What Happened To Chris Oats Kentucky Football?

What Happened To Chris Oats Kentucky Football
A dozen Kentucky football players came from the Beechwood High School athletic complex on Saturday morning as around 150 young campers had gathered there in eager anticipation of their arrival. The group descended a ramp in a single file and proceeded onto the playing field while being directed by a person they were familiar with.

At that point, they moved down the line, introducing themselves to the children while passing a microphone from one player to the next as they went. The Wildcat player who had led his teammates out of the fieldhouse out of the fieldhouse stood up out of his wheelchair as the microphone finally reached the end of its cycle.

It took him a few seconds to regain his calm after he was obviously overtaken by emotion. After that, he addressed the assembled people. “Chris Oats, from Cincinnati, in the state of Ohio. Linebacker.” Chris Oats gets out of his wheel chair and walks about during the Saturday session of his football camp.

  1. His mother, Kem Gamble, remarked that her son is now much more capable of fending for himself.
  2. The most important thing is his self-assurance.
  3. It’s like, “All right, I can do this.” It’s me, Michael Clubb.
  4. [email protected] During Saturday’s session of Chris Oats’ football camp, his aunt Dorrinna Gamble adjusts the straps on his walker to make it more comfortable for him.

The Chris Oats Foundation, which was established to assist him and other young people who have suffered from strokes, will get a sizeable percentage of the funds that were generated during the camp. It’s me, Michael Clubb. [email protected] It was an emotional time for everyone who was familiar with the young man’s backstory.

Oats attended the highly regarded Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, where he was a member of the 2018 recruiting class for the University of Kentucky basketball program. During his first two years with the organization, he quickly established himself as a valuable contributor and was predicted to begin playing for the team during the 2020 season.

Then the terrible event occurred. Oats had a stroke in May of 2020, and the path to recovery has been a lengthy and challenging one ever then. Saturday morning saw him spending a portion of the day in an environment that brought him great joy. On the football field, surrounded by his friends and teammates, Chris Oats was sharing his passion for the game with a group of enthusiastic young children, all of whom were wearing T-shirts that said “Chris Oats Football Camp.” During the course of the camp, his mother, Kem Gamble, commented that “as you could see, he’s just so happy.” “When he stepped up and spoke his name and everything, he started getting a bit choked up.” However, he is ecstatic.

  • And we consider ourselves really fortunate and thankful that the BBN, as well as everyone else, has shown interest in (his recovery).
  • We get SMS messages, encouraging remarks.
  • And we absolutely require that.
  • We are in need of words of encouragement to keep him going.
  • And being around the people he knows? Being in the company of his brothers? That was the cherry on top of an already delicious dessert.

It was incredible what he saw when he entered the changing room. They spent some time with Oats in the Beechwood locker room before the team took the field. This took place before the game. When Oats suffered the stroke two years ago, the majority of the Wildcats who volunteered their time at the camp on Saturday had not yet joined the team.

  • However, several of them played with him at Kentucky, and they were excited to see him in person for the first time in several months.
  • This was the first opportunity they had had to do so.
  • He went inside of that.
  • They locked arms.
  • They puffed themselves up.
  • Gamble laughed as he explained what happened and stated, “I was tossed out.” “So after that, I had no idea what the hell took place.” The approach that Oats’s mother described has become the standard operating procedure for when her son is able to be among his football friends in an environment that involves football.
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The man’s family is responsible for getting him to the locker room, after which his football family takes control. She mentioned that most of the time, either DeAndre Square or Keaton Upshaw is the one to step up and take charge, assuring her that everything is taken care of.

She stated that every time he went into the locker room, he felt like he was at home. They keep a watchful eye on him. They are concerned about him. It’s not easy to discover a sense of brotherhood in this part of the world, so I appreciate it when I do. And this is what the state of Kentucky is all about.

They were sincere when they talked about being a brotherhood and having affection for one another. So we would want to thank y’all.”

What is wrong with Kentucky linebacker Chris oats?

According to reports from Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones, Kentucky linebacker Chris Oats has been admitted to a hospital in Cincinnati for treatment of a significant medical condition. Although the nature of the problem is not entirely obvious, the report does state that Oats will likely be sent to a physical rehabilitation clinic in the near future.

