What Is Mall Cop Rated?

What Is Mall Cop Rated
PG The Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie was given a rating of PG by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to the presence of some crude comedy, somewhat violent scenes, and profanity.

Is Mall Cop appropriate for kids?

Ideas to discuss with your kids based on the movie Paul Blart: The slapstick comedy Mall Cop is expected to appeal to youngsters above the age of 10 as well as teens who will be able to empathize with the film’s underdog hero. This movie is likely to provide enjoyment and amusement for adults who are searching for something humorous and lighthearted to do during their free time.

The most important takeaway from this film is that genuine bravery and heroic deeds originate more from having a strong heart and a sharp intellect than they do from having a good-looking exterior and a physique packed with muscles. The qualities of bravery, selflessness, forgiveness, compassion, and the capacity to see the best in others are just few of the lessons that may be learned through watching this movie with one’s children.

You could also want to talk about the implications in real life of things like: Alcohol consumption led to several of the dangerous stunts performed in the film, including those using scooters, bikes, and skateboards (as suffered by Paul).

Is Mall Cop 2 appropriate for kids?

Rating from the Kernel (out of 5): 0 Rating from the MPAA: PG Duration: 1 hour and 94 minutes Age Appropriate For: 10+. It has roughly the same content as its predecessor, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” including lots of played-for-laughs violence, including fistfights, hitting old women, beatings, fights with animals, the use of a Taser, and a recurring gag about getting hit by a car; some kissing and the possibility of a teenager falling in love; some very mild cursing; and some drinking, to excess, by adults.

The second installment of the “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” franchise came as a surprise to everyone because no one had requested it. Absolutely no one, even the actors who will be appearing in the movie, is enthusiastic about this development. By Roxana Hadadi Kevin James had his moment in the sun in 2009 with the film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” which was a remake of “Die Hard” that was set in a mall with Kevin James playing the role of Bruce Willis.

The film was successful to some degree. He defeated robbers, people who thought that mall security was a lame profession, bullies, and members of the SWAT team; he demonstrated his value to a woman he had loved from afar; he courageously declined the opportunity to join the police force so that he could continue to serve customers everywhere on top of his Segway.

  • Who really required yet another installment of this story? And particularly one that is as terrible as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”? For shame.
  • The picture, in which James once again stars, co-wrote, and was produced, and in which Adam Sandler once again stars as a frequent costar, loses any of the relatively tiny appeal that was possessed by the first; this is touted as family-friendly entertainment, but only if you squint.

Why should we teach our kids to giggle when they see an adult guy striking an older woman? Or making excuses for his friend’s drunken overtures toward a woman who was not interested in him? Or be gluttonous, overprotective, unpleasant, and preoccupied with one’s own concerns.

It’s true that there are plenty of antiheroes in the world, but Paul Blart isn’t one of them; instead, he’s merely a collection of traits that make him intolerable, and he passes himself off as a human being. And yet, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” wants us to celebrate that, rather than criticize it as we need to be doing at this point in time.

This time around, his wife has left him, his mother has died (run over by a milk truck, which seems pretty morbid for a PG film), and he’s in the dark about his daughter, Maya (Raini Rodriguez, of “Prom”) being accepted to UCLA for college because she hasn’t told him.

“Mall Cop 2” takes place six years after the original, in which Blart (James, of “Grown Ups 2”) saved the citizens of He is a desperate and lonely guy whose neuroses have only worsened with time, and as a result, when he receives an invitation to a security conference in Las Vegas with all costs paid, he is certain that he will be the hidden keynote speaker at the conference.

Therefore, he decides to go and pulls Maya along with him, claiming that they are going on vacation but really expecting to have his ego stroked. However, things are only going to grow worse while you are there: His maneuvers on the Segway around the casino keep getting him struck by automobiles, and he doesn’t understand why a woman at the hotel bar wouldn’t accept the intoxicated advances of a buddy who is lacking in social graces.

  1. He believes that Maya is having an affair with an attractive hotel employee.
  2. During one of the weaker and most misogynistic moments in the movie.) Then, however, he finds out that a high-roller named Vincent (played by Neal McDonough from the movie “RED 2”) is plotting to rob the casino as well as the hotel, and this realization motivates him to take action.

