How Much Does Kentucky Derby Jockey Winner Make?

How Much Does Kentucky Derby Jockey Winner Make
$186,000 At the Kentucky Derby, the winning jockey receives 10% of the total payout won by their horse. Sonny Leon’s jockey earned a total of $186,000 for his win this year.

How much does the Kentucky Derby winner get paid?

There is an incredible prize fund of $3 million to be won, and the winning horse will get a bonus of $1.86 million if it takes first place. Even though the horse is eventually declared the winner of the race, there are a number of people that contributed to the horse’s victory and will also get compensated for their work.

How much do horse racing jockeys make?

Earn Passive income brings in $8,600 a month for one 24-year-old, and he works “only 2 hours” every day. The 2019 Kentucky Derby was won by Country House, who was ridden by jockey Flavien Prat (who was dressed in yellow). Prat was awarded 10% of the total prizes, which equated to a payout of $186,000.

How much do jockeys get paid for winning the Triple Crown?

Jockeys can anticipate receiving 10 percent of the total prize money paid to the winner of a race for their participation on a winning ride. It should be clear why a Triple Crown victory might result in a significant boost in a jockey’s earnings, both in terms of prize money and sponsorships.

How much is the Kentucky Derby worth 2021?

This year marks the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby, which will be held at Churchill Downs on Saturday night. At 6:57 p.m. Eastern Time, the start of the 1-and-a-quarter-mile horserace that advertises itself as “the most thrilling two minutes in sports” is scheduled to take place.

  • Twenty horses and their jockeys will compete against one another not just for glory but also for a big monetary award.
  • Some of the horses that are expected to do well in the betting include Essential Quality, Known Agenda, and Rock Your World.
  • The payout for the 2021 Kentucky Derby will be worth $3 million, which is the same amount as the purse for the race in 2020, and it will be divided among the top five finishers.
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The winner of the competition will take home $1.86 million, which is more than sixty percent of the total prize pool. The winning rider receives ten percent of the total prize money for riding their horse to victory. However, they will not keep the entire sum of $186 000 for themselves.

  1. There is a charge of 25% that is paid to his agent, in addition to the customary tip of 5% that is given to the valet who assists him in preparing all of his gear for the race.
  2. Due to these expenses, the winning jockey will take home $55,800 less than the original payout of $130,200.
  3. After that, they are responsible for paying their taxes.

The jockeys that came in second and third place each earn a 5% share of their respective awards, which are $600,000 and $300,000, respectively. Additionally, they are responsible for paying agent and valet costs in the same proportion as the first-place finisher.

After taking into account taxes, their gains amount to $21,000 and $10,500 respectively. The horses who come in fourth and fifth place earn a total of $100,000 and $60,000 respectively, while the riders of those horses receive pre-tax paychecks of $7,00 and $4,200 respectively. The remaining finishers each take home a pitiful amount of prize money.

According to jockey agent Ron Anderson, who was interviewed by CNBC in 2010, their ride is only worth “a couple hundred dollars each.” Take a look at: Get to know the millennial who is now in their forties: a homeowner, struggling with debt, and approaching 40 years of age Don’t miss: How much money can top draft selections like Trevor Lawrence and others expect to make on their rookie contracts after the 2021 NFL Draft?