Why Was Ethereal Road Scratched From The Kentucky Derby?

Why Was Ethereal Road Scratched From The Kentucky Derby
Ethereal Road was the first horse to withdraw from the Kentucky Derby. The horse was in the 20th post position and is trained by D. Wayne Lukas, who is a trainer who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The horse had entered the race at the eleventh hour when Un Ojo had been disqualified due to a desertion.

What happened to Ethereal Road in the Kentucky Derby?

Officials from Churchill Downs stated early Friday morning that Ethereal Road will not be running in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. This decision makes room for Rich Strike to compete in the race. According to the Daily Racing Form, trainer D. Wayne Lukas made the decision to withdraw Ethereal Road from the Kentucky Derby when the horse was given the post position of No.20.

After this, Rich Strike will be starting from the twenty-first position in the gate. Four horses that have a chance to win the Kentucky Derby in 2022 favored If Lukas had started Zandon Ethereal Road, a son of Quality Road, in the Derby, it would have given him his 50th all-time starter in the race. He has won the Kentucky Derby four times, the most recent occasion being in 1999 with Charismatic.

Ethereal Road has raced seven times in his career and has a record of 1-1-1 with a best performance of fourth place coming in the Grade 3 Lexington on April 16 at Keeneland. The horse Rich Strike will be trainer Eric Reed’s first entry at the Kentucky Derby.

Rich Strike, a son of Keen Ice, has a record of 1-0-3 in his seven career appearances and placed third in the Grade 3 race he ran most recently. On April 2nd, Jeff Ruby Steaks will be held at Turfway Park. Reed expressed his thoughts about the strategy for moving up from the No.20 position by saying, “Get a solid break and work over to the inside.” “Start picking them up halfway down the backstretch, then pass them all before the finish line,” the announcer said.

In addition to Rich Strike, who was previously placed on the also-eligible list for the Kentucky Derby, Rattle N Roll has also been removed from contention for the race. Post positions and odds for each horse in the field for the Kentucky Derby 2022 This article will be updated in the near future.

What were the odds on ethereal road?

NEW YORK – As a result of two withdrawals made a day before the post-position draw, the number of horses expected to compete in the Belmont Stakes has been cut down to eight. On Saturday, the third and final leg of the Triple Crown will take place, but neither Ethereal Road nor Howling Time will compete in it.

  1. Instead, Rich Strike, who won the Kentucky Derby, will take center stage.
  2. Trainer D.
  3. Wayne Lukas, who is in the Hall of Fame, said on Monday that Ethereal Road will not be competing because he has a quarter crack in one of his hooves.
  4. On May 21, Ethereal Road triumphed in the $100,000 Sir Barton Stakes that was run as part of the Preakness undercard.

This victory came about as a result of Ethereal Road’s decision to skip the Kentucky Derby, which prepared the door for Rich Strike’s unexpected victory at odds of 80-1. According to Howling Time’s trainer, Dale Romans, the thoroughbred will remain in Louisville and participate in a race at Churchill Downs on Saturday rather of traveling to Belmont Park.

  1. Rich Strike’s owner, Rick Dawson, cited the necessity for further rest when he decided not to enter the horse in the Preakness Stakes, which took place two weeks following the Kentucky Derby.
  2. Rich Strike has been present at the track in New York since the previous week with the intention of aiming for the 1 1/2-mile Belmont race.

The horse who finished third in the Preakness, Creative Minister, as well as the horse that finished fifth in the Preakness, Skippylongstocking, are still scheduled to race in the Belmont. The trainer and owner of the horse that won the Preakness, Early Voting, did not give any thought to entering the colt in the Belmont Stakes.

  1. Along with Rich Strike, returning from the Kentucky Derby are Mo Donegal, who finished in fifth place, and Barber Road, who finished in sixth place.
  2. This year, there will not be a single horse competing in all three legs of the Triple Crown.
  3. Nest, trained by Todd Pletcher, was the favorite for the Kentucky Oaks but ended up finishing second behind Secret Oath.
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We the People and Golden Glider, both of which competed in the Peter Pan Stakes at Belmont Park on June 14, finished first and second, respectively. These three fillies are also expected to be in the field.

Why was the horse scratched?

When horses are lame, they get their legs scraped. – If a horse is entered in a race but is later determined to be unable to compete, the horse must be eliminated, sometimes known as “scratched,” from the event. The most prevalent cause of scratching is when a horse exhibits symptoms of lameness or is otherwise in an unsound state.

What horse replaced ethereal road?

