How Long Has It Been Since Kentucky Beat Florida?

How Long Has It Been Since Kentucky Beat Florida
This evening, a miraculous event took place in Gainesville, Florida. A victory over the Florida Gators is a remarkable accomplishment, which Kentucky was able to pull off. It put an end to the losing skid that held the record for the longest duration in major college football, which was more than three decades long.

  1. A game that was close throughout and came down to the last minute was won by Kentucky over Florida by a score of 27-16.
  2. Mark Stoops, the head coach of Kentucky, was interviewed immediately after the game on the SEC Network and stated that “it’s hard to express, it’s been a long time coming.” “Since I’ve been here, we’ve had several games in which we played quite well.

It’s been a really trying experience. The members of our fan base have been patiently waiting for this one.” Consider the fact that Kentucky and Florida face each other in football on an annual basis, but from a point of view of wins and losses, it hasn’t been much of a battle for the Gators.

The 31-year winning run that Florida has put up against Kentucky is the longest ongoing stretch in all of American college football for teams who compete against one another annually. Since 1986, when petrol cost less than one dollar, Oprah Winfrey debuted her first television program, Top Gun was the highest-grossing movie, and Jack Nicklaus won the Masters, Kentucky has not been victorious in the tournament since then.

Then something occurred tonight. The difference in the game was produced by Kentucky’s two runners (back Benny Snell Jr. and quarterback Terry Wilson) with more than 100 yards, the constant performance of their quarterback, and their strong defense, which stopped Florida’s running approach.

By the middle of the fourth quarter, many fans in Florida’s home stands had vacated their seats, leaving behind empty seats in their wake. However, they were unable to stop Florida’s desperate attempt to come back from behind. With 3 minutes and 43 seconds remaining in the game, the Gators scored a touchdown thanks to a throw from quarterback Feleipe Franks, trimming Kentucky’s advantage to 21-16.

(the two-point conversion pass attempt failed). They also got the ball back in the last minute with a chance to score, behind by just four points; however, the quarterback fumbled as time ran out, and Kentucky was able to pick it up, run it in for the touchdown, and win the game 27-16.

In front of a boisterous and sold-out crowd of Gators at the stadium in Gainesville known as “The Swamp,” Kentucky came into the 2018 game as almost a two-touchdown underdog, with Florida coming into the game ranked as the 25th best team in the country. The new Florida head coach, Dan Mullen, led Florida in his first game against Kentucky in his new role.

The head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, Mark Stoops, has a five-game losing streak against the Florida Gators. However, three of the previous four games have been decided by six points or fewer. In previous years, Kentucky has gotten so close to the finish line that it has seemed to be almost equal.

The game that took place the year before was a tough one, but Florida was able to squeak out a 28-27 victory in Lexington after mounting a 13-point rally in the fourth quarter. Tonight, Kentucky rallied back from a 10-7 deficit at halftime to take an 11-10 advantage after taking a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.

Kentucky has developed a powerful front line by combining their strong defensive play with a well-rounded attacking attack. The Wildcats were able to stun the Gators because to Benny Snell Jr.’s rushing, who had accumulated 175 yards on 27 attempts by the middle of the fourth quarter, and Wilson’s steady performance throughout the game.

How long since Kentucky beat Florida?

FINAL: Kentucky 26, Florida 16 – A brief summary of the Gators’ defeat at home at the hands of the Wildcats on Saturday night. THE QUICK SLANT Kentucky leads with 26 while Florida trails with 16. WHAT TOOK PLACE IS: Cornerback Keidron Smith returned an interception made by Anthony Richardson in the third quarter for 65 yards for the go-ahead score, and kicker Matt Ruffolo kicked a game-sealing field goal from 26 yards out with 1:25 left to play as the 20th-ranked Wildcats defeated the 12th-ranked Gators on both sides of the ball in the second half on their way to a victory on Saturday night at Spurrier/Florida Field in the Southeastern Conference opener Will Levis, the quarterback for UK, accounted for two touchdowns, one on the ground and one via the air.

  • He threw for 202 yards and scored both times.
  • The running back, Kavosiey Smoke, had 14 carries for 80 yards, while the wide receiver, Dane Key, grabbed three catches for 83 yards and a touchdown, with one of those receptions covering 55 yards.
  • Richardson, who was the hero in last week’s upset of seventh-ranked Utah, struggled all night against the defense of the United Kingdom and finished with just 14 completions on 35 attempts for 143 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Richardson was the hero in last week’s upset of seventh-ranked Utah. The Wildcats were also successful in neutralizing the running threat posed by Richardson, holding him to only four yards on six runs. They dared “AR” to defeat them, but he was without an answer as the Gators ended with only 279 yards of total offense, including just 91 yards after halftime, and they went 4-for-16 on third down.

