How Much Did Kentucky Derby Winner Win?

How Much Did Kentucky Derby Winner Win
What was the total amount of money that Rich Strike won at the Kentucky Derby in 2022? As the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike was awarded $1,860,000.00 of the total prize pool of $3,000,000.00. Rich Strike had only earned a total of $111,289 in his career prior to winning the first leg of the Triple Crown.

Not bad for a horse who just qualified for the Derby the day before when Ethereal Road was forced to withdraw, and who was claimed by owner Rick Dawson of RED TR-Racing following a $30,000 maiden-claiming event at Churchill Downs. Rich Strike: At the 2022 Kentucky Derby, owner Rick Dawson was successful with his wagers on Eric Reed and Rich Strike.

“On what planet are we now?” Dawson spoke on his performance after the race on Saturday. “I feel like I have been catapulted someplace. I’m not sure. This defies all logic and reason. I went up on stage and spoke to my coach, and I asked him, “Are you sure this isn’t a dream?” Because there is no way that could be true.’ He gave me his word that everything is genuine.

How much did the Derby winner pay on a $2 bet?

Rich Strike accomplished the impossible by taking first place in the 148th Kentucky Derby, which was held at Churchill Downs on Saturday. Rich Strike was a late replacement for Ethereal Road, yet he still managed to win the race. Rich Strike, who was owned by Richard Dawson and trained by Eric Reed, triumphed over odds of 80-1 to win the Run for the Roses.

  • So, how much did he end up winning those who gambled on him? In a word, a lot.
  • That’s the quick answer.
  • A $2 exacta wager with Epicenter finishing in second place returned $4,101.20 in winnings.
  • A $1 wager on the trifecta returned $14,870.70, while a $1 wager on the superfecta yielded a cool $321,500.10 in winnings.
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Derby upse: Rich Strike wins Kentucky Derby 2022 on 80-1 odds. Do you think it was the longest shot ever taken? Continue reading: Watch the incredible victory of Rich Strike at the 2022 Kentucky Derby in this video replay. The following is a comprehensive list of payouts:

How much does the horse owner win in the Kentucky Derby?

The winning owner will take home more than half of the total purse of $3 million. The horse that finishes in second place receives $600,000, while the horse that finishes third receives $300,000, fourth place receives $150,000, and fifth place receives $90,000.

What was the biggest payout in Kentucky Derby 2022?

Images obtained from Getty The betting handle for the 2022 Kentucky Derby was the biggest it has ever been for any of the three races that make up the Triple Crown. A record amount of $179 million was placed in the pari-mutuel pool on Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, according to ESPN.

This is a significant increase of 17 percent in comparison to the track’s 2021 returns. The total amount of money handled, $179 million, was also eight percent more than the previous record, which had been achieved in 2019. However, in a tragic turn of events for the gamblers, not a lot of money was bet on the horse that ended up winning.

Only $501,135 of the massive total of $179 million was bet on Rich Strike, who triumphed as an extremely improbable underdog to win the first leg of the Triple Crown. Rich Strike was given odds of 80-1. After overtaking the odds-on favorites Epicenter and Zandon in the final few strides of the historic race, Rich Strike’s victory was the second-biggest upset in the event’s long and illustrious history.

  1. A late scratch on Friday allowed the horse to be entered into the Kentucky Derby field, despite the fact that the animal wasn’t even intended to be in the race to begin with.
  2. Since Donerail in 1913, Rich Strike is the underdog that has the most potential to win the race.
  3. The fact that this was a “regular” Kentucky Derby for the first time since 2019 was a contributing factor in the significant rise in the total amount of money that was gambled on the event.
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As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the previous two races had to contend with far fewer spectators than normal, and the Kentucky Derby had to be held on a different day than it often is. The Kentucky Derby in 2022, which marked a return to the norm, will be remembered for more than one reason when it is written down in the annals of history. How Much Did Kentucky Derby Winner Win

Did anyone hit the superfecta in the Kentucky Derby?

The victory of $321,500 was ensured by a successful “Superfecta,” which consisted of selecting the first four finishers in the proper order. The other player earned $247,215 on a “Pick 5” wager that they placed and only risked fifty cents. Always keep yourself up to date on the latest local news and weather.

How Much does a jockey make?

Horse jockeys in the United States may make anything from $10,049 to $271,427 per year, with $48,880 serving as the typical wage for the profession. Horse jockeys make an average annual salary of $271,427, with the top 57% earning between $48,882 and $123,036, and the top 86% making more than $271,427.