What Stores Are In The Hanover Mall?

What Stores Are In The Hanover Mall
Hanover Mall is home to 75 specialty retailers, including A.C. Moore, Aeropostale, Bath & Body Works, Charlotte Russe, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Game Stop, Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Yankee Candle, and Victoria’s Secret. The mall can be found in Hanover, Massachusetts at the intersection of Route 3 and Washington Street (Exit 13).

 Mall Info
Mall Name: The Hanover Mall
Mall Address: 1775 Washington Street Hanover, MA 02339
Mall Phone Number: (781) 826-7386
# Store Locations: 78
Retail Space: 706,247 square feet (larger than 56% malls in Massachusetts)
Additional Mall Info: Mall Website Facebook Twitter


 Mall Hours Monday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Tuesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Wednesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Mall Name Location Phone Number Category Alpha Krav Maga South Shore 7 (508) 776-0834 Art of Eyebrows Main Level, Macy Wing (781) 635-9639 Health & Beauty Asian Massage Therapy Main Level, 13 (781) 878-8560 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Main Level, 32B (617) 504-0696 B-Fitness 3 (617) 823-3690 Bank Of America ATM #1 Main Level, Walmart Wing Bath & Body Works Main Level, 8 (781) 829-4277 Health & Beauty Big Top Playland Main Level, 20 (781) 829-6868 BND Convenience & Newspaper Main Level, Walmart Wing (781) 826-4073 Buffalo Wild Wings P4 Cell Mall Point Cell Phone Repair And Cases Wal-Mart Wing (781) 588-9732 Charlotte Russe Main Level, 55 (781) 826-5246 Women’s Clothing Claire’s Main Level, 47 (781) 829-8871 Women’s Accessories Cuppy’s Coffee Main Level, 59 (781) 829-0007 Custom T-Shirts 48 (740) 777-1662 Dairy Queen / Orange Julius Main Level, 32A (781) 826-6365 Dick’s Sporting Goods (781) 826-9282 Men’s & Women’s Clothing ecoATM Walmart Wing Electronics & Tech f.y.e. – For Your Entertainment Main Level, 22 (781) 826-3999 Entertainment Famous Footwear Main Level, 54 (781) 826-7784 Men’s & Women’s Shoes Fancy Nails Main Level, 44 (781) 829-8704 Health & Beauty Foot Locker Main Level, 40 (781) 829-6522 Men’s & Women’s Clothing Foto Fantasy Main Level, Macy Wing Photography GNC Main Level, 46 (781) 826-5769 Grocery & Pharmacy Go! Calendars Games & Toys 57 (781) 826-6901 Hanover Police Main Level, Sears Wing (781) 826-7389 Journeys Main Level, 14 (781) 826-3370 Men’s & Women’s Clothing Justice Main Level, 58 (781) 826-6976 Women’s Clothing Kay Jewelers Main Level, 16 (781) 826-6006 Men’s & Women’s Accessories Kid’s Play Area ‘Minor League Mall Stars’ Main Level, Sears Wing Lands’ End Shop At Sears Sears (781) 829-4170 Lids Main Level, 61 (781) 829-8947 Men’s & Women’s Accessories Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salons Main Level, 10 (781) 829-1162 Macy’s Main Level (781) 829-2200 Department Macy’s Furniture Gallery (781) 829-2200 Mall Management Office Main Level, Sears Wing (781) 826-7386 MasterCuts Main Level, 45 (781) 826-5551 Health & Beauty Moe’s Southwest Grill Main Level, 37B (781) 829-9922 Nail Pro & Spa Main Level, 04 (781) 826-6677 Nasr Jewelers Main Level, 43 (781) 829-9591 Men’s & Women’s Accessories OfficeMax (781) 829-4841 Office Supplies Old Navy Main Level, 19 (781) 829-9361 Men’s & Women’s Clothing Olympia Sports Main Level, 41 (781) 826-8701 Men’s & Women’s Clothing Outback Steakhouse Main Level, 60 (781) 829-0707 Panera Bread (781) 829-9900 Patriot Cinemas (781) 826-2230 Payless Kids Main Level, 5 (781) 826-0199 Children’s Clothing Payless ShoeSource Main Level, 5 (781) 826-0199 Men’s & Women’s Shoes Peach Blossom 12 Petco (781) 826-2725 Pets Picture Perfect Studio 27 (781) 826-6111 Piercing Pagoda Main Level, 29 (781) 829-6840 Women’s Accessories ProActiv Main Level, Kiosk, Macy Wing Health & Beauty Public Safety Office Main Level, Sears Wing (781) 826-7389 rue 21 Main Level, 51 (781) 826-2461 Men’s & Women’s Clothing Sears Main Level (781) 829-4170 Department Sears Automotive Main Level, Sears (781) 829-4195 Department Sears Optical Main Level, Sears (781) 829-4147 Health & Beauty Sleepy’s (781) 826-6076 South Shore Children’s Museum 56 (781) 206-4955 Spencer’s Gifts Main Level, 26 (781) 826-6747 Sport Clips 1 (781) 826-3270 Health & Beauty Sports Collections Main Level, 49 (781) 826-8627 Squids Ink Main Level, 35 (781) 826-7600 Story Book Cove 39 (781) 826-6060 Subway Main Level, 36 (781) 826-4749 Sunglass Hut Main Level, 52 (781) 826-8406 Men’s & Women’s Accessories Sunglass Hut at Macy’s Macy’s (781) 829-2200 Teriyaki Express Main Level, 37A The Children’s Place Main Level, 11 (781) 826-5718 Children’s Clothing The Limited Main Level, 9 (781) 826-8232 Women’s Clothing Trader Joe’s (781) 826-5389 Unident Dental Care Main Level, 5B (781) 826-8866 Victoria’s Secret Main Level, 06 (781) 826-9388 Women’s Clothing Walmart Main Level (781) 826-0606 Department Wish List Consignment (781) 829-9474 Yankee Candle Main Level, 24 (781) 826-2983 Men’s & Women’s Accessories Yummy Yo Yogurt Plus center court
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What stores are going in Hanover Mall?

Hanover, MA The Hanover Crossing project was included in the NEREJ’s “Project of the Month” section for the first and only time in April/May 2019. In the very first sentence of that piece of writing, the author stated, “if it’s true that everyone respects an underdog, then people are going to enjoy the tale developing with the Hanover Mall.” When that initial article was published, PREP had just started the process of obtaining permits and holding public meetings with the Town of Hanover’s Planning Board.

  1. The story highlighted the designs for the new Hanover Crossing.
  2. In December of 2019, the approval for the Special Permit as well as the Site Plan was given.
  3. The overlay of the existing town bylaw for the Village Planned Unit Development (VPUD) onto the bylaw for the Shopping Center District, which authorizes and encourages a mixed-use commercial and residential development, was made possible since the project was given approval.

It gives PREP and its partners the ability to build an atmosphere that is conducive to living, working, and playing. There have been problems that have arisen between now and then that have never been seen before, the most notable of which being the pandemic and significant delays in the supply chain.

Because of the long-term plan for the renovation, our strong partnerships with both new and existing tenants, as well as our consultants, the new Hanover Crossing has been able to weather the economic storm. Despite all of the upheaval, they did not suffer the loss of a single tenant, and they even signed extra contracts.

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The parts of the puzzle are still being pieced together by PREP. They finished building a brand new wastewater treatment facility in order to handle the management of wastewater for the entirety of Hanover Crossing, including the residential areas. They were successful in obtaining thirteen liquor licenses from the state in order to serve customers at Hanover Crossing.

They were successful in selling 13 acres to Hanover Company, which would be used for the construction of 297 luxury flats. These apartments are now under construction, and it is anticipated that they will be ready for occupancy in the autumn of 2022. An eight-screen De Lux cinema experience is now being constructed by National Amusements (Showcase Cinema), which is currently during development.

In May of 2021, Chipotle opened its doors to the public with a restaurant that featured both sit-down dining and a drive-through service. Construction has started on the remaining retail buildings that will be included in the “U” section of the project.

Market Basket has finished building their 81,000 square foot grocery store and their 12,500 square foot MB Beer & Wine location. Both began serving customers on March 11 and get an average of more than 30,000 customers per week since opening their doors. Commenting on the matter was David McLean, who is the vice president of operations for Market Basket “It has been a delight to collaborate with PREP Property Group in order to introduce our two newest stores to the residents of the town of Hanover and the communities that are located in the surrounding area.

PREP was really helpful throughout the whole process of planning and obtaining the necessary permits. They collaborated with our lease, legal, construction, and operations teams to ensure the smooth conclusion of this successful project.” According to the dunnhumby survey, Market Basket is now ranked as the third best supermarket chain in the entirety of the United States.

  1. According to Consumer Reports, Market Basket is the most successful grocery store operator in the Northeast.
  2. Trader Joe’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Petco, Macy’s, and Panera are just few of the stores that can be found at Hanover Crossing, in addition to the newly constructed Market Basket and MB Beer & Wine.

LL Bean, Old Navy, Showcase Cinema, Ryan Amusements (family entertainment), 110 Grill, and Evviva Trattoria are some of the businesses that will be locating there in the near future. Additionally, PREP is ecstatic to announce that they have signed a new lease with Sullivan’s Castle Island.

  1. Since its founding in 1951, Sullivan’s has become almost associated with traditional, high-quality beach fare.
  2. The restaurant can trace its roots back to Castle Island in South Boston.” It gives us great pleasure to be able to collaborate with PREP on the expansion of our family-owned restaurant to Hanover Crossing, where it will, for the first time, feature both a bar and dining areas with tables “stated Brendan Sullivan, owner of Sullivan’s Castle Island for the third generation in a row.
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Tenants will start moving in at various points over the course of construction, which will continue throughout 2022 and into the beginning of 2023. PREP’s initial vision to do what they do best, which they refer to as “Retail Transformed,” is as strong as it was when it was first conceived.

Who owns Hanover PA mall?

A retail center known as North Hanover Mall may be found in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Burlington, and Rural King are the stores that really hold it down. Mall located in North Hanover.

Interior of North Hanover Mall, April 2018
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Owner Mason Asset Management
No. of stores and services 30

Is LL Bean coming to Hanover Ma?

L.L. Bean has confirmed that it will open a store at Hanover Crossing, a development that mall managers believe would assist them in recruiting further businesses. Ed Callahan, the general manager of Hanover Crossing, made the news on Tuesday morning during a taped event that was hosted by the Hanover Chamber of Commerce.

  • Callahan stated that they anticipate the “flagship” shop to be between 12,000 and 13,000 square feet in size.
  • He referred to the establishment as a “fantastic, great store” and a “strong anchor store” for the company.
  • It will be helpful for any future lease.” L.L.
  • Bean officials did not reply a request for comment.

The new Hanover Crossing complex continues to see construction progress as of March 25, 2021. Hanover Crossing is starting to take shape as Market Basket continues to rise, and Chipotle is scheduled to debut within the next two months. As the COVID-19 epidemic and the limitations linked to it begin to wind down or are totally eradicated, Callahan stated that the concern that had been caused by the future of the mall had been lessened.

  • He stated, “I think the future is looking really well presently.” According to Callahan, building on additional businesses is now taking place, and Chipotle Mexican Grill has already opened its doors.
  • More: despite the lifting of regulations, many of people are still wearing masks on South Shore.
  • In his words, “Market Basket will hopefully open by the end of this year, which was their aim, and the building is in the process of being constructed.” Market Basket had fantastic building circumstances over the winter, but now a scarcity of building supplies is causing some problems, as metal studs are becoming rare and lumber costs are skyrocketing, according to Callahan.

Market Basket had good building conditions over the winter. According to what he had to say, “I think they have enough of a head start to get rolling.” More information: the increase in lumber costs can be attributed to COVID-19. In December of the previous year, the state doled out $1.26 million to Hanover as part of a larger funding package of $68 million for infrastructure improvements under the MassWorks program. What Stores Are In The Hanover Mall