  1. In the first half, the Gators established a lead of 16-7 courtesy to a couple of field goals kicked by Adam Mihalek, a touchdown run and two-point conversion reception by Trevor Etienne, and a safety that resulted from a botched snap on a punt attempt by the Wildcats.
  2. However, the Wildcats were able to narrow the lead to 16-13 at the half after converting an interception by Richardson into a touchdown run by Levis that covered 2 yards.

After tying the score with a field goal from Ruffolo in the third quarter, the University of Kentucky seized the lead with an interception from Smith with 3:25 remaining in the third quarter. After the pick-6, the Gators had three opportunities to make up for their mistake and tie the game.

  1. However, the Gators punted on their first drive and then gave up on downs on their second and third possessions, respectively.
  2. During the first half of play on Saturday night, Florida defensive tackle Justus Boone had a sack on Kentucky quarterback Will Levis.
  3. Photo by Emma Bissell / courtesy of the UAA Communications Department) WHAT I Mean by That: It is difficult to open the conference season with a loss, and it is much more difficult to lose to an opponent from the same division.

Following that record-setting streak of 31 consecutive defeats in the series, the Wildcats have now won three of the previous five matches against the Gators. It didn’t take long for the joy of the season-opening shock of the Utes last week to give way to reality.

With Kentucky being a near consensus preseason prediction to finish second in the SEC East, it didn’t take long for the euphoria to give way to the reality of the situation. The Gators, as well as their quarterback, still have a lot of work to do. IN THE FOCUS: Levis easily won the quarterback battle against Richardson, but the game was ultimately determined by the Kentucky defense, which consistently stymied and baffled Richardson throughout the course of the game.

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STAGGERING STATISTIC: For the first time since 1976–1977, Kentucky has successfully beaten Florida in consecutive seasons for the first time. That brings the total to 45 years. Mark Stoops, the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, won his 61st game with the team, surpassing the previous school record set by the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant.

UP NEXT: The Gators will step out of league play with a third consecutive home game, this one versus South Florida (1-1, 0-0), as part of the two-for-one home-and-home-and-home series arrangement (UF played at USF in ’21). The Gators are now 1-1 overall and 0-1 in league action. The season opener for the Bulls, who play in the American Athletic Conference, was a loss to No.25 Brigham Young at home by a score of 50-21.

However, on Saturday night in Tampa, the Bulls defeated an opponent from the FCS by a score of 42-20. Florida and USF are going to play one other for the third time in this game. How Long Has It Been Since Kentucky Beat Florida

When was the last time Kentucky beat Florida at Florida?

Expand Everywhere – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, often known as “The Swamp,” has been the scene of many a Kentucky football nightmare over the years. The game between No.20-ranked Kentucky and No.12-ranked Florida is scheduled to take place on Saturday night in “The Swamp.” Kentucky is rated 20th.

Most of our past trips have been before a different Kentucky squad (ranked), a different Kentucky program (four consecutive bowl wins), and a different Kentucky coach (Mark Stoops). However, “The Swamp” has been the setting for numerous low points in the Wildcats’ history as well as a spectacular high point.

A smattering of scenes from “The Swamp” that I’ve seen include the following: My first trip to Gainesville to cover a football game was in 1987, when Florida beat Kentucky by a score of 27-14. Jerry Claiborne was UK’s head coach. Galen Hall was the head coach for Florida.

The Gators’ Emmitt Smith played for the team as a freshman running back. The feel of the stadium’s concrete is what sticks out in my mind the most. Back then, nobody referred to the area as “The Swamp.” There was Astroturf on the pitch. The stands did not stand out in any way. Since then, there have been several positive developments at the location in question.1994: Florida 73, Kentucky 7: Back in the day, during the yearly SEC Media Days, the league coaches used to get together for lunch with members of the press.

I was seated at a table with the previous sports journalist for the Herald-Leader, John McGill, when who should walk up to the table but the current sports columnist for the Nashville Banner, Joe Biddle, along with his high school friend and current Florida head coach, Steve Spurrier? When we last left Spurrier, he was in the midst of explaining why he was let go from UK Coach Bill Curry’s staff when Curry accepted the position of head coach at Georgia Tech.