  • The following statement was issued by the educational institution: “Chris Oats is now being treated for an illness at the hospital.
  • The family has requested that we verify that this matter is unrelated to Covid 19, and we have complied.
  • It is anticipated that Chris will relocate to a facility that specializes in physical rehabilitation in the near future.

During this difficult time, the family asks that their privacy be maintained. Thank you.” This was added by Jones on his Twitter account: The news about Chris Oats is really upsetting and important. I would want to encourage all supporters of the University of Kentucky to say a prayer for him at this time.

  • Twitter handle: @KySportsRadio’s Matt Jones May 22, 2020 Oats was a true sophomore for the Kentucky Wildcats last year and participated in 12 of the team’s 13 games, making two starts against Mississippi State and Missouri.
  • At the end of the season, he ended with 46 tackles, including 2.5 tackles for loss, one pass deflection, and one forced fumble.

It was anticipated that Oats would play a significant role for Kentucky’s defense and take over for the graduating Kash Daniel as the starting middle linebacker for the next season. But the well-being of the young guy, who is involved in this terrifying scenario, is the only thing that actually counts right now, and football doesn’t even come close to comparing to that.

What happened to oats oats?

What Happened To Chris Oats Kentucky Football Chris Oats continues to serve as an example for the other Kentucky football players he plays with. While they face off against opponents on the field, he continues to fight in rehabilitation as he makes his way back to full health. When the top linebacker from Cincinnati, Winton Woods, committed with Kentucky in 2018, Oats was rated as a four-star prospect.

His life was turned upside down when he suffered a stroke in the summer of 2020. Prior to that point, he had established himself as a rising star in Lexington via his first two seasons there. Oats’ life was never the same after the unexpected medical event. In spite of the obstacles, he persists in making his way through the challenging and drawn-out rehabilitation procedure.

Athlete POV conducted a one-of-a-kind interview with Charlie Paulucci, during which the two of them exchanged messages on the future of his career and his present standing with the Kentucky football team. Oats will not allow this setback to discourage or deter him.

I haven’t gotten this far only to throw down the towel. I have a feeling that I will be going back out there, “he remarked. The rest of Oats’ teammates have supported him with each and every achievement. To assist pay for the costly medical bills and to buy a handicap accessible minivan that can transport him to and from rehabilitation, the tight end Keaton Upshaw helped drive a fundraising initiative that has earned more than $170,000.

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This minivan will be able to transport him to and from rehab. Oats was able to attend the most of the team’s home games throughout the fall season, as well as the Citrus Bowl, when he was a member of the sideline staff. Oats’s fumble recovery on the game’s final play was the deciding factor in Kentucky’s victory over Penn State in their first-ever appearance in the Citrus Bowl, which took place on New Year’s Day in 2019.

On New Year’s Day in 2022, when his former running partner in the linebackers room was injured and the team needed a defensive stop against Iowa, the team was in a bind. Oats was the source of motivation that DeAndre Square looked to when he needed it the most to get back into the game. “Square stated, “I’m in agony and I want to quit, but then I thought of him, and now I feel like I have no choice but to leave.” I can’t get out of this obligation.” Square came back into the game to assist in making a tackle for loss on a critically important third down stop.

During the game’s final possession for Iowa, Square made the game-winning interception. Oats continues to press on in the face of all the challenges that have been thrown his way. Oats has one message to give with those individuals who are watching the competition from home and have the desire to do things that have never been done before.

Which Kentucky football players are wearing 22 this season?

What Happened To Chris Oats Kentucky Football Facebook: Sosa Keilan Woods-Hernandez Facebook: Sosa Keilan Woods-Hernandez Chris Oats, who plays linebacker for Kentucky, has returned home. Oats’ family members have verified that the junior linebacker has returned home after overcoming a significant medical ailment that landed him in the hospital back in May and then forcing him to spend the subsequent months at a facility that specializes in physical rehabilitation.

  • His brother, Sosa Keilan Woods-Hernandez, sent a photo on Instagram with the comment, “Our circle is back stronger than ever.” The photo featured Oats after he had returned home.
  • Https://www.facebook.com/keilan.t.woods/posts/3481799481881809 Additionally, he made the announcement on Twitter that Oats had arrived safely back at his house.