He gathers a variety of weapons, such as a glue gun, a Taser, and other devices, and decides to stop the criminals. Why wouldn’t he be able to do it at a casino if he was successful in doing it in his mall? Running gags with animal violence (Blart is attacked by a peacock and kicked by a horse in two painfully-rendered scenes), and—like how Melissa McCarthy was treated in the terrible “Tammy,” which mocked her size and looks before doing an unbelievable 180-degree turn toward acceptance at the end of the film—a bizarre combination of laughing at James’s size, eating habits, and clumsiness and ultimatly accepting him as a person despite all of these things.

  1. A movie can’t have it both ways, but the script that James and Nick Bakay (of “Zookeeper”) wrote tries to make the balance work by piling one fat joke on top of another physical comedy gag on top of another fat joke on top of another physical comedy gag.
  2. It never does.
  3. What exactly is the purpose of a sequel such as this? What exactly is the draw here? It becomes abundantly clear by the conclusion of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” that James and Co.
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want to make the case that Blart is the Everyman, protecting his family and strangers because it is the right thing to do, no matter his physical (or, really, mental) limitations. If this is the case, then perhaps the film shouldn’t make him insanely possessive, undeniably buffoon-like, and practically delusional.

Can kids watch Paul Blart?

For some teenagers but not for younger youngsters.

Does Netflix have mall cop?

What Is Mall Cop Rated Unfortunately, the Paul Blart: Mall Cop franchise has been removed from Netflix.

Who made mall cop?

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Is mall cop rated R?

This comedy only manages to be mildly interesting, but it does manage to provide some decent chuckles while also imparting valuable lessons about self-esteem, body image, and making the most out of challenging circumstances. – Overall B- The character Paul Blart, played by Kevin James, has a lifelong dream of being in police enforcement but, tragically, he has not been able to make that dream come true.

Instead, he has been forced to take a job working as a security guard to make ends meet. However, when the shopping center where the would-be cop works is taken over by a gang of organized criminals, he is given the opportunity to live out his dream—which, all of a sudden, feels more like a nightmare.

Date of initial publication: January 16, 2009 Violence C+ Sexual Content B A- Inappropriate Language B- Illicit Drug Use C Why does the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop have a PG rating? The Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie was given a rating of PG by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to the presence of some crude comedy, somewhat violent scenes, and profanity.

What is the message in Paul Blart Mall Cop?

Content: – (BB, Ro, LL, V, S, N, AA, MM) Strong moral worldview with light Romantic elements in which man rescues woman from dangerous situation and tries to do the right thing by capturing the bad guys and fighting to protect others at personal cost to himself; 11 obscenities and 10 profanities (mostly “Oh, God”); slapstick violence including man runs into car, man tries to run over other man with motor chair, man throws other man off of a stage, man gets into brawl with larger woman in store, bombs explode but no one PAUL BLART: MALL COP is a fairly boring and badly written representation of an average mall cop who rescues the day through slapstick physical humor by arresting the bad guys and saving some hostages.

Paul Blart is a diabetic, single, mall officer who takes his job a bit too seriously, which frequently makes him the target of considerable derision from his coworkers and superiors. The adage “Safety never takes a holiday” is the guiding principle in his life. When a bunch of evil people acting as Santa’s helpers take over a shopping mall on Black Friday and hold staff members and customers hostage so that they may make a profit off of the holiday sales, it becomes clear that there is a dire need for safety measures.

It is, of course, up to Paul Blart, the overweight, rule-following, and all around decent man, to save the day (before his hypoglycemia comes in), and to acquire the lady of his dreams, a mall employee who works at a kiosk in the mall named Beweavable.

A succession of slapstick situations and loads of physical humor delivered to the screen by Kevin James (who was so funny in HITCH) portraying a mall officer may be expected to be amusing and possibly hilarious, but the reverse is really the case. The screenwriters and directors took a movie that had the potential to be great and turned it into a movie that is below average and just barely received a PG certificate.

According to the production notes, the directors of the film made an effort to imbue the movie with a sense of warmth and togetherness by focusing on the bond between Paul and Maya, his daughter. To make matters worse, Maya is using the website perfectmatch.com in an effort to find her father a partner, in the mistaken belief that this will make him happy.