  • Almost immediately, Biddle sent the information to Spurrier that his lunch partners were from Lexington.
  • Didn’t matter.
  • Spurrier never stopped making derogatory comments about Curry.
  • In 1994, Spurrier got his retribution.
  • During his stint as head coach at Florida and South Carolina, Steve Spurrier was responsible for Kentucky football’s decline, which spanned many decades.

The AP John Raoux 1996: Florida 65, Kentucky 0 — Tim Couch, a true freshman at the time, made his collegiate debut as the starting quarterback that day. Discuss how the incorrect player was used in the wrong area by the wrong coach with the wrong offense against the wrong opponent.

  1. Couch completed just 6 passes out of 18 attempts, had only 13 passing yards, and threw an interception.
  2. After the game, Florida’s Jevon Kearse remarked of the Cats, “I felt a little ashamed for them.”) Couch would significantly improve with a new coach and a different game plan.
  3. Much better.1998: Florida 51, Kentucky 35 — Hal Mumme’s “Air Raid” made its maiden trip to The Swamp as Kentucky’s head coach and lost to Florida 51-35.

Couch had a successful return trip, completing 41 of 60 throws for a total of 406 yards and scoring two touchdowns. Craig Yeast scored a touchdown by returning a kickoff for 100 yards and another touchdown by converting a catch-and-run play on a ball from Couch for 97 yards.

  1. Yeast had a productive afternoon, hauling in six receptions for a total of 206 yards.2002: Florida won with a score of 41, and there was no rematch between Mumme and Spurrier.
  2. Guy Morriss, who had been the Kentucky coach for many years, passed away on Monday at the age of 71.
  3. The Florida Gators were coached by Ron Zook.

With 5 minutes and 24 seconds remaining, the score was 39-34 and the UK had scored 28 points in the third quarter. Derek Abney scored two touchdowns, one on a kickoff return of 100 yards and the other on a punt return of 49 yards. In the whole history of college football, this was just the sixth occasion that a player has returned both a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns.2008: Florida defeated Kentucky with a score of 63 to 5, and what sticks out in my mind is the look of disbelief on the faces of UK Coach Rich Brooks and his team.

They were under the impression that they had moved on from such an embarrassing situation. After Florida blocked Kentucky’s first two punts during the Wildcats’ drives, things went from bad to worse for Kentucky. Brooks said that the Cats’ kicking game was a mess, but he was nonetheless successful in getting the team into another bowl game.

Florida won the controversial “play clock” game in 2014, defeating Kentucky by a score of 36-30 in overtime. Mark Stoops was furious after his first trip to Gainesville as the coach of the University of Kentucky football team. In the second overtime period, when the Gators were facing a fourth-and-7 situation from the 9-yard line in the Cats’ territory, they were unable to snap the ball before the play clock ran out.

It would appear that the officials were unaware of the situation. The Gators were able to pull out the victory thanks to a touchdown pass from Jeff Driskel to Demarcus Robinson that covered 9 yards.2018: Kentucky wins, 27-16 against Florida, the game that changed everything. It was the first time that the UK had defeated Florida since 1986, and it was the first time that the UK had triumphed in Gainesville since 1979.

Benny Snell rumbled his way to 175 yards on the ground. Terry Wilson rushed for 105 yards and scored one touchdown on the ground in addition to completing 11 of 16 throws for 151 yards and throwing two touchdown passes. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed a more ecstatic group of athletes celebrating a win.

This article was first published at 1:32 PM on September 7th, 2022. John Clay contributes regularly to the Lexington Herald-Leader as a sports journalist. Born and raised in Central Kentucky, he began covering University of Kentucky football in 1987 and was designated a sports journalist in the year 2000.

He has covered a total of 37 straight Kentucky Derbys as well as 20 Final Fours. Please consider purchasing a digital membership to support my work. How Long Has It Been Since Kentucky Beat Florida

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Has Kentucky beat Florida in football?

This one will go down as a record in the books. No.20 Kentucky defeated No.12 Florida in a significant contest between two rated SEC rivals, and they did it by eking out a 26-16 victory in the Swamp. The game was a huge clash between two ranked teams. In spite of the fact that they were only able to rush for 70 yards and that they made several mistakes on special teams, the Wildcats were able to hold off the resurgent Gators and pull off the victory, which was their school’s second in a row in the series.

