How Safe Is Kentucky?

How Safe Is Kentucky
Overall, Kentucky is a highly secure state to live in. Both the rate of violent crime, which was recorded at 2.26 per 1,000 residents, and the rate of property crime, which was recorded at 21.29, are lower than the averages for the entire country. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that many of Kentucky’s individual cities fare well on our Safety Index.

  • This index evaluates the overall safety of a city based on crime rates and the proportional size of a community’s police force, and it ranks cities according to how safe they are overall.
  • Overall, thirteen cities in the state of Kentucky had safety ratings higher than 0.2, indicating that residents feel highly secure living there.

Let’s take a look at the five cities in Kentucky that scored 0.4 or higher on the scale. Somerset, located in Pulaski County, was given an excellent 1.08 out of a possible 5 point score for its overall safety, making it the safest city in all of Kentucky.

  • In 2017, there were just 23 documented cases of violent crime in the city.
  • A extremely high score of 0.73 on the Safety Index places Madisonville in the position of being Kentucky’s second safest city.
  • Both the rate of violent crime (1.55 per 1,000 residents) and the rate of property crime (15.18 per 1,000 residents) in the Western Coal Fields area community were lower than the norms for the state of Kentucky, which were already rather low.

In third place comes the city of Lawrenceburg, which has a population of 11,211 and reported just 9 cases of violent crime in 2017, at a rate of 0.8 cases per 1,000 residents. Additionally, the city’s rate of property crime is far lower than the average for the state.

  • Fort Thomas attained a violent crime rate of just 0.49 per 1,000 residents, which is the lowest in the state for eligible cities.
  • This places it at number four on the list (those with a population above 10,000).
  • In the metropolitan region that encompasses Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the city may be found on the bank of the Ohio River.

The nearby city of Erlanger, which is ranked fifth on the list of the safest places in Kentucky, has achieved almost as excellent crime rates, including a rate of violent crime that is less than half the average for the state of Kentucky. How Safe Is Kentucky

Is Kentucky a safe place to retire?

How Safe Is Kentucky How concerned people are and how much experience they have had with crime in Kentucky – According to the most recent study we’ve conducted on the state of safety in Kentucky, 78 percent of residents say the crime rate is on the rise. The findings of the study from the year before showed an increase of eight percentage points, making this the third-highest proportion in the whole country.

  1. On the other hand, only one percent of residents in Kentucky believe that the rate of crime is going down, which is the lowest proportion in the country.
  2. The individuals who participated in our poll in Kentucky had personal experiences that do not fully fit with that perspective.
  3. When compared to the findings of the survey conducted the previous year, Kentuckians reported having been victims of less violent crime and property crime year over year; yet, the percentage of gun violence they had witnessed increased from 3% to 7%.53% of residents in Kentucky had a positive perception of the safety of their state, which is below the national average of 55%.
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Image: SafeWise. Past 12 months equals the 12 months leading up to the survey.

Is it cheap to live in Kentucky?

The report titled “America’s 10 Cheapest States to Live” by CNBC ranks Kentucky as the tenth cheapest state to live in due to the state’s low cost of both doing business (ranked third) and living (ranked 10th). Additionally, the state received an excellent rating for having reasonable prices for retail customers.

Why do people move to Kentucky?

The top ten reasons people are relocating to Kentucky are as follows: A large number of individuals, including families, relocate to Kentucky each year for a variety of reasons. We have compiled a list of the most important reasons why people are migrating to Kentucky to give you an idea of why people are relocating to the state.

While it is not feasible to determine all of the reasons that people are moving to Kentucky, we have prepared a list of the most important ones. The cost of living is quite inexpensive in Kentucky. The cost of living in Kentucky is approximately 21 percent lower than the cost of living in any other state that has a cost of living index of 90.

In comparison to its neighbors, the cost of living in Kentucky, including that of housing, public transportation, utility services, and medical care, is lower. The cost of a home in this area is $145,230, which is significantly less than the national median of $231,200.

The price of a house in Kentucky is reasonable. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Bluegrass State is $601, while the cost of a studio unit is $536. A house with three bedrooms may be rented for $1,028 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment goes for $760 per month. Due to the fact that the median value of a property in Kentucky is $145,230, which is significantly cheaper than the average value of a home throughout the country, up to 65% of inhabitants in the state are homeowners.

The people of Kentucky are known for their warmth and hospitality. The people of Kentucky are known for their friendliness and generosity, and they are typically the first to offer assistance to those in need, whether it’s a total stranger carrying a gas can or an elderly person who needs their yard mowed.

It is not uncommon in the state to observe complete strangers taking off their hats in response to the sight of a surreal procession. You may find eateries serving foods grown locally in practically every city. The majority of food consumed in Kentucky is produced locally, as the state is dominated by farms.

You might also be surprised to learn that practically all restaurants offer dishes made using ingredients sourced from the immediate area. The next restaurant you visit should be your first stop if you want to try some of the regional specialties. You’re going to have a good time during all four seasons, including derby season.

Kentucky has a climate that is humid subtropical, therefore the weather there is often mild and moderate. The summers are nice and the winters are not too chilly, and there is plenty of sunshine and state experiences to be had during each of the four distinct seasons. Winters that are bitterly cold are unusual, and most winters bring just little rain.

The close proximity of Kentucky to other major cities in the area, such as Nashville, Cincinnati, and others The state’s business climate is significantly influenced by the state’s location in close proximity to large cities such as Nashville and Cincinnati.

