How Many Roses Are In The Kentucky Derby Blanket?

How Many Roses Are In The Kentucky Derby Blanket
It has a length of 122 inches, a width of 22 inches, and weighs somewhere about 40 pounds. On one end of the lining is embroidered with the great seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, while on the other end is stitched with the event mark for Churchill Downs. The lining is composed of a deep green moiré bengaline. On the garland, there are almost 400 roses with the word “Freedom” written on them.

Where do the roses for the Kentucky Derby come from?

Kroger’s professional floral designers have been responsible for creating the “Garland of Roses” since 1987. This is the reward that is awarded to the winning thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby. The Middletown, Kentucky, Kroger store is the location where, on an annual basis, hundreds of people go to see the creation of one of the most famous flower arrangements in the world.

What is a freedom rose?

Freedom in Red Rose bushes produce a generous amount of flowers in a color that is unaffected by the sun’s rays. The roses, when they are in full bloom, extend their petals wide and literally blanket the shrub from late spring until September. Strong rose bushes can be trimmed down to a border height that is modest, or they can be let to grow to their maximum height of six feet tall, which is ideal for use as a floral hedge.