How Many People Are Homeless In Kentucky?

How Many People Are Homeless In Kentucky
According to the information provided by Continuums of Care to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development as of January 2020, the state of Kentucky has an estimated 4,011 people who were experiencing homelessness on any given day (HUD).277 of those were family units, 399 were veterans, 221 were unaccompanied young adults (ages 18-24), and 666 were people who had been homeless for an extended period of time.

According to statistics collected by public schools and submitted to the United States Department of Education during the 2018-2019 academic year, an estimated 24177 kids attending public schools in the United States were homeless at some point during the school year. Out of this total, there were 2664 students without a place to sleep, 2518 students staying in shelters, 966 students staying in hotels or motels, and 18029 students double up.

Utilize our interactive map to compare the homeless population statistics of Kentucky with those of other states, and filter the figures based on the data source. In addition, you can find links to state-specific contact information beneath the map. Please get in touch with the Continuum of Care in your community if you find yourself in a situation where you are homeless so that they can help you.

How many homeless people are there in Lexington Kentucky?

According to LexCount, the City of Lexington’s annual point-in-time census, the number of individuals who were identified as being homeless in Lexington decreased by 12.5% between the years 2019 and 2020.153 local volunteers spread out over 75 different parts of the county participated in this year’s count, which was required by federal authorities and took place on Wednesday, January 29.

We’ve made progress, but we know we still have work to do,” said Mayor Linda Gorton, who praised all of the volunteers who organized teams and went out into the community to count those who were without shelter. “We’ve made progress, but we know we still have work to do,” the mayor said. The crews discovered 31 persons living without shelter; aid was provided to all of them.

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The Count discovered that there are a total of 689 individuals in Lexington who are homeless, including 603 people who are residing in emergency shelters, 55 people who are residing in transitional housing, and 31 people who are living without shelter.

According to Polly Ruddick, who is the Director of the City’s Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention, the numbers, which provide a snapshot of those who are experiencing homelessness, show a decrease of 55.4% in overall homelessness since 2014, as well as a decrease of 66% in the number of people who are living without shelter since 2014.

“We use this data to assess trends, find gaps in financing, and gauge our overall influence on reducing homelessness,” said Ruddick. “We use this data to analyze trends, identify gaps in funding, and end homelessness.” None of the 31 persons without shelter were minors, although there was one veteran among them.

  1. In 2019, Lexington became the first city in the state to successfully eliminate veteran homelessness thanks in large part to the city’s specialized outreach initiatives for homeless veterans.
  2. The veteran who is discovered via LexCount will instantly receive the assistance necessary to rapidly find a house that is permanently theirs.

The Mayor’s Commission on Homelessness issued a report in 2014 recommending the establishment of the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention as a means of improving the coordination of Lexington’s system of services for the homeless. This recommendation led to the formation of the Office in 2014.

In addition to providing funding for LexCount, the Office has contributed to the establishment of Fayette County’s first Mental Health Court, the implementation of four new permanent housing programs, a ticket home program, an Intensive Street Outreach program, a payee program, and a local transportation program in partnership with LexTran, as well as numerous other initiatives.

In addition to this, the Office has been successful in securing unprecedented levels of funding from the federal government for housing projects in Fayette County. “This decline and continuing progress are possible because Lexington has an outstanding network of caring organizations and people who work every day to care for people who need help,” said Gorton.

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How can I help homeless Louisville Ky?

You’ve probably seen them carrying placards requesting money near busy intersections, and they may have even approached you in a fast food parking lot or in front of a convenience store. It’s possible that someone has advised you not to donate money to those who are homeless on the grounds that they could be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

  1. If you are interested in assisting those who make their home on the street, what steps should you take? The following are some recommendations made by those who advocate for the homeless: 1.
  2. If someone approaches you for money, get gift cards for nearby fast-food restaurants in the amount of $5 each and hand them out to the person.

Related Content: The guys of St. John Center are similar people elsewhere; we all pay a price if we don’t construct central homeless camps; I’m not frightened to check underpasses at night to help homeless people 2. Acquire bags with a capacity of a gallon or bags that can be reused for grocery shopping, and fill them with non-perishable food items and snacks like tiny water bottles, granola bars, packs of chips, and peanut butter crackers that you can give away.3.

Distribute drawstring bags or shopping bags that have been stocked with supplies such as flip-flops, flashlights, batteries, travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste, socks (ankle socks during warm weather), and flashlights.4. Give money or materials to groups that assist those who are living on the streets.

Tents, tarps, sleeping bags, sternos, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, clothes appropriate for the season, men’s pants, socks, and boots are some examples of the things that will be required.5. Consider volunteering with organizations that assist those who are homeless.

The following are some organizations that are looking for volunteers and donations: Donations can be sent to the Coalition for the Homeless either online at under the heading “how you can help” or by sending a check to 1300 S. Fourth Street, Suite 250, Louisville, Kentucky 40208. Fed with Faith accepts monetary donations through their website at, and they accept donations of supplies through their website at

You can phone 502-269-1027 or send an email to [email protected]. Donations can be sent to The Forgotten Louisville by PayPal at or by sending checks made out to The Forgotten Louisville to 911 Southview Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40214.

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To make a donation of materials, please use this link to access the organization’s Amazon Wish List: For further information on Burrito Riders, please contact [email protected]. Needs volunteers and supplies. Get in touch with John at: (502) 727-3308 Donations can be made to Keep Louisville Warm by bringing them to any L & N bank, sending them to 8411 Berea Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40228, or calling the organization at 502-835-4829.

Hip Hop Cares will accept donations of goods but not monetary contributions. You may make a donation by purchasing an item from the organization’s Amazon wish list, which can be found on its Facebook page at Donations can be dropped off for Street Reach at the Fern Creek United Methodist Church, which is located at 6727 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky 40291.

  1. Visit or to learn more about volunteering and giving to the organization My Dog Eats First, which assists homeless individuals who also have dogs.
  2. Donations can also be mailed to My Dog Eats First at the following address: 2640 Gleeson Lane, Suite 2D, Louisville, Kentucky 40299.

Exit 0, visit the website, and under the heading “ways to give,” either click on the link or mail your contribution to P.O. Box 1315, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130.

What city has most homeless?

1. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, California – The metropolitan region of Santa Cruz-Watsonville in California has the highest rate of homelessness in the United States. This area is located in the state of California. The homeless population per square mile in Santa Cruz-Watsonville is 825.9, which is five times greater than the homeless population per square mile in the United States.