In addition to that, it increases the number of work possibilities available to those living in the state. A stunning and distinctive physical characteristic may be found in Kentucky. Kentucky is a state that is immersed in scenic beauty and takes pleasure in its tranquil settings. The state is known for its moonshine, bourbon, bluegrass music, and acres upon acres of lovely farmland.

Participate in a wide variety of community celebrations and activities. The party scene in Kentucky is second to none. In addition, the state throws an endless number of events and festivals each year to get people in a festive mood. The following is a list of some of the most well-known festivals that take place in Kentucky.

  • Celebration of the Kentucky Derby Highland Renaissance Fair Lebowski Fest Great American Brass Band Festival MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest The St.
  • James Court Art Show International Bar-B-Q Festival WorldFest IdeaFestival MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest The Great American Brass Band Festival Three-Day Event in Kentucky Including the Garvin Gate Blues Festival, Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and Rolex Kentucky A trustworthy mover is essential to have by your side while you are moving house since the security of your stuff should be your first concern.
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Get familiar with the best moving firms in the state of Kentucky. The renowned Bourbon Trail that runs across Kentucky There is no better way to appreciate bourbon than to take a tour through the finest distilleries that the state of Kentucky has to offer.

  1. Entucky is responsible for producing 95% of the world’s supply of whiskey, much of which is produced in Bourbon County.
  2. The trail entails not only tasting the finest examples of brewed bourbon but also gaining an understanding of the background of each brand and how it is produced.
  3. The vast outdoors of Kentucky are truly spectacular.

The great outdoors and untamed adventure are what make Kentucky so special. On the undulating hills of the bluegrass, there are opportunities for horseback riding and hiking. Those looking for an adventure will find themselves surrounded by rocky formations and mountains.

What parts of Kentucky are safe?

2019’s Safest Cities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky –

Rank City Safety Index
1 Somerset 1.08
2 Madisonville 0.73
3 Lawrenceburg 0.5
4 Fort Thomas 0.43
5 Erlanger 0.4
6 Mount Washington 0.39
7 Independence 0.34
8 Elizabethtown 0.33
9 Hopkinsville 0.32
10 Henderson 0.3
11 Berea 0.3
12 Danville 0.3
13 Jeffersontown 0.29
14 Shepherdsville 0.19
15 Georgetown 0.15
16 Versailles 0.15
17 Glasgow 0.12
18 Nicholasville 0.09
19 Shelbyville 0.06
20 Bardstown 0.06
21 Ashland 0.06
22 Florence -0.05
23 Newport -0.07
24 Campbellsville -0.13
25 Covington -0.18
26 St. Matthews -0.18
27 Richmond -0.23
28 Radcliff -0.24
29 Paducah -0.25
30 Frankfort -0.26
31 Owensboro -0.27
32 Bowling Green -0.38
33 Lexington -0.4
34 Shively -0.41
35 Louisville Metro -0.81

Is it safe to walk in Louisville?

A recent report on crime in metropolitan areas found that Louisville, including its central business district, is one of the safest big cities in the United States. In point of fact, a survey that was conducted in November 2020 by WalletHub discovered that Louisville had a higher safety ranking than Nashville, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, St.

  • Louis, and even Lexington.
  • The safety of our neighborhoods is becoming less of a worry as more and more people are drawn back outside.
  • Even though we recognize that every major center has the problem of petty crime to some degree, romanticized tales of downtown do not accurately portray the day-to-day or nocturnal ambience that residents, families, and visitors often enjoy.

Simply said, the downtown area of Louisville does not have a higher rate of crime when compared to other regions of the city. It’s just not true. Look at it for yourself.

How safe is Memphis?

Statistics on Criminal Activity in Memphis – There are two primary types of criminal activity: violent crime and property crime. Homicide, rape, robbery, and assault/aggravated assault are the four types of crimes that fall under the category of violent crime.

Theft from property may be broken down into three categories: burglary, shoplifting, and stealing from motor vehicles. A city’s overall crime rate may be calculated by taking the entire number of crimes that were committed in the city and dividing that number by its total population. After then, the answer is increased by a factor of 100,000.

When calculating the overall crime rate for a city, it is helpful to break it down further into property crimes and violent crimes. The rate of overall criminal activity in Memphis is 237% greater than the average for the United States. The rate of violent crime in this area is 506% greater than the average for the rest of the United States, while the rate of property crime is 184% higher.

  • You may view the locations of incidents that have taken place in Memphis by using the map provided by Memphis Public Safety.
  • You may search for a certain period range, pick specific event kinds, and search by borders to observe activity in specific neighborhoods.
  • You can also search for specific incident types.

Simply enter an address, and then alter the choices on the map until you find what you’re searching for. You may also set up notifications on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis so that you are always up to date on when and where crimes are taking place in Memphis.

  1. The following is an overview of crime in Memphis in general: There is a one in twelve chance that someone may commit a crime against you.
  2. Total crime rate per 100,000: 8,030 There is a one in 53 chance that you may be the victim of a violent crime.
  3. Violent crime rate per 100,000: 1,901 There is a one in sixteen chance that you may be a victim of a property crime.

The rate of property crime per 100,000 people is 6,128.

How safe is Nashville?

According to the findings of a survey conducted by Wallet Hub, Nashville is the 80th safest city in the United States. Statistics such as the number of attacks that occur per capita, the quality of the roads, and the unemployment rate were included in the research, which included more than 180 communities. The study also analyzed the potential monetary and health consequences.