The bond between the two is difficult to believe. In addition, Paul’s negative outlook on his profession, his tendency to throw parties centered on his own self-pity, and the drunken conduct in which he gets two tattoos on his back all serve to set a poor example for his daughter. It does not appear that there is any significant link between the two.

Their interactions appear to be quite predictable and worn out. The producers attempt to make amends for this by portraying Paul as a heroic figure who is able to rescue his daughter from the hands of the villains; nevertheless, this is not in the least bit motivating or inspirational.

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In the course of the film, the screenwriters include a couple of unexpected turns in the storyline that the viewer is not likely to anticipate simply due to the fact that there is nothing in the narrative that builds up to them. It’s almost as if the directors just tossed them in there for the sake of trying to garner some chuckles out of the audience.

The battle that Paul Blart gets himself into with a woman in Victoria Secret is an example of the fairly random and somewhat unpleasant nature of some of the violence that occurs in the film. The sexual references, swearing, and intoxication do not appear to add anything to the story, and they push the envelope with regard to the PG rating.

  1. This content detracts from the film’s efforts to convey healthy values and viewers should proceed with caution if they choose to see it.
  2. MOVIGUIDE® recommends a more praiseworthy film such as 2007’s THE GAME PLAN, which not only has comedic parts but also focuses on the powerful restorative qualities that exist between a single father and his daughter.

If you would want more precise information on this movie, please read the content section. We are being inundated with more depressing content than ever before, particularly in the movies and on television. Movieguide® has been fighting back for nearly 40 years, working inside the entertainment industry to promote content that is uplifting and positive.

We are pleased to announce that we have worked together with some of the most influential people in the business to influence and redeem entertainment for the name of Jesus. To this day, you remain the most powerful figure in all of Hollywood. The watcher. The power of suggestion lies in the mediums of listening, viewing, and reading.

Movieguide® wishes to provide you with the tools necessary to cultivate the beautiful and the good in your life. But we can’t go through this on our own. We can’t do this without your help. Even if you only have $7, you have the potential to make a difference.

How old is Paul Blart?

Mall Cop 1 – Paul Blart, 38 years old, has worked as a mall cop for close to ten years and has applied to be a state trooper once a year for close to seven or eight years; he has passed the written exam, but his hypoglycemia prevents him from passing the physical test.

  1. Mall Cop 2 – Joey, 36 years old, has worked as a mall cop for close to five years and has applied to be a state trooper once a year for close Amy Anderson, a lady who works at a kiosk at the West Orange Pavilion Mall, became the object of Paul’s affection after he met her there.
  2. When he inadvertently became intoxicated, he abruptly ended their relationship for the time being.

On the day after Thanksgiving, a group of thugs led by Veck Simms invaded the shopping center. They devised a scheme to steal millions of dollars from credit card terminals located in retail establishments. Paul came to the conclusion that they needed to be stopped since Amy and his other pals were being held as hostages.

Is the movie Mall Cop a good movie?

There are a few chuckles to be had in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but the film’s narrative is weak and it doesn’t have any continuous comedic drive. Read the opinions of the critics. Even though the majority of his coworkers and customers don’t take his job as seriously as he does, Kevin James plays the role of a single parent who lives in the suburbs and works as a security guard at a shopping mall to make ends meet.

What is Mall Cop?

It is a common misconception that all mall cops are power-hungry people who mistakenly believe they are police officers. This is not always the case. If a mall officer is an asshole, it’s because he has to deal with people who attempt to humiliate, insult, and degrade him every time he goes to work so that he can do his job and make some money.

If a mall cop is an asshole, it’s because he has to deal with people who try to do all of those things. Mall mall cops actually have a job that has the potential to be pretty stressful at times. Aside from having to deal with want tobe gangster bitches who think they’re funny, you have a list of things that you have to do that you don’t get paid enough to do.

Some of these things include: -Driving around slowly while everyone and their mother crawls across the street. -Dealing with want tobe gangster bitches who think they’re funny. -Please assist dumb parents in locating their idiot children who have gone missing.

This occurs ON A DAILY BASIS, and it immediately makes me feel the same way as those parents who are seen carrying their children on leashes as if they were dogs. -Intervene in conflicts that might turn out to be harmful. I have some news for you: getting paid $10 an hour is not enough for me to put my life in danger in order to spare some want tobe thug from getting his behind beaten up just because he is socially inept and cannot communicate effectively with other people.