Rich Strike, owned by Eric Reed and trained by Sonny Leon, will break from post position 20 under the guidance of jockey Sonny Leon. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The 148th running of the Kentucky Derby will not include Ethereal Road after the horse’s withdrawal from the race, as stated by Kentucky Derby authorities.

Why did Rich Strike bite the other horse?

The conclusion of the Kentucky Derby in 2022 was a hectic one, and I mean that in more ways than one. The high-speed race, which was run right up to the finish line, was decided by a single point. However, coming down the home stretch, the 80-1 longshot Rich Strike earned one of the most unlikely victories in the history of the Kentucky Derby by defeating the favorites Zandon and Epicenter by a margin of less than a length.

Horses that have a good chance of winning both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes MORE. The activity, however, did not come to an end at that point. After the race, when outrider Greg Blasi came over to try to calm Rich Strike down, he had not yet had a chance to calm down completely. Churchill Downs spectators watched as Blasi and his pony were repeatedly bitten by the horse, which refused to cooperate and remained out of control throughout the race.

pic.twitter.com/O5dNxH9LPB — HoopyHoops (@HoopyHoops) May 7, 2022 Due to the fact that an occurrence of this nature isn’t exactly typical on the Kentucky Derby stage, a lot of attention was naturally drawn to it when it occurred. Although some witnesses concentrated their attention on Blasi’s behavior, the vast majority of people there had a single question on their thoughts.

Why did Rich Strike attempt to bite the pony’s rider as well as the pony itself? MORE: Where the victory of Rich Strike sits among the most shocking in the history of the Kentucky Derby Caton Bredar, an on-air host for the horse racing television network TVG, was the subject of a conversation with Aaron Mudd of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

They discussed the biting incident involving Rich Strike. Her analysis led her to the conclusion that the horse exhibited behavior characteristic of a dominant male horse. Rich Strike is a stallion with a very difficult pedigree, which Bredar believed had a significant role in explaining the horse’s conduct.

She referred to Rich Strike’s conduct as “usually studdish,” which is horse lingo for aggressive male horse behavior such as nipping and herding mares, who are female horses. She described Rich Strike’s outburst as being “typical.” In the same vein, a mare is said to be acting “mareish” when she is tense, easily startled, and difficult to control.

Bredar did not place blame for the occurrence on either Blasi or Sonny Leon, who was Rich Strike’s jockey. Mudd writes that Bredar “made a point of saying she did not want to blame the jockey.” Although she admitted that possibly a more experienced rider could have helped minimize the situation, which Leon was unable to accomplish, Bredar “made a point of saying she did not want to blame the jockey.” MORE: Can you tell me about Sonny Leon? Get to know the rising star who will ride Rich Strike.

  • It would appear that Rich Strike is simply an aggressive horse given this information.
  • It’s possible that this offers him a competitive advantage in his races.
  • In any case, he was able to pull off a major upset and endear himself to racing fans all around the world by winning an implausible race.
  • As they attempt to extend their Cinderella run, he and Leon will now focus their attention on the Preakness Stakes, the second race in the Triple Crown.
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After that race, we’ll soon find out whether or not Rich Strike has difficulties calming down.

Why is Un Ojo not in the derby?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Un Ojo, a one-eyed horse bred in New York, suffered a devastating setback on the morning of the Kentucky Derby entry deadline when it was announced that he would not be running in the race because he emerged from his final workout with a wounded hoof. The problem, according to the trainer Ricky Courville, was rather small but occurred at an inconvenient time.

Who owns Ojo horse?

Courville and Diodoro are both under the tutelage of Cypress Creek Equine, which is also a co-owner of Un Ojo. While Diodoro maintains a division at Churchill and will have around 12 horses competing at Saratoga this summer, Courville maintains its headquarters at Copper Crowne, a training facility located in Opelousas, Louisiana. New York is where Un Ojo was born and raised.

Why was ethereal road horse scratched?

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Ethereal Road is the first horse to withdraw from the Kentucky Derby. The horse was in the 20th post position and is trained by D. Wayne Lukas, who is a trainer who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The horse had entered the race at the eleventh hour when Un Ojo had been disqualified due to a desertion.

Is ethereal road running in the Kentucky Derby 2022?

Ethereal Road will run in both the Kentucky Derby and the Oaks on May 6 and 7, 2022.

What does Rick Dawson do for a living?

Office of Restoration and Damage Assessment United States Department of the Interior 1849 C Street NW, Room 3552 MS-3548 MIB Washington, District of Columbia 20240 Telephone: (202) 208-6528 Facsimile: (202) 208-2681 Email: richard [email protected] Address: 1849 C Street NW, Room 3552 MS-3548 MIB Note that Rick is the point of contact for the Restoration Program for all situations needing any guidance relating to policy wherever in the country, and he also oversees the Work Group.

