Who Is Tracy Kentucky Socialite?

Who Is Tracy Kentucky Socialite
Who Is Tracy Kentucky Socialite Tracy and her family are not concerned about the cost of the right dress, but they are anxious about whether or not they will discover an option that satisfies everyone’s preferences. Date first published: July 25, 2020 at 17:00 PDT Tracy (TLC) Tracy, a native of Kentucky and socialite her whole life, has spent her entire life in the public eye.

  • Tracy, who came from an affluent family, met the man she would spend the rest of her life with, Ben, after they were introduced by a group of common acquaintances.
  • Tracy was eager to point out that Ben came from a wealthy family as well, and she went on to say that their wedding was going to be just like a royal wedding in Kentucky.

Tracy’s parents were eager to emphasize that the wedding was going to be a huge deal, and they did so while dropping hints that they were Kentucky’s Royal family. Ben and Tracy’s wedding was going to be attended by more than a thousand people, and it was going to take place at a castle with horses in a gorgeous setting.

  • Because there were going to be so many guests at the wedding, Tracy had no choice but to look for a dress that would attract attention and be unlike anything that any of the guests had ever seen before.
  • ADVERTISEMENT She was able to rely on her family for support, and they were quick to point out that there is no upper limit on the budgeted amount.

Tracy has made it quite plain that she will not care about the cost of the dress if she finds one that gives her the feeling of being a bride. Tracy let it slip to Randy Fenoli that she had her heart set on a dress with a lot of glitter. The very first dress that Randy selected was precisely what Tracy was looking for, but it did not come cheap at a price of $32,600.

Because she liked the way it looked on her, Tracy made the decision to present it to the rest of the family. They undoubtedly fell in love with it the moment they laid eyes on it. Tracy, however, did not believe that the dress was the right one for her since she felt that it was too heavy. In addition to this, Ben’s family is quite traditional, and she wanted to wear a dress that was appropriate for the occasion because the day was very important to her.

ADVERTISEMENT The first dress that Tracy tried on was one that her father felt was distracting from her natural beauty and may not have been the best option for her wedding day. As a result of this, Tracy decided to try on the second dress. As soon as she put it on, she realized it had the potential to be the best dress.

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When she presented it to her family, Randy offered the suggestion that they could have an overskirt added to the dress so that she could walk down the aisle in it, and then remove it for the ceremony that would take place after the wedding. The family was unable to hold back their tears once they had the veil and the overskirt in their possession.

ADVERTISEMENT When they saw Tracy wearing the dress, they realized it was the perfect option for them. In contrast to the previous dress, the price of this one was $8,500. When they put all of the parts together, including an overskirt and a veil, they realized that it was the dress that she should wear when she walked down the aisle.

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How much was Kim Kardashians wedding dress?

Kim Kardashian – $500,000 – It should come as no surprise that Kim K. would top the list of women who have worn the most costly wedding gowns in history. She wore a custom-made couture Givenchy gown with long sleeves and a trumpet silhouette when she and Kayne got married in 2014.

How much did Queen Letizia’s wedding dress cost?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton – Kate Middleton looked very stunning on her wedding day to become a member of the royal family. On April 29, 2011, Prince William wed the woman he had loved for a very long time at Westminster Abbey, resulting in one of the most famous weddings in recent history.

The lace Alexander McQueen gown worn by the Princess of Wales wowed the onlookers with its nine-foot-long train and handcrafted lace. The dress is said to have cost £355,000 and was designed by Alexander McQueen. However, the tab for their security personnel was by far the most expensive item. About thirty million pounds’ worth of money was spent on the wedding.

The palace later revealed that the royal family had paid for fundamental parts of the wedding, including the church service, related music, flowers, and decorations, as well as the celebration that took place following the ceremony. MORE: the menu for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in its entirety has been released MORE: twelve amusing moments captured on video during the royal wedding. Who Is Tracy Kentucky Socialite