KeAirra Oats, who is his sister, uploaded the following photographs on Facebook and captioned them with the phrase “Guess who’s home?” https://www.facebook.com/keairra.oats.3/posts/2436335803334920 Although neither Oats’ family nor the University of Kentucky has publicly confirmed any specifics of the medical issue, they have partnered together to raise money for the junior linebacker’s medical bills through the “Oats Strong” campaign, one that has raised over $25,000 as of this point.

Oats’ family and the University of Kentucky have not publicly confirmed any specifics of the medical issue. In addition to the financial contributions, Kentucky has started a new weekly tradition for the duration of the season in which players will remember Oats by wearing his jersey number, 22. In the first game of the season, which took place against Auburn, linebacker DeAndre Square wore the number 22, and then in the second game, which took place against Ole Miss, tight end Keaton Upshaw wore the number.

In the game against Mississippi State, linebacker Jamin Davis is going to play with the number 22. “”We are going to remember (UK linebacker) Chris Oats and have a player each week wear his number in honor of Chris,” Stoops said prior to Kentucky’s game against Auburn. KyZoneBlitz 10/10/20, 3:07 PM Praying for Oats and his family, but I have to say that if 22-year-old Chris Oats is our starting major league baseball hitter and Jamin Davis comes in behind him (I LOVE Jamin Davis, think he’s one of the most underrated Mike’s in our conference, but behind him were Very thin, and Very inexperienced, which, if Oats is playing, when he comes out of the game and Davis comes in, there’s No Drop off in talent or HOWEVER, NONE OF THAT MATTERS WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING A LIFE.

We seldom ever take the time to recognize how fortunate we are to be able to get out of bed each morning. Doesn’t matter if he plays another down for us or the rest of his life, I believe that Dr. Eli Capiluoto, Mitch Barnhardt, and Stoops should honor his scholarship and allow him to finish school and get his degree if he is able to.

This should be the case regardless of whether he plays another down for us or the rest of his life. The football game is just that, a game, and it comes to an end for everyone at the same time, perhaps earlier for some than for others. I know that no matter what happens, I will always wish for him to make a full recovery and achieve success in whatever he chooses to accomplish. TonyMontana 10/10/20, 2:13 PM When I think about Kentucky, the first thing that comes to my mind is the high-quality, cost-free medical care that the state provides, complete with on-call nurses at all hours of the day and night. They should not be concerned about anything at all. costs for their son’s medical treatment totaling six figures each year? No problemo. Michaelb 10/10/20, 11:40 AM That must be a good sensation for him to see him smiling at home. I imagine that he is just as curious as the rest of us here. Whether or if he ever plays again, he will forever be known as “la familia” and “wildcat for life.” TBW3011 10/10/20, 10:55 AM Chris, you are in our prayers.

UKFanSC 10/10/20, 10:23 AM Simply gazing at him when he is confined to the wheelchair makes my heart hurt. I have reason to suspect that he has suffered a stroke because of the expressions I see on his face, the degradation of the muscles throughout his body, and the fact that he is confined to a wheelchair.

This young man won’t be taking the field for another game of football. Remember him in your thoughts and prayers. His road to recovery will be arduous. Chris and his family are in our prayers. May God shower his blessings onto Chris and the rest of the Oates family.

There is no chance that Chris Gettelfinger will go through that door.10/10/20, 9:50 AM Chris, you are in our prayers. This is painful, please say some prayers for 22. JTHinton 10/10/20, 8:55 AM Doesn’t the UK foot the expense for his medical care? I have always been told that athletes are covered by insurance that is purchased by the institution specifically for this purpose.

We are keeping Chris and his family in our prayers. There is no chance that Chris Gettelfinger will go through that door.10/10/20, 9:54 AM And even if the insurance does pay, it’s possible that this is for day-to-day living expenses that he’ll have to pay today as well as in the future if he can no longer play football. Once more, I clearly do not know, but please say a prayer for him and his family. There is no chance that Chris Gettelfinger will go through that door.10/10/20, 9:50 AM Does it absolutely have to be something to do with football though? I really have no idea. DerBaron 10/10/20, 8:51 AM This makes me feel awful. Let us all say prayers for a speedy and full recovery. When I inquire, “what happened to the kid?” I fully understand that this is absolutely none of our concern. Is it expected that he will make a full recovery? How about some football? Is it a miracle that he’s still alive? How high is the likelihood that his quality of life will be? However, this is none of our concern. 2022-09-23