How Much Did The Winner Of The Kentucky Derby Get?

How Much Did The Winner Of The Kentucky Derby Get
What was the total amount of money that Rich Strike won at the Kentucky Derby in 2022? As the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike was awarded $1,860,000.00 of the total prize pool of $3,000,000.00. Rich Strike had only earned a total of $111,289 in his career prior to winning the first leg of the Triple Crown.

  1. Not bad for a horse who joined the Derby field the day before when Ethereal Road scratched, and for a horse that was claimed by owner Rick Dawson of RED TR-Racing following a $30,000 maiden-claiming event at Churchill Downs.
  2. Not bad at all.
  3. Rich Strike: At the 2022 Kentucky Derby, owner Rick Dawson was successful with his wagers on Eric Reed and Rich Strike.

“On what planet are we now?” Dawson spoke on his performance after the race on Saturday. “I feel like I have been catapulted someplace. I’m not sure. This defies all logic and reason. I went up on stage and spoke to my coach, and I asked him, “Are you sure this isn’t a dream?” Because there is no way that could be true.’ He gave me his word that everything is genuine.

How much is a Kentucky Derby horse winner worth?

Kentucky Derby 2022: Who Are The Favorites To Win?

The winning owner will take home more than half of the total purse of $3 million. The horse that finishes in second place receives $600,000, while the horse that comes in third receives $300,000, fourth place receives $150,000, and fifth place receives $90,000.

How much do Kentucky Derby race horses cost?

ROI May Be Worth It – It is possible, of course, to invest in a horse that ends up being successful. If a horse wins the Kentucky Derby, they may take home up to $1.86 million in prize money, which undoubtedly increases the horse’s value to potential purchasers.

  1. Fusaichi Pegasus set the record for the highest money ever paid for a racing horse when he was sold for a staggering $70 million shortly after winning the Kentucky Derby in the year 2000.
  2. The horse had a successful racing career after being acquired for $4 million and going on to win six different races.
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One of the benefits of purchasing a successful Thoroughbred is the addition to one’s breeding stock. According to, stud costs for a horse like Tapit can go up to a maximum of $300,000 every breeding cycle. Unfortunately for the people who own Fusaichi Pegasus, his stud costs have been reduced to $7,500 as of recently.

According to, Shareef Dancer sold for $40 million in 1983, making him the second-most expensive horse ever sold. In 2004, The Green Monkey sold for $16 million at auction, making him the most expensive horse ever sold. At a horse auction, that is the highest price that has ever been paid.

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