What happened to Calumet Farms?

When it was sold on Thursday to a new trust, the historically significant horse farm in Calumet brought in almost $50,000 per acre. The Herald-Leader Historic Calumet Farm has been sold for between $36 and $40 million to a new trust called the Calumet Investment Group.

  • The company plans to lease the property to Thoroughbred horseman Brad Kelley, whose horse Optimizer will be competing in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.
  • Charles Middleton, a Louisville attorney for the new trust and its trustee, said that Kennelot Stables, which is run by the de Kwiatkowski Trust, inked the contract Thursday afternoon to sell the famed Lexington farm.

Kennelot Stables is owned by the de Kwiatkowski Trust. Bud Greely, a representative for the de Kwiatkowski trust, stated that the asking price for the 800 acre property with white fencing along Versailles Road was around $50,000 per acre. The property is located between New Circle Road and Keeneland.

In light of this information, the asking price for the farm, barns, upgrades, name, and perhaps silks might be closer to $40 million. The agreement does not include the purchase of any horses, including the stallions Ice Box and Cactus Ridge. According to what Middleton claimed, the investors, who were not identified nor numbered, “intend to continue to preserve everything the way it is.” In all seriousness, I believe that having ownership of Calumet Farm is a gem.

Middleton added that Kelley, who is 54 years old, intends to continue managing it privately and “in Calumet’s rich Thoroughbred heritage.” Up until the 15th of July, a transition time has been allotted for the development of an operational plan. According to what he indicated, there are no strategies in place to develop any portion of the property.

In addition, Kelley is the owner of Hurricane Hall in Lexington; nevertheless, he competes under the moniker Bluegrass Hall and wears silks that are black and orange. According to Middleton, no decision has been made on whether or not Kelley would attempt to bring back Calumet’s famed devil-red and blue silks.

In order for this to happen, it would first need to be approved by The Jockey Club, according to Middleton. The previous month, residents of the Bluegrass began spreading rumors of an impending sale; however, no one would confirm any information. Greely stated on Thursday that he began negotiations for a settlement before the end of February but was unable to discuss publicly until today.

  • Until the signature is on the contract and the money is in the bank, you just never know,” Greely added.
  • You just never know.” Greely stated that because of the private nature of the transaction, he is unable to disclose how many persons might potentially be engaged in the ownership of the business.
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“I have every faith that the new buyer of your land would invest a significant amount of money into it. I believe that everyone is going to be quite happy with the outcome, “Greely stated. He stated that the de Kwiatkowski heirs made the decision to sell due to the fact that they are spread out over different continents.

Although Calumet is doing well, even acquiring stallions in the past year, it has been challenging for the family to maintain the same level of passion in the business after the passing of Henryk de Kwiatkowski, who was the driving force behind the operation. In 1992, Henryk de Kwiatkowski paid $17.175 million to buy Calumet out of bankruptcy auction.

He pledged that the land would be protected from development indefinitely after making the purchase. Mismanagement and the unexplained passing of star stallion Alydar led to the farm’s financial demise, making it one of the most legendary in the history of Thoroughbred racing and breeding.

  1. Its horses had won the Kentucky Derby eight times and the Triple Crown twice.
  2. The transaction that took place on Thursday marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Calumet.
  3. Elley, who is expected to take over operation if not complete ownership, is seen as somewhat of a pleasant mystery by most people.

He was born in Franklin, which is located in Simpson County, and he started the discount tobacco firm Commonwealth Brands. The company produced well-known brands, such as Bull Durham, and he reportedly sold it for one billion dollars in the year 2001.

  1. In spite of the fact that he resides close to Nashville, he is now one of the top 10 largest private landowners in the United States since he owns 1.7 million acres of property in New Mexico, Florida, and Texas combined.
  2. His personal wealth is estimated to be more than $1.7 billion at this time.
  3. He is responsible for the care of several endangered species, including black rhinos, white rhinos, and other unique creatures.

In addition, he is the owner of almost 400 acres on Versailles Road and along Parkers Mill, which are located directly across from Calumet. It appears that he is unwilling to submit himself to any form of public examination. Kelley used to own 11 percent of Churchill Downs, but after the racetrack company bought Fair Grounds, which already had slot machines, he convinced the board to buy back enough of his shares so that he would not have to go through the necessary vetting process for a gaming license.