How Much Is A Picture With Santa At The Mall?

How Much Is A Picture With Santa At The Mall
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  1. When parents take their kids to see Santa Claus, they want their kids to have happy and exciting memories of the experience.
  2. Most likely, the experience will consist of waiting in lengthy lines, listening to children scream, and being upsold on incredibly costly photo packages.
  3. When word spread that the Cherry Hill Mall outside of Philadelphia intended to charge a minimum of $35 for anyone hoping to even see Santa Claus, the trend of greedy mall Santas reached a new high—or rather, a new low—earlier this season.

This was the lowest point in the history of the greedy mall Santa phenomenon. The shopping center reversed its stance after hearing the natural indignation expressed by parents and now allows anybody to have a sitdown with Santa for free. However, the mall will continue to charge between $35 and $50 for photographs of the encounter.

  • Even though we live in a time when individual photo prints can be acquired for a price of around ten cents each, this level of pricing is relatively standard for mall Santas.
  • In addition to this, the majority of shopping centers do not allow customers to take their own pictures with their smartphones or look down on those who do so.

On the frequently asked questions page for the entrepreneurial Santa who appears at the Mall of America, for example, visitors are told, “If you use any form of recording device (camera, phone, camcorder), a minimum purchase is required.” Perhaps the fact that businesses are cashing in on Santa shouldn’t be a surprise when you think about it.

Robert Thompson, a trustee professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, said to the Chicago Tribune in a report on skyrocketing Santa photo op costs that “Let’s remember, Santa is the patron saint of the commercialization of Christmas.” “He represents the idea of a bag bursting with presents.

On that level, it’s hard to get really worked up, because he’s always been tied up with moneymaking.” To some degree, this makes complete sense. “On that level, it’s hard to get really worked up, because he’s always been tied up with moneymaking.” And yet, Santa images are so ridiculously costly, and the sales pitch is directed straight at children, as well as the parents who will do everything to make their children happy, so it’s quite simple to feel angered by the examples of opportunistic pricing gouging that are shown below.

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A Mandatory, Non-Refundable Deposit of $10 Is Required to Make an Appointment with Santa Claus The Westchester, a Simon mall in White Plains, New York, is one of dozens of malls that allow families to make an appointment to meet with Santa Claus; however, the deposit of $10 is required to make the appointment and is not refundable.

A letter states that “this $10 will be put towards your purchase of a Santa picture package during your visit with Santa,” and also says that the money will be applied at the end of the session. You have the option to reschedule your appointment for an additional ten dollars if the time that was originally planned for you subsequently does not work for you.

  1. Those who are prepared to wait in line also have the opportunity to meet and take photos with Santa Claus outside of their regular appointment times.
  2. At some shopping centers, booking an appointment with Santa comes with an additional price of $3.95.
  3. Photos with Santa may be purchased for anywhere from $23 to $50 for standard packages at most shopping malls, including the Twelve Oaks Mall in Michigan and the Dolphin Mall in Miami, Florida.

Shoppers should anticipate paying between $23 and $25 for a simple package that includes a pair of 4×6 images and a card. On the other hand, a bundle that includes several photos and sizes, as well as photo CDs and digital downloads, costs around $50.

  1. The meet-and-greet with Santa at the Parkview Lounge at the Shops at Columbus Circle in Manhattan costs $45, and families leave with one photo and an email with a high-resolution image.
  2. The meet-and-greet takes place in Manhattan.
  3. 5 for a Photo with a Begging Santa Claus Recently, a beggar posing as Santa Claus set up business on the sidewalk outside of the main Macy’s store in Manhattan’s Herald Square.
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He requested passing customers for “tips” or “donations” in the amount of $5 to pose for a photo with them. According to an article published in the New York Post, “The rogue Santa claimed that other dressed beggars give costumed beggars such as himself a bad reputation.” The Paramus Park Mall in New Jersey, Tysons Galleria in the greater Washington, D.C.

area, and other shopping centers are enticing customers to save some money by pre-purchasing photo packages that normally cost upwards of $50. This is done in an effort to get families to book reservations with Santa and ensure that they will pony up money for photos that they may or may not ultimately want.

In addition, these shopping centers are offering families a discount of thirty percent off of any photos that they pre-purchase. The most expensive Santa photo package is available at Nordstrom for an astounding $87. Getting your picture taken with Santa costs at least $22 at certain Nordstrom locations, some of which are located in the Seattle region.

How much does it cost for a Santa?

When it comes to hiring a Santa Claus performance, it can be difficult to pin down an exact typical cost. However, we can give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay. Why? mostly due to the fact that there are so many different aspects in play, such as the area, the costume, the experience, and the location.

  • Let’s focus on the national average for the time being, which still encompasses a very wide range of values.
  • Depending on factors such as location, the kind of services provided, and the level of excellence, the hourly rate for a professional Santa can be anywhere from $150 to $300.
  • Obviously, that is not a definitive sum at all.

It is possible that you will strike it rich and locate a talent who is eager to make a contract with you. The high degree of realism provided by a real bearded Santa Claus typically results in a higher price for his services. You won’t just receive your money’s worth; you’ll get more than that.

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What is a mall Santa?

A male character would often find a job as Santa Claus at The Mall (or a department shop in older works) either for a part-time employment or as a last-minute substitution for the Christmas-themed episode of the show. This will typically take place during the holiday season.

Why do mall Santas wear white gloves?

How Much Is A Picture With Santa At The Mall As Ric says, Professional Santas like him have spent years mastering their skill. However, interacting with children offers a lurking risk: all it takes is one charge of molestation for a Santa’s image to be damaged forever. Because of this, they wear fluorescent gloves.

Santa performers have very little in the way of security,” he adds. “[T]hey are really vulnerable.” Credit: Ric Erwin Although neither Ric nor any of his buddies have been charged, he is now one of 600 professional Santas who have unionized to safeguard their commercial interests under The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas.6 Ric (left) has closets full of extremely costly Santa outfits (FORBS).

The organization offers its members a one-of-a-kind Santa insurance policy at a cost of 160 pounds per year. This policy protects members by giving them with legal help in the event that they are accused of abuse or molestation.6 Ric has been an integral part of the process of providing insurance for other Santas. How Much Is A Picture With Santa At The Mall

Where do mall Santas come from?

According to an article published in New England Today, the very first Santa Claus to appear in a department shop did so in Brockton, Massachusetts, in the year 1890. That particular year, a local shopkeeper by the name of James Edgar, better known to everyone as “Colonel Jim,” had a one-of-a-kind costume made for Santa, and he made an appearance in his shop.

How much is a Santa Coin worth?

Santa Coin Price Summaries As of right now, one Santa Coin is worth US$0.0000000005166, and its trading volume over the past 24 hours was $42. Over the past 24 hours, SANTA has had a loss of 0.96%. It is presently trading at a level that is 10.28% lower than its all-time high for the last seven days, which was $0.0000000005758, and 3.18% higher than its all-time low, which was $0.0000000005007.