How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky?

How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky
Mensen zoeken ook naar Paducah 53,74 km² Kentucky 104,659K km² Murray 30,24 km²

What is a white population in Mayfield Kentucky?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  16.2%
Female persons, percent  51.6%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  75.7%

What is Mayfield KY known for?

History may be found in plenty in the City of Mayfield, Kentucky, and dates back to the early 19th century. Mayfield has not only made it through wars and economic depressions, but it has also prospered through periods of economic growth. The city has developed into a significant manufacturing center throughout the course of its history, and it continues to produce a great deal of the merchandise that is traded within this neighborhood.

Since its inception, Mayfield has been home to a number of notable people, some of whom have gone on to become modern-day superstars and continue to take pride in the fact that they can still call Mayfield “Home.” The Meaning and History of the Name Over the course of approximately two hundred years, the town has amassed a significant amount of history.

In 1819, a man named John Anderson from Albermarle County, North Carolina, is credited as being the first known settler in Mayfield. On the site of what is now North 5th Street, Anderson constructed the first home in Mayfield. It was a log cabin. Willis Odom and James Ross, two of the earliest inhabitants in the town, both served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

  • During the Civil War, Graves County was an area that was designated neutral; nonetheless, the majority of the people who lived in Graves regarded themselves to be Confederates.
  • However, a significant number of men from Mayfield served as soldiers in the Federal Army and participated in the Battle of Shiloh.

Mayfield’s young men found work in large numbers during World War I as well. Just before he went off to fight in the war, one soldier named Marshall P. Helm penned a letter to his family in which he wished them well and said, “I hope you get along okay and live happy till I come back from kicking the Kaiser.” Sadly, this young guy, along with many others from Mayfield, had influenza when they were traveling to France and passed away while being treated in a hospital there after they arrived.

Lois Roach of Mayfield, Ohio, became the first female sheriff in the United States in 1922. She took over for her husband, who had been killed in the line of duty earlier that year. One of the earliest and one of the most successful of Mayfield’s economic pursuits was the tobacco trade. Once upon a time, the Mayfield Woolen Mills and the Merit Manufacturing Company, both of which were companies that made trousers and suits, were able to boast of being two of the largest manufacturers of their sort in the country.

Mayfield was used as a setting for several scenes in the movie “In Country,” which was released in 1988 and was adapted from a novel written by Bobbie Ann Mason of the same name. In addition to starring Bruce Willis and Emily Lloyd, the film also includes a number of other Mayfield sites, including the courthouse and the downtown area.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld had a BBQ sandwich in Mayfield on one of his travels.
  2. As a result of Bruce Willis’s advice, he went ahead and did it.
  3. In 2009, a citizen of Graves County named Kevin Skinner competed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.
  4. This gave Mayfield the opportunity to be featured on the show (and future winner).

When the show depicted Skinner’s hometown, viewers got a good look at a number of the city’s most recognizable monuments.

What major city is near Mayfield Kentucky?

Mayfield is a city and the county seat of Graves County in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It is located around 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Kentucky Lake and 25 kilometers (16 miles) south of Paducah.

Is Mayfield Kentucky rebuilding?

How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky It has been six months since a fatal tornado ripped through the downtown area of Mayfield, Kentucky, leaving at least 74 people dead and at least a thousand houses damaged or destroyed. The citizens of Mayfield, Kentucky, are still working to restore their community following the tornado.

The construction of one hundred brand-new homes in the region has already begun thanks to the efforts of volunteers working with the nonprofit organization Homes and Hope. These volunteers have already begun laying the foundations for the homes, and they will use lumber that is more resistant to wind and be built with special clips that prevent the roof from coming loose.

The citizens of the community are currently engaged in the laborious task of reconstructing their homes and businesses. TODAY Jeremiah Barker, a local resident, reflected on what it was like when the storm wrecked his home and described the events that transpired.

  1. Before the tornado “got lifted” everyone in the home, he claimed to have heard what sounded like “beams popping.” After a beam reached within a few centimeters of his face, Barker stated that he was helpless and could only pray.
  2. When Kiana Parsons-Perez and a few dozen other employees were trapped inside a candle factory on the night of the tornardo, she was able to see the whole scope of the storm.
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Even though being stuck there was one of the “most terrible” things that Parsons-Perez has ever experienced in her life, she claims that she is “fortunate” to still be alive. She livestreamed the horrifying event on Facebook, and she added that she is “blessed” to still be alive.

  • She expressed her thoughts by saying, “That event simply truly let me know how brief life is.” “As a result, I don’t want to lead a life full with regrets,” I said.
  • The candle factory, which was destroyed by the storm, has now reopened under new management in a different building.
  • It is impossible to recognize the once-bustling downtown district of Mayfield at this point.

According to Mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan of Mayfield, it “felt like you were driving through tunnels of rubble” during the storm. Before you can begin the rebuilding process, you need to be sure that everything has been taken away. Everyone, even O’Nan, is being asked to have patience.