How many times has Kentucky beaten Florida?

The Florida–Kentucky men’s basketball rivalry is a series of yearly games played between the basketball teams of the University of Florida Gators and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. The two universities are considered to be permanent SEC rivals, which means that they are scheduled to face each other twice throughout the SEC regular season.

However, the other four of the 12 SEC teams that they compete against on a yearly basis are chosen at random. The first time Florida and Kentucky competed, it was in 1927, and Kentucky came out on top, 44–36. The total number of times these two teams have competed against one another is 144, and Kentucky now has a dominant 104-40 advantage in the series.

This rivalry has resulted in many memorable games, including three that have been played in the SEC Tournament Championship Game, despite the fact that Kentucky holds a commanding advantage in the series (the most recent of which Florida defeated Kentucky 61–60, in 2014).

  1. The advent of Billy Donovan in Gainesville led to an uptick in the level of competition, which resulted in the rivalry being ranked as the seventh-best in all of college basketball by Bleacher Report in 2013.
  2. In addition to this, the Gators have the unique distinction of being the only team in history to have ever won seven games in a row against Kentucky.

Kentucky has a lead of 107–41 in the overall series, and they also have a lead of 3–2 in the series for the SEC Championship Game. However, the competition between the two teams has been more closer in recent years, particularly in the 2000s and 2010s.

No. Date Location Winner Score
1 1927 Lexington, KY Kentucky 44–36
2 1931 Atlanta, GA Kentucky 56–36
3 1933 Atlanta, GA Kentucky 48–24
4 1934 Atlanta, GA Florida 38–32
5 1942 Louisville, KY Kentucky 42–36
6 1945 Louisville, KY Kentucky 37–35
7 1946 Louisville, KY Kentucky 69–32
8 1948 Louisville, KY Kentucky 87–31
9 1949 Louisville, KY Kentucky 73–36
10 1950 Lexington, KY Kentucky 85–37
11 1952 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 99–52
12 1954 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 97–55
13 1955 Lexington, KY Kentucky 87–63
14 1956 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 81–70
15 1957 Lexington, KY Kentucky 88–61
16 1958 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 78–56
17 1959 Lexington, KY Kentucky 94–51
18 1960 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 75–62
19 1961 Lexington, KY Kentucky 69–68
20 1962 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 81–69
21 1963 Lexington, KY Kentucky 94–71
22 1964 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 77–72
23 1965 Gainesville, FL Florida 84–68
24 1965 Lexington, KY Kentucky 78–61
25 1966 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 78–64
26 1966 Lexington, KY Kentucky 85–75
27 1966 Lexington, KY Florida 78–75
28 1967 Gainesville, FL Florida 89–72
29 1967 Lexington, KY Kentucky 99–76
30 1968 Gainesville, FL Florida 96–78
31 1969 Lexington, KY Kentucky 88–67
32 1968 Gainesville, FL Florida 82–81
33 1970 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 88–69
34 1970 Lexington, KY Kentucky 110–66
35 1971 Lexington, KY Kentucky 101–75
36 1971 Gainesville, FL Florida 74–65
37 1972 Gainesville, FL Florida 72–70
38 1972 Lexington, KY Kentucky 95–68
39 1973 Lexington, KY Kentucky 95–65
40 1973 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 94–83
41 1974 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 91–82
42 1974 Lexington, KY Florida 75–65
43 1975 Lexington, KY Kentucky 86–65
44 1975 Gainesville, FL Florida 66–58
45 1976 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 89–82
46 1976 Lexington, KY Kentucky 96–89
47 1977 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 73–71
48 1977 Lexington, KY Kentucky 104–78
49 1978 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 86–67
50 1978 Lexington, KY Kentucky 88–61
51 1979 Gainesville, FL Florida 76–65
52 1979 Lexington, KY Kentucky 87–81
53 1980 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 76–63
54 1980 Lexington, KY Kentucky 95–70
55 1981 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 69–56
56 1981 Lexington, KY Kentucky 102–48
57 1982 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 91–76
58 1982 Lexington, KY Kentucky 84–78
59 1983 Lexington, KY Kentucky 70–63
60 1983 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 73–61
61 1984 Gainesville, FL Florida 69–57
62 1984 Lexington, KY Kentucky 67–65
63 1985 Lexington, KY Florida 67–55
64 1985 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 76–68
65 1985 Birmingham, AL Florida 58–55
66 1986 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 72–55
67 1986 Lexington, KY Kentucky 80–69
68 1987 Lexington, KY Kentucky 67–62
69 1987 Gainesville, FL Florida 74–56
70 1988 Lexington, KY Florida 58–56
71 1988 Gainesville, FL Florida 83–76
72 1989 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 69–56
73 1989 Lexington, KY Florida 59–53
74 1990 Lexington, KY Kentucky 89–81
75 1990 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 78–74


