How Much Do Jockeys Make In The Kentucky Derby?

How Much Do Jockeys Make In The Kentucky Derby
How Much Do Jockeys Make In The Kentucky Derby LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – MAY 01: During the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby, which took place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on May 1, 2021, Medina Spirit #8, which was ridden by jockey John Velazquez, led the field through the first turn.

Photograph by Sarah Stier, courtesy of Getty Images) The winner of the Kentucky Derby receives more than just a glistening gold trophy and a bouquet of roses for their efforts. It’s also a good little paycheck for the jockey of the winning horse, although it might not be precisely what some supporters have in mind when they think about how much they’ll get.

The winner of the Kentucky Derby this year will take home $1.86 million of the total prize pool of $3 million. This year’s event was conducted at Churchill Downs. resulting in the rider receiving somewhere about ten percent of the total prizes. Not bad for a day’s work: you get $186,000 in return.

  • Those revenues, however, are reduced to around $50,000 in take-home income after agency fees, valet, and taxes are deducted.
  • Which, although not insignificant in the grand scheme of things, is not nearly as much as one might imagine it to be considering the amount of money other sports personalities make.

The race known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” also has the jockey purses being distributed the quickest. Especially when one considers that even finishing in the top five might result in a rider receiving less than $10,000 in prize money. And this is before the Kentucky Derby increased the amount of money winners get from the 2019 value of $2 million to $3 million.

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Who is the richest jockey?


Rank Jockey Country
1 Yutaka Take Japan
2 Norihiro Yokoyama Japan
3 Masayoshi Ebina Japan
4 Yuichi Fukunaga Japan

Who makes the most money in horse racing?


Rank Horse Name Total $
1 Arrogate $17,422,600
2 Thunder Snow (IRE) $16,511,476
3 Gun Runner $15,988,500
4 California Chrome $14,752,650

What is the biggest prize money for a horse race?

The Saudi Cup only began in 2020 with a reward pool of $10 million, but the Riyadh event has rapidly surged forward to become the richest race in the world, with a prize pool in 2022 of a cool $30.5 million.1. Saudi Cup ($30.5m) – The Saudi Cup only began in 2020 with a prize fund of $10 million.

Do jockeys get a percentage of winnings?

Jockeys may make a significant amount of money through prize money, which is awarded to them if the horse they are riding comes in first, second, or third place in a race and they earn a portion of the purse. According to the Covington Reporter, the percentages a jockey earns for a thoroughbred race range from 5% for a second- or third-place finish to 10% for first place.

How much do horse trainers make Kentucky Derby?

According to, the annual salary of a horse trainer is typically somewhere about $37,000. According to, this figure might skyrocket to $200,000 or even higher if the trainer is responsible for the Triple Crown winner.

What is the weight limit for a jockey?

According to Bustle’s recommendations, then, the jockeys should not exceed 119 pounds in total body weight. Despite the absence of a height requirement, most jockeys have a stature that ranges from around 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 6 inches because to the weight limit.