How Much Are The Horses In The Kentucky Derby Worth?

How Much Are The Horses In The Kentucky Derby Worth

How much is a racehorse worth?

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Purchase a Racehorse? – A racehorse is a horse that has been bred and is kept only for the purpose of competing in races. They have undergone specialized training and come from separate lines of ancestry that have a successful history on the racetrack.

  • Because of all of these factors working together, the value of these horses is far higher than that of a typical mount.
  • The cost of a racehorse can vary substantially based on a number of different circumstances; nevertheless, the typical cost of a racehorse is around $75,000.
  • This is the average cost of a racehorse.

There are numerous horses that sell for lower prices, while others get prices that are several times more. At the Keeneland Digital Sale, which took place in April of 2021 and was one of the greatest sales of racehorses ever held, some horses were purchased for prices of $150,000 or higher, and one horse even commanded a price of $210,000.

On the other hand, there were a handful that were purchased for a far lower amount than this one. There were four horses that were sold for an amount that was less than $10,000 apiece, with a filly selling for just $6,000 and a colt going for only $5,000 being the two animals who had the lowest prices.

When discussing the cost of racehorses, it is impossible to avoid talking about Fusaichi Pegasus, who holds the record for being the most costly racehorse in history as of this moment. This horse was acquired by Coolmore Ireland, a leading racehorse breeder, for an unbelievable price of $70 million after accumulating over $2 million in prize money throughout his illustrious racing career, which included a victory in the Kentucky Derby in the year 2000.

Although it was anticipated that Fusaichi Pegasus would go on to have a prosperous career as a stud, this did not turn out to be in the cards for him. In the beginning, his stud cost was set at $150,000, but it has since been reduced to a pitiful $7,500 before he was completely taken off the market as a stud.


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