How Much Do Jockeys Get Paid For Kentucky Derby?

How Much Do Jockeys Get Paid For Kentucky Derby
Prize Money for the Kentucky Derby in 2022 The horses in the field will compete for a total payout of $3 million in the Kentucky Derby in 2022, of which $1.86 million will be awarded to the stable of the horse who finishes in the winner’s circle with a bouquet of roses.

In the meanwhile, the jockey of the winning horse who successfully crosses the finish line first will be awarded 10% of the winner’s payout, which is equivalent to a payday of $186,000 before taxes and other considerations are taken into account. The winning horse and jockey will earn themselves an automatic bid at the Triple Crown, a designation that comes with much fanfare in the lead up to the two remaining races that make up the Triple Crown, which are the Belmont Stakes and The Preakness.

But there is more at stake than just big money, a gold trophy, and a garland of roses. According to, the following is a breakdown of the prize money that will be awarded at the Kentucky Derby: The first place prize is $1.86 million, of which the jockey will get 10%, or $186,000, of that total.

  • Second Place is worth $600,000, with the jockey receiving 5% of that amount, or $30,000.
  • The third place prize is $300,000, of which the jockey will receive 5%, or $15,000.
  • The jockey will receive $7,000 of the total prize money of $100,000 if they place fourth.
  • A total of $60,000 is awarded for fifth place, with the jockey receiving $4,000.

In addition to the significant sums of money that are at stake, the Kentucky Derby also attracts a large number of famous people and professional sportsmen every single year. Andy Lyons/Getty Images How Much Do Jockeys Get Paid For Kentucky Derby

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How much does a Kentucky Derby jockey earn?

At the Kentucky Derby, the winning jockey receives 10% of the total payout won by their horse. Sonny Leon’s jockey earned a total of $186,000 for his win this year.

How much does jockey make for Kentucky Derby 2022?

The prize money awarded to the winning jockey in the Kentucky Derby – In the event known as the Run for the Roses, the jockey who is able to successfully cross the finish line first will be awarded 10% of the winner’s money. A payment of $1.86 million to the winning horse would result in the rider receiving a share of $186,000 of that money.

  • Winners of the Kentucky Derby in 2021: Put Up Prize Funds Here 1 $1.86 million 2 $600,000 3 $300,000 4 $150,000 5 $90,000 — Alex Lieberman (@businessbarista) May 1, 2021 However, the jockey will not keep the full 186,000 dollars for himself.
  • They will share some of the money.
  • It is customary for the owner of the winning horse to hand over a fee of 25% to his or her agent as well as a tip of 5% to the valet who assisted the rider in preparing his or her equipment for the race.

Because taxes have to be paid on the wins as well, the amount that is actually taken home might be as low as half of that, which would be $50,000. The jockeys who came in second and third place each receive a 5% piece of the winnings, which comes to $600,000 and $300,000 respectively.