No. Date Location Winner Score 76 1991 Lexington, KY Kentucky 81–65 77 1991 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 90–74 78 1992 Lexington, KY Kentucky 81–60 79 1992 Gainesville, FL Florida 79–62 80 1993 Lexington, KY Kentucky 71–48 81 1993 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 85–77 82 1994 Gainesville, FL Florida 59–57 83 1994 Lexington, KY Kentucky 80–77 84 1994 Memphis, TN Kentucky 73–60 85 1995 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 83–67 86 1995 Lexington, KY Kentucky 87–77 87 1995 Atlanta, GA Kentucky 86–72 88 1996 Lexington, KY Kentucky 77–63 89 1996 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 94–63 90 1996 New Orleans, LA Kentucky 100–76 91 1997 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 92–65 92 1997 Lexington, KY Kentucky 85–56 93 1998 Lexington, KY Florida 86–78 94 1998 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 79–54 95 1999 Lexington, KY Kentucky 93–58 96 1999 Gainesville, FL Florida 75–68 97 2000 Gainesville, FL Florida 90–73 98 2000 Lexington, KY Kentucky 85–70 99 2001 Lexington, KY Kentucky 71–70 100 2001 Gainesville, FL Florida 94–86 101 2002 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 70–68 102 2002 Lexington, KY Kentucky 70–67 103 2003 Lexington, KY Kentucky 70–55 104 2003 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 69–67 105 2004 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 68–65 106 2004 Lexington, KY Kentucky 82–62 107 2004 Atlanta, GA Kentucky 89–73 108 2005 Lexington, KY Kentucky 69–66 109 2005 Gainesville, FL Florida 53–52 110 2005 Atlanta, GA Florida 70–53 111 2006 Gainesville, FL Florida 95–80 112 2006 Lexington, KY Florida 79–64 113 2007 Lexington, KY Florida 64–61 114 2007 Gainesville, FL Florida 85–72 115 2008 Gainesville, FL Florida 81–70 116 2008 Lexington, KY Kentucky 75–70 117 2009 Lexington, KY Kentucky 68–65 118 2009 Gainesville, FL Florida 60–53 119 2010 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 89–77 120 2010 Lexington, KY Kentucky 74–66 121 2011 Gainesville, FL Florida 70–68 122 2011 Lexington, KY Kentucky 76–68 123 2011 Atlanta, GA Kentucky 70–54 124 2012 Lexington, KY Kentucky 78–68 125 2012 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 74–59 126 2012 New Orleans, LA Kentucky 74–71 127 2013 Gainesville, FL Florida 69–52 128 2013 Lexington, KY Kentucky 61–57 129 2014 Lexington, KY Florida 69–59 130 2014 Gainesville, FL Florida 84–65 131 2014 Atlanta, GA Florida 61–60 132 2015 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 68–61 133 2015 Lexington, KY Kentucky 67–50 134 2015 Nashville, TN Kentucky 64–49 135 2016 Lexington, KY Kentucky 80–61 136 2016 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 88–79 137 2017 Gainesville, FL Florida 88–66 138 2017 Lexington, KY Kentucky 76–66 139 2018 Lexington, KY Florida 66–64 140 2018 Gainesville, FL Florida 80–67 141 2019 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 65–54 142 2019 Lexington, KY Kentucky 66–57 143 2020 Lexington, KY Kentucky 65–59 144 2020 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 71–70 145 2021 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 75–58 146 2021 Lexington, KY Florida 71–67 147 2022 Lexington, KY Kentucky 78–57 148 2022 Gainesville, FL Kentucky 71–63 Series: Kentucky leads 107–41
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Who won the Florida Kentucky game last night?

On Saturday night in the Swamp, the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Florida Gators by a score of 26-16. The game was played. The early struggles of the Kentucky offense gave the impression that the team was struggling overall, although Kentucky did not actually fail to perform.

How long has Stoops been coaching at Kentucky?