  1. She has high expectations that the neighborhood will once again be populated with businesses, but she is unsure of how many store proprietors are willing to reopen their establishments.
  2. The owner of Carr’s Barn BBQ, Susan Flint, was forced to take out a second mortgage in order to restore her family-owned business, which had been in operation for the previous 75 years.

She spoke through her tears as she explained that it is essential for her to restore Carr’s Barn BBQ since the establishment holds a significant place in the hearts of its customers. She stated, “I get the feeling that the community needs us just as much as we need them.” “You should know that all of these folks are a part of my family. How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky

What brand of candles were made in Mayfield Kentucky?

Mayfield Consumer Products

Type Family owned
Industry Consumer products
Founded 1998
Founder Mary Propes
Area served Kentucky
Key people Troy Propes (CEO)
Products Candle-based products, fragrances
Owner Troy Propes
Number of employees 245 (2018)

Mayfield Consumer Products is a family-owned business that was established in the year 1998 and has its headquarters in Mayfield, Kentucky. It is a manufacturer of branded candles and other items for the home fragrance industry. A tornado ripped into a candle factory in Mayfield on December 10, 2021, causing its destruction and the deaths of eight people in addition to countless injuries.

Is Mayfield Kentucky near Louisville?

When traveling in a northeasterly direction from Mayfield to Louisville, the distance is 189.17 miles, and when traveling by automobile along the Western Kentucky Parkway, the distance is 227 miles (365.32 kilometers). If you drive without stopping, the distance between Mayfield and Louisville is 4 hours and 52 minutes.

Is Mayfield Kentucky Republican?

Donna Mayfield
Member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from the 73rd district
In office 2011–Present
Preceded by Don Pasley
Personal details
Born July 18, 1955 (age 67) Lexington, Kentucky
Political party Republican
Spouse Bob Mayfield
Residence Winchester, Kentucky
Alma mater Lexington Community College
Occupation Administrative Officer, United States Marshals Service, Ret.

Donna Mayfield is a Republican serving as the Kentucky State Representative for Kentucky House District 73, which includes Clark and Madison Counties. She was born on July 18, 1955. She made history by being the first woman ever elected to represent Clark County in the Kentucky General Assembly.

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Is Mayfield Kentucky a good place to retire?

Mayfield – CITY POPULATION: 16,263 SHARE OF POPULATION 65+: 16.1% COST OF LIVING FOR RETIREES: 12% lower than the average cost of living throughout the nation ANNUAL INCOME SPENT BY EACH INDIVIDUAL IN THE POPULATION: $43,980 TAX RATING FOR RETIREES: Tax Friendly Mayfield is one of the greatest cities in Kentucky to retire to since it has the atmosphere of a small town and is very inexpensive.

Where is Mayfield Kentucky in the state?

Mayfield, Kentucky is a tiny town that serves as the county seat of Graves County. It is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Kentucky. The bigger Kentucky communities of Murray and Paducah are located nearby to the east and north, respectively.

  1. It is located 324 miles to the southwest of Cincinnati and 134 miles to the north of Nashville.
  2. According to the results of the 2020 census, Mayfield is home to little more than 10,000 people.
  3. The destruction caused by the tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky is seen in this aerial film.
  4. The destruction caused by a tornado that swept across Kentucky can be seen in aerial footage captured by a drone in Graves County.

Wochit, USA TODAY, and Beshear stated that there were more than one hundred employees working at a candle production business at the time of the storm, and that a collapse at the facility resulted in “mass deaths.” During a news conference held early on Saturday morning, Beshear stated, “I think the largest loss of life in this tornado event is and will be there, and it may wind up being the largest loss of life in any tornado event in a single area in the history of the state.” How Big Is Mayfield Kentucky

When was the tornado in Mayfield Kentucky?

MAYFIELD, Ky. — On December 10, 2021, tornadoes wreaked havoc over western Kentucky. This date corresponds to exactly six months ago. In total, 81 individuals lost their lives, while those who survived are continuing their efforts and are resolute in their commitment to rebuild. Mayfield, a very tiny town, was one of the regions that was severely affected.

When was Mayfield Kentucky established?

Mayfield, Kentucky
Established 1824
Incorporated 1846
Named for Mayfield Creek

What is Maysville Ky known for?