-Every time we accomplish something, you have to write a lengthy report on it. If a mall officer kicks you out of the mall or gives you some crap, that’s a good thing. You’re probably some kind of adolescent with a bad attitude who didn’t deserve it anyhow.

You are such a disgraceful little twat. I work as a security guard in a shopping mall, and while none of my coworkers or I particularly love our employment, we are under no illusions that what we do is a noble calling. Nearly all of us are looking for jobs elsewhere, and a sizable proportion of us have previous experience in the military (including myself).

A job is a job. Get a mug with the Mall Cop on it. The condition of someone who perspires while riding a Segway. They also “patrol” the shopping center for the minimum pay while acting like actual police officers. Malloy: Who exactly do you think you are? Hello, I’m Tod Rolland, and I’m the head of security here at the mall.

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Malloy said in a mocking tone, “WOW!” The person in charge of mall security. You’ll make the bare minimum, but you’ll get to ride one of those fun segways. You don’t sound impressed, do you, mall cop? Malloy, I’m impressed that you’re able to work up a sweat while riding on anything that has wheels. by Jjf87 April 18, 2015 Get a mug with the Mall Cop on it.

People who are stuck in their ways and arrogant, and who think it makes them cool to work at a mall while wearing a uniform and earning $8 an hour. They may typically be observed either pestering children who appear to be of a different appearance while ignoring children who are actually causing problems or making up falsehoods in order to have a justification to throw children out of the mall.

Mall Security Guard 1: Hey, look at those youngsters, they’re wearing tripps! Mall Cop 2: Okay, let’s give them a hard time while we overlook the teenager wearing jeans who is stealing from that store. Mall Cop 1: We’ve got to be the most hipsters in the whole Stroud Mall! Get a mug with the Mall Cop on it.

Super lame biches who believe they are the bee’s knees simply because they work security at a shopping mall for $8 an hour. In general, they have dumb uniforms and make snap judgments about people based on whether or not they meet their “problem maker criteria.” Instead, they ignore all of the old cracker grannies who steal like motherfuckers.

The first security guard in the shopping center said, “Hey, look at those cracker grannies! They are terrific cocksuckers!” The second mall police officer said, “Yeah, at $8 an hour, that’s all I can afford.” Mall cop 1: Stoneridge Grannies selling pig crackers may be found all throughout the mall. by Al June 16, 2006 Get a mug with the mall officer on it.

A syndrome in which patients treat their mundane tasks with an abnormally high level of seriousness, right down to the last punctuation mark in the manual. Most prevalent in Asian places like Singapore, where everyone from CEOs to janitors feels that even the smallest security breach might have catastrophic consequences for the nation.

What is the rating of Paul Blart Mall Cop?

The movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop has received an approval rating of 34% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 117 reviews, with an average rating of 4.60/10 from those reviewers. “Paul Blart: Mall Cop offers some chuckles, but its narrative is thin and lacking in any continuous comedic drive,” according to the website’s critical consensus.

  1. The movie has received “generally poor reviews,” as shown by its Metacritic score of 39 out of 100, which is based on the opinions of 24 different reviewers.
  2. On a scale that ranges from A to F, moviegoers polled by CinemaScore awarded the movie a grade of B.
  3. The idea and the immature comedy were both criticized by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, who rated the movie only one star out of a possible four.

The author, Brian Lowry, of Variety referred to it as “an almost breathtakingly poor one-joke farce.” James Berardinelli was also unimpressed by the juvenile tone, but he praised the character of Paul Blart and said it was a welcome change from Adam Sandler’s typical films.

  • He called it “a passable choice for watching at home, when viewers tend to be less demanding,” which is an interesting take on the idea that viewers are less demanding when they watch movies at home.
  • Roger Ebert, film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, awarded it three out of a possible four stars and praised the “wholesome” humour of the movie.

The film was given a grade of C+ by Nathan Rabin of The A.V. Club, who described it as “a shamelessly romantic comedy with a few vulgar gags tossed in randomly” that “turns into a stale riff on Die Hard.”

Is Mall Cop 2 worse than a quadruple feature of all that?

Help improve it by making a suggestion for an update or filling in any gaps in the text. What was the official name of the Hindi version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) when it was released in India? Answer