How Much Does A Kentucky Derby Racehorse Cost?

How Much Does A Kentucky Derby Racehorse Cost

How much is a Kentucky Derby winner horse worth?

The winner of the Kentucky Derby in 2022 will take home more than 60 percent of the entire payout, which comes to $1.86 million.

How do horses get picked for the Kentucky Derby?

The Way to the Kentucky Derby: Points on the Line – At the end of March, point values grow for the last time before reaching an even higher scale by doubling: The winner will receive 100 points.40 points will be awarded to the runner-up.20 points are awarded to the person who comes in third place.10 points are awarded to the person who comes in fourth place.

The last eight races, which begin in early April and go through the middle of the month, serve as the final preparation races for horses that are headed to the Kentucky Derby. On The First Saturday in May, these victors are frequently considered to be the “anticipated favorites.” Historically, horses that score at least 40 points tend to make it into the field for the Kentucky Derby.

Therefore, even finishing second in a race with 100 possible points has the ability to safely get a horse into the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby. The United Arab Emirates Derby, which takes place at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai and uses the same point scale as the races held in the United States, is one of the eight events that award one hundred points.

How much do Kentucky Derby horse owners make?

The overall prize for the year 2022 is set at $3 million, and the owner of the 3-year-old Thoroughbred that finishes first at Churchill Downs in Louisville will collect $1.86 million of that haul; and that’s only for one race.