How Expensive Is The Kentucky Derby?

How Expensive Is The Kentucky Derby
Depending on when in the year you purchase your tickets, a general admission pass to the Kentucky Derby in 2022 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky will set you back between $65 and $85. On November 19 of this year, tickets for this year’s event went on sale to the public.

What are the prices for the Kentucky Derby?

What are the ticket prices for the Kentucky Derby in 2022? – Attending the Kentucky Derby is not an outrageously pricey event; however, the cost of attendance may potentially escalate depending on the location of the seat. TicketSmarter reports that the prices for tickets to the Kentucky Derby may start anywhere from $80 to $110, with standing infield general admission seats being the most affordable choice.

  • Tickets for this event may be purchased for less than one hundred dollars.
  • Nevertheless, ticket costs can escalate to prohibitive levels very fast.
  • According to TicketSmarter, the average price of a ticket is $1,148, while the price of tickets on Millionaires Row can go as high as $6,000 or more.
  • According to Ticketmaster, the price of an infield general admission ticket is currently $80, dining hospitality seats can be purchased for any amount between $775 and $5,113, reserved and box seating tickets can be purchased for any amount between $507 and $6,000, and the price of reserved bleacher seats ranges from $318 to $3,222.75.

As of the 5th of May, the following table compares the cheapest and most expensive tickets for each location of the Kentucky Derby. The most expensive tickets are for the Millionaires Row and the Sky Terrace.

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Can you buy food at the Kentucky Derby?

The items of concession food that you have come to know and love over the years will be available. In addition, just as in the previous years, we will continue to provide you with new cuisine alternatives to sample. On our Kentucky-inspired menu, you’ll find a variety of regional delicacies along with one-of-a-kind products sourced from local boutique and artisanal producers.