Stoops was hired on November 27, 2012, to replace Joker Phillips as the head coach of the University of Kentucky football team. Phillips was let go following a 2–10 season and was replaced by Stoops. Kentucky – Stoops was hired to replace Joker Phillips as the head coach of the University of Kentucky football team on November 27, 2012.

  1. The first year that Stoops led Kentucky football, the team finished 2-10, and then in each of the two seasons that followed, they improved to 5-7.
  2. After the Wildcats got out to a 0–2 start to the 2016 season, Stoops guided them to a 7–6 finish and a victory against their in-state rival, the eleventh-ranked Louisville Cardinals.

They were unable to defeat Georgia Tech in the Taxslayer Bowl. The 2017 season was full of highs and lows, and it was also the year when star running back Benny Snell broke out. They ended the season with a record of 7-5 and were defeated by Northwestern in the Music City Bowl.

  1. The Wildcats had a season that will go down in school history in 2018.
  2. They defeated Florida after a losing run of 31 years, led by Snell on offense and Josh Allen on defense, and finished with a record of 9-3.
  3. This is just the fourth time in the history of the school that the Wildcats have won at least nine games.

Following Kentucky’s victory over Penn State in the Citrus Bowl on January 1, 2019, the Wildcats achieved a 10-win season for the first time since 1977 and for only the third time in school history. It was the first time a Kentucky coach had earned the title since Jerry Claiborne in 1983, when Stoops was given the honor of being voted SEC Coach of the Year.

The 2018–19 campaign was defined by triumphing against hardship. After getting off to a 2-2 start and suffering injuries to all of their quarterbacks, the University of Kentucky decided to move wide receiver Lynn Bowden Jr. into the quarterback position. On Senior Day, the Wildcats ended the regular season with a record of 7-5 by dominating Louisville 45-13 with an offense that was redesigned to emphasize the rushing game.

The Wildcats of Kentucky finished their season with a nail-biting victory over the Hokies of Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl by scoring the game-winning touchdown with only 15 seconds left on the clock to earn an 8-5 victory. Due to the epidemic caused by COVID-19 in the year 2020, Kentucky’s regular-season schedule consisted of 10 games against opponents from around the SEC.

Kentucky was still asked to play in a bowl game despite having a record of 4-6, and they will do so in the 2021 Gator Bowl against the team ranked 24th in the US, North Carolina State. The 23-21 victory that Kentucky achieved under Stoops’s direction in the Gator Bowl gave the program its third consecutive victory in a bowl game.

The 2021 season was highlighted by the entrance of important transfer players on both offense and defense in the form of quarterback Will Levis, wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson, and linebacker Jacquez Jones respectively. The aforementioned players had a big influence; the offense averaged 33.3 points scored per game while the defense surrendered 22.1 points scored per game.

  • The team finished the regular season with a 9-3 record, including a historic 20-13 victory at home over Florida, because to the better play from both the offense and the defense (the last home win against Florida was November 15, 1986).
  • In the Citrus Bowl in 2022, Stoops guides Kentucky to a 20-17 victory over Iowa, giving the program its second 10-3 season since 2018, as well as its second Citrus Bowl triumph in the last four years and its fourth consecutive bowl victory.

The 2022 season was Stoops’ 10th season as head coach of the football team, making him the head coach with the longest tenure in the history of the football program. Stoops’s 60th victory as head coach came in Week 1 when Kentucky defeated Miami (OH) by a score of 37-13.

Are alligators in Kentucky?

FRANKFORT, Kentucky (the 6th of July, 2022) — Following an investigation by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources into claims of an alligator in a stream close to the village of Big Laurel, a man from Harlan County is now facing many charges related to the incident.

What’s the spread on the Florida Kentucky game?

How to select the winner between Kentucky and Florida – The matchup between Florida and Kentucky was run through the algorithm 10,000 times, and the results are in. We are able to inform you that the model is favoring the Over on the point total, and it has also produced a point-spread choice that is successful in more than fifty percent of the simulations that it has run.

  • SportsLine is the only place where you can view the model’s choice.
  • Who will emerge victorious when Kentucky takes on Florida? Which side of the spread results in a profit in more than half of the simulated situations? Find out which side of the spread to jump on for the Florida vs.
  • Entucky game by visiting SportsLine right now.

This information comes from a sophisticated model that has completed the previous six and a half years up almost $3,500 on its FBS college football selections.