Maysville, Kentucky
Maysville, Kentucky, skyline showing the Mason County Courthouse, and the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge which spans the Ohio River,
Location of Maysville in Mason County, Kentucky.
Coordinates: 38°38′38″N 83°46′33″W  /  38.64389°N 83.77583°W Coordinates : 38°38′38″N 83°46′33″W  /  38.64389°N 83.77583°W
Country United States
State Kentucky
County Mason
• Mayor Debra L Cotterill
• Total 21.35 sq mi (55.30 km 2 )
• Land 18.97 sq mi (49.14 km 2 )
• Water 2.38 sq mi (6.16 km 2 )
Elevation 541 ft (165 m)
Population ( 2020 )
• Total 8,873
• Density 467.64/sq mi (180.56/km 2 )
Time zone UTC-5 ( Eastern (EST) )
• Summer ( DST ) UTC-4 (EDT)
ZIP code 41056,41096
Area code 606
FIPS code 21-51024
GNIS feature ID 0517025
Website www,cityofmaysville,com

Maysville is the county seat of Mason County, as well as a home rule-class city in Kentucky, United States. Maysville is located in Mason County. As of the year 2019, the population was 8,782, placing it as the 51st biggest city in Kentucky when ranked by population.

  • Maysville is located 66 miles (106 kilometers) to the northeast of Lexington, on the Ohio River.
  • It is the primary city in the Maysville Micropolitan Statistical Area, which consists of Mason and Lewis counties as well as the city itself.
  • From Maysville to Aberdeen, Ohio, there are two bridges that straddle the Ohio River: the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge, which was constructed in 1931, and the William H.

Harsha Bridge, which was constructed in 2001. Maysville, which is located on the outskirts of the Bluegrass Region, holds a significant historical significance in the state of Kentucky. Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone, two stalwarts of the American frontier, are counted among the city’s founders.

In later years, Maysville developed into an important port for the northeastern half of the state, located on the Ohio River. It was a major exporter of bourbon whiskey, as well as hemp and tobacco, the latter two of which were mostly produced by African American slaves prior to the Civil War. It previously served as a major manufacturing hub for wrought iron, and its products were used to embellish the architecture of cities such as Cincinnati, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

In its early years, Maysville was home to a number of other small factories, and manufacturing continues to play an important role in the current economy. Maysville, Kentucky, was for the better part of the 20th century the site of one of the largest tobacco auction warehouses in the world.

  • This was made possible by Henry Means Walker, who oversaw the operation.
  • Maysville was a significant stopping point on the Underground Railroad because to its proximity to the free state of Ohio, which was only across the river.
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe, a prominent abolitionist novelist, traveled to the region in 1833 and witnessed a slave sale while she was there.
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The auction took place in front of the court building in Washington, the former county seat, which is now located in Maysville’s historic district. She incorporated the scenario in her groundbreaking novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was first released in 1852.

What is the racial makeup of Mayfield Kentucky?

Population Broken Down by Race –

Race Population Percentage
White 7,437 75.71%
Black or African American 1,199 12.21%
Asian 47 0.48%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 38 0.39%
Some Other Race 576 5.86%
Two or More Races 526 5.35%

How many died in Mayfield KY Tornado?

The following is a list of local organizations that are helping out. – Because there is a “critical need” for supplies in Tennessee and Kentucky, Blood Assurance, which collects blood donations throughout its facilities in the South, is requesting people to book appointments in order to meet what they call a “urgent demand.” The Bowling Green Fire Department is looking for anyone in the surrounding region of Bowling Green, Kentucky, to donate their time to assist with the recovery operations.

Your name, contact information, and the sort of assistance you can give should be included in a message that you send to the department’s Facebook page. The Brother’s Brother Foundation, which is located in Pittsburgh and works to aid victims of natural disasters, is now collecting monetary contributions in order to offer aid to food banks in the states of Arkansas and Kentucky.

Additionally, it is delivering supplies to victims as well as emergency personnel in the impacted areas. The Kentucky Baptist Convention, which is an organization of Baptist congregations, is now doing a fund-raising effort to assist its teams who are currently operating in devastated parts of the state.

  • A clothing business in Lexington called Kentucky Branded is going to give all of the money it makes from selling its “Pray for Kentucky” T-shirt to towns in Kentucky that have been impacted by the recent tornadoes.
  • The cost of the shirt is $20.
  • Volunteers who are interested in helping are encouraged to contact the Kentucky State Police in Mayfield at (270) 331-1979.

Donations can be mailed in to the Taylor County Bank in Campbellsville, Kentucky, which is contributing to a fund for storm victims. The Post Office Box 200 in Campbellsville, Kentucky, 42719 is its postal address. Donations are being accepted for the victims of the tornado that hit western Kentucky through the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund, which was established by Governor Andy Beshear.

What is Benton Kentucky known for?

Culture – On the fourth Sunday of every May, shape note singers get together at Benton to sing from a tunebook called The Southern Harmony. This event, which has been going on continuously in the United States since 1884 and is known as The Big Singing or Big Singing Day, is the oldest Southern Harmony singing that has been going on.

How many people live in Mayfield East Sussex?

Mayfield and Five Ashes
Mayfield and Five Ashes Location within East Sussex
Area 42.4 km 2 (16.4 sq mi)
Population 3,718 (Parish-2011)
Density 218/sq mi (84/km 2 )