What Is The Elevation Of Louisville Kentucky?

What Is The Elevation Of Louisville Kentucky
Minnie – Kentucky, United States of America Coordinates: 37.45232 -82.77405 37.49232 -82.73405 Location: Floyd County Minnie Location: Floyd County Minnie, Floyd County, Kentucky, 41651, United States (37.47232 -82.75405) – Minimum elevation: 666 ft – Maximum elevation: 1,762 ft – Average elevation: 1,109 ft
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Where is the highest point in Louisville Ky?

Before we begin, an introduction Acknowledgments Overview Water Utilization Topography of the County Geology of the County Groundwater Availability Exploration for Groundwater Karst Water Quality Maps and Data Water Use Topography of the County Geology of the County Extra Reading and Reference Materials Definitions of Geologic Terms That Have Been Cited Descriptions of the Rocks The opinions of McGrain and Currens are presented here (1978) The tableland region constitutes the majority of Jefferson County’s land area.

Because of the enormous amount of urban and suburban development, the finer points of the terrain are difficult for a casual observer to make out. Although it appears to be level in certain areas, the land really slopes gradually toward the southwest. The highest point is 790 feet on the east side of the county, and it drops to 500 feet at the base of the knobs in the southwestern section of the county.

In the east-central area of the county, Floyds Fork and Harrods Creek have carved valleys that are anywhere from 150 to 200 feet below this surface. There are a few sinkholes in the area, although these karst features do not make up an especially significant portion of the terrain.

Along the Ohio River, you’ll find the lowest altitudes in the region. The flood plain is rather limited upstream from the downtown area of Louisville, but it significantly expands to the south and southwest of the city. The elevations along the flood plain range from 430 to 440 feet, and in certain spots there may even be terraces that are 20 feet higher.

The typical pool level of the Ohio River near its mouth at Salt River is 383 feet, making this location the lowest point in the county. The region known as Muldraugh Hill (Highland Rim) is home to the area’s highest heights. At this point, the escarpment makes a sudden ascent of between 300 and 400 feet above the lowland that is located to the north and east.

  1. The South Park Hills are a collection of hills and ridges that are isolated from the primary upland to the west by a process of erosion.
  2. The height of 902 feet is attained at the summit of South Park Hills, which is also the highest point in all of Jefferson County.
  3. It is located two miles to the west and has a height of 890 feet: Holsclaw Hill.
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The courthouse is located at an elevation of 462 feet, Churchill Downs is located at an elevation of 455 feet, the highest elevation in Iroquois Park is 761 feet, the terminal building at Standiford Field is located at an elevation of 475 feet, the main gate at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center is located at an elevation of 480 feet, and the University of Louisville campus (South Third Street) is located at an elevation of 460 feet.

Other locations within the county include Anchorage, which has an elevation of 720 feet; Coral Ridge, which has an elevation of 490 feet; Eastwood, which has an elevation of 720 feet; Fern Creek, which has an elevation of 715 feet; Fisherville, which has an elevation of 559 feet; Jeffersontown, which has an elevation of 711 feet; Kosmosdale, which has an elevation of 449 feet; Middletown, which has an elevation of 721 feet; Prospect, which has an elevation of 460 On the index map, the 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle maps that cover the county are displayed, both by name and by index code (provided by the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet).

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What is the altitude in Louisville Ky?

A map of Louisville, located in the state of Kentucky

Is Louisville Kentucky considered the south?

At the Falls of the Ohio, in north-central Kentucky, you’ll find Louisville, which is located in a more southeasterly direction along the boundary between Kentucky and Indiana, the Ohio River. The culture of Louisville, Kentucky reflects both the South and the Midwest, despite the city’s location in a state located in the South.

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What is the elevation above sea level for Kentucky?

Base map of Kentucky provided courtesy of Maps.com. This elevation map of Kentucky displays, in both feet and meters, the various heights to which the state climbs over the surrounding ocean. As can be seen, the portions of Kentucky’s borders with Virginia and Tennessee are home to some of the state’s most impressive mountain ranges.

What is the relative location of Louisville Ky?

The city of Louisville may be found in Jefferson County, which is located in the state of Kentucky, in the United States. It is situated at the point where the Ohio River makes its falls. The coordinates for the city of Louisville are: The United States Census Bureau reports that the metropolitan area of Louisville, which includes Jefferson County, has a total area of 397.68 square miles (1,030.0 km 2), of which 380.46 square miles (985.4 km 2) are land and 17.23 square miles (44.6 km 2) are water.