Who Got Scratched From The Kentucky Derby?

Who Got Scratched From The Kentucky Derby
Officials from Churchill Downs stated early Friday morning that Ethereal Road will not be running in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. This decision makes room for Rich Strike to compete in the race. According to the Daily Racing Form, trainer D. Wayne Lukas made the decision to withdraw Ethereal Road from the Kentucky Derby when the horse was given the post position of No.20.

  • After this, Rich Strike will be starting from the twenty-first position in the gate.
  • Four horses that have a chance to win the Kentucky Derby in 2022 favored If Lukas had started Zandon Ethereal Road, a son of Quality Road, in the Derby, it would have given him his 50th all-time starter in the race.
  • He has won the Kentucky Derby four times, the most recent occasion being in 1999 with Charismatic.

Ethereal Road has raced seven times in his career and has a record of 1-1-1 with a best performance of fourth place coming in the Grade 3 Lexington on April 16 at Keeneland. The horse Rich Strike will be trainer Eric Reed’s first entry at the Kentucky Derby.

  1. Rich Strike, a son of Keen Ice, has a record of 1-0-3 in his seven career appearances and placed third in the Grade 3 race he ran most recently.
  2. On April 2nd, Jeff Ruby Steaks will be held at Turfway Park.
  3. Reed expressed his thoughts about the strategy for moving up from the No.20 position by saying, “Get a solid break and work over to the inside.” “Start picking them up halfway down the backstretch, then pass them all before the finish line,” the announcer said.

In addition to Rich Strike, who was previously placed on the also-eligible list for the Kentucky Derby, Rattle N Roll has also been removed from contention for the race. Post positions and odds for each horse in the field for the Kentucky Derby 2022 This article will be updated in the near future.

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Why was ethereal scratched from the Kentucky Derby?

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Ethereal Road is the first horse to withdraw from the Kentucky Derby. The horse was in the 20th post position and is trained by D. Wayne Lukas, who is a trainer who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The horse had entered the race at the eleventh hour when Un Ojo had been disqualified due to a desertion.

What did Rich Strike do after the race?

Expand Everywhere – After his surprise run in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Rich Strike needed some time to collect himself before continuing on with his day. As the fans shouted as he crossed the finish line, Rich Strike could be seen tossing his head and nibbling at the track pony escorting him after the race.

On the video, the outrider could be seen struggling to keep his grip on the rider and at one point appearing to hit him. “Still trying to get this horse under control here,” an NBC commentator remarked in a video footage of the scenario.”.It’s still attempting to bite the pony here as they work to bring him under control,” the speaker says.

Users on social media were eager to make jokes about the racehorse’s antics once they saw them. Others stated that it was an acceptable response to a safety issue on the track, despite the fact that some individuals were disturbed about the outrider’s attitude.

  1. Rich Strike, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, bit the pony that led him to the winner’s circle after he had finished devouring his rivals.
  2. Beth Lakes Robinson An enthusiastic Rich Strike, left, bit at the leg of outrider Greg Blasi and his track pony as they brought him to the winner’s circle at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., Saturday May 7, 2022 after Rich Strike won the 148th Kentucky Derby.
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David Coyle [email protected] Rich Strike, who had just won the 148th Kentucky Derby, nipped at the leg of his outrider Greg Blasi and his track pony as they led him to the winner’s circle at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

  1. This took place on the day after Rich Strike had won the Kentucky Derby.
  2. David Coyle may be contacted at [email protected].
  3. Outrider Greg Blasi, right, fought to bring an exuberant Rich Strike under control after the horse nibbled at the leg of him and his track pony as they brought the horse to the winners circle at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., Saturday May 7, 2022, after Rich Strike won the 148th Kentucky Derby.

NBC’s Donna Barton Brothers may be seen hanging around to the left, where she is waiting to speak with winning rider Sonny Leon. David Coyle may be contacted at [email protected]. I was there to witness it live. Rich Strike was still very much on the muscle, and he was dead serious about biting the pony.

  • Rich Strike Believe me when I say that the outrider did not harm him.
  • He was attempting to gain possession of a horse that is now worth millions of dollars while also safeguarding his own pony.
  • I spent a lot of time and effort on the horses’ manes and tails.
  • Lea (@lxjh2021) on Twitter May 7, 2022 — Kody Gibson (@KodyGibby) May 7, 2022 What actually took place was that Rich Strike bit the other pony, which was cooler.

They attempted to keep his brain clear, but he was in a frothing rage and could not be controlled. In addition to that, he was biting the rider of the cooler pony. It was terrible, but sadly the rider resorted to hitting the horse in order to get his attention.

— Tracy Corrigan, who tweets under the handle @tcoreagain May 7, 2022 After winning the Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike took a turn for the worst and began attacking horses and getting struck in the head. Bojack Horseman would be proud. Best Derby ever. — AJ (@AmadoDesperado) May 8, 2022 #KentuckyDerby2022 There is no justification for the manner in which Rich Strike’s handler dealt with his attitude.

Before someone complains that he bit the lead pony, I’d want to point out that the person had been hard with him long before any of this occurred. As someone in his position, he ought to be able to handle fiery and demanding animals without risking injury.

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Claire (@clairezaidel) May 7, 2022 I think our rider did a really excellent job of controlling a very energetic colt despite the fact that Rich Strike was biting the reins of the pony. — Support for Props Is Necessary Too (@pokescoach) May 8, 2022 Even though I have a soft spot in my heart for animals, I had to intervene when Rich Strike began biting the escort pony.

It is up to him to guide the horse to the winner’s circle at the end of the race. If RS had broken free, the situation may have quickly been very serious. After that victory, RS’s worth shot through the roof. — JO (@jojoletsgo33) May 7, 2022 On Monday morning at 8:40, I can’t wait to get a message from Rich Strike. Who Got Scratched From The Kentucky Derby