the nature of the infraction that was committed.

You have the option of paying your fine either online or in person at the court that serves the jurisdiction from where you were issued the ticket. You are required to make prompt payment of your fine, despite the fact that you may be dissatisfied with the amount that a Kentucky traffic ticket costs.

If you do not comply, a warrant for your arrest might be issued, and your driver’s license could be taken away from you. Remember that paying your ticket is the same as admitting guilt for your offence in the eyes of the law. It is feasible to challenge traffic citations issued in Kentucky; however, you will need to personally appear in court and make your case.

Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor in KY?

SPEEDING TICKETS IN KENTUCKY AND MOVING VIOLATIONS If the infraction happens while the vehicle is in motion, it is considered a moving violation. This includes going above the posted speed limit, running a stop sign or red light, driving recklessly, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI/DWI), racing, and attempting to elude a police.

  • The bulk of moving offences are considered to be infractions rather than felonies.
  • If you have accumulated 12 points within two years in Kentucky on your driver’s license, or if you are under the age of 18, you have accumulated 7 points within two years, your license might be suspended.
  • In the event of a future infraction, further and more severe sanctions will be imposed.
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These are also the offenses that trigger a significant increase in the premiums that you pay for auto insurance.

Can I lose my Licence for speeding?

If I go over the speed limit, will I lose my driving privileges? It is possible that you will lose your driving privileges for a period of up to 56 days if the speeding offense was very serious. In addition, if you get more than 12 points on your driver’s license, you will have your privilege to drive revoked.

How do I check points on my license Ky?

If you live in Kentucky and want to see how many points you currently have on your driver’s license, you may do so by visiting the website of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Due to the fact that you will need to pay for a copy of your driving record, checking your license points in Kentucky will cost you $3 in addition to a fee of $2.50 if you access the system online.

What is reckless driving in Kentucky?

What Kind of Driving Qualifies as Reckless Driving in the Bluegrass State? Driving recklessly in the state of Kentucky refers to, more or less, any action that might be seen as dangerous for, or as posing a risk to the safety of, anybody who is on the highways at the time. The following are some examples of violations of the legislation that are considered to fall under its purview:

  • Alternating lanes in an unsafe or needless manner.
  • When it’s not proper, you’re passing other automobiles.
  • Racing at a very slow pace
  • Following other cars at an unsafe distance (tailgating)
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit by at least 15 miles per hour

You can be prosecuted with violating this legislation if, while operating a motor vehicle, you engage in almost any behavior that demonstrates a general disregard for